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The View June 2018


10004 Randallstown Lane

From where ever you approach the Tozy residence, either at the corner of Randallstown Lane or McLaurin Road North, there is a beautiful display of flowers, shrubs and decorative pots. There are very defined accents, each telling a different horticultural story.

Among tall Washingtonian palm trees surrounding their home, there are beautiful beds with cactus viburnum, ginger, roses, sago palms, confederate jasmine, azaleas, lantana, vinca, holly, cabbage plant, snap dragons and so much more! The beds are truly interesting and colorful.

Thank you to the Tozys for the special care and maintenance of their landscape that enhances Deercreek!

Please take a moment to drive by this gorgeous property! It could easily serve as inspiration to create your own outside oasis



The View – May 2018

Dr. Carlos Oteya

8226 Chester Lake Road North

It is amazing how these beautiful amaryllis flowers come up each year in mass. There are two huge flower beds that blossom each year at the same time and make a very profound statement. In addition there are robellini and sago palms, azaleas, viburnum, and a large live oak that provided a very green backdrop for the flower beds. Thank you Dr. Oteya for providing such beautiful color to Deercreek.



The View – December 2017

Hess Balach Yazji and Gloriosa Antiporda

11167 Chester Lake Road West

A huge magnolia, palm, pine, and crepe myrtle trees stand tall. At their base are a wide assortment of vincas, marigolds, bird of paradise, mums, azalea, cut leaf philodendron, fern, bougainvillea and lantana, which together forms the focus of this yard. Surely, the splash of color and the wide variety of plants add to the dimension of this beauty. While this house has a wonderful view of the golf course, the real jewel is a front yard that abounds in color.



The View – September 2017

Gary and Karen Wilkinson

8252 Bay Tree Lane

Tucked away in the cul de sac of Bay Tree Lane is a wonderful display of flowers, shrubs and trees. A beautiful gray paver driveway leads you to an array of colorful begonias, vincas, crotons, coleus, caladiums, pentas, ixora and daisies, all planted in pots and hanging baskets. Crepe myrtle, holly, shillings, azaleas, podocarpus, confederate jasmine all provide green year round foundation plants and a live oak and a maple tree provide shade. Thank you to the Wilkinson’s for the detailed beauty in the landscape plan.



The View

Scott and Diane Heacox

11150 Chester Lake Road West

Congratulations to Scott and Diane Heacox at 11150 Chester Lake Road West (located at the corner of Chester Lake Road W. and Vineyard Lake Road E.) for adding beauty to Deercreek. Their landscape plan has a variety of foundation plants as well as colorful focal points which include Crepe Myrtle, Hydrangea, New Guinea Impatiens, Vincas, Dusty Miller, Mexican Petunia, Schilling boxwood, Lorapetalum, viburnum, Azalea, and Geraniums to name just a few. The bright pinks offer a variety of color. Butterflies and hummingbirds must surely find this a wonderful refuge. Thank you for the car



The View

Kristen and Jeff Wiley

10404 Cypress Lakes Drive.

The Wiley’s have colorful and pretty plants that create unusual settings within their yard. Using a variety of plant styles creating interest and one’s eye is clearly drawn to various focal points in their yard.

Purple queen, confederate jasmine, double topiaries, palms, crotons, mums, ornamental grass, viburnum, ligustrum, and crepe myrtle create interest and color.

Thank you to the Wiley’s for taking pride and care in maintaining their property and congratulations in receiving the View Award for December.

Mon, November 21, 2016



The View


Matthew did not enter the Deercreek community through the traditional guard gate mode. No one wanted to grant him access! He managed however to work his way through the community in a less than welcome way. Just a few pictures that capture the magnitude of his visit, two light poles down, trees blocking access through the natural area and trees down throughout our residents yards, lanais and the golf course. Due to the unusual configuration of trees and shrubs this month’s view is awarded to Matthew! Click here to view images.

Wed, October 26, 2016



The View

Jack and Lorraine Clancy

8206 Bay Tree Lane

How do the Clancy’s keep track of all the flowering plants and shrubs? The names and numbers of the specimens are numerous, not to mention the care and maintenance involved in keeping the beds that surround the house. As the beautiful paver driveway takes one to the front of the home, sweet potato vine, pentas, trumpet plant, portulacca, purslane holly, sunflower, shasta daisies and crotons are nestled at the front. At the back and side of the house, just to name a few are milkweed, lime tree, live oak, crepe myrtle, sago, windmill palm, plumbago, iris, asparagus fern, dusty miller, Mexican petunia, confederate jasmine, perennial petunia, fall blooming camellia. If you are a golfer you will see the backyard setting off to the right of the green on Hole number 14. Thank you to the Clancy’s for keeping the view on the golf course so beautiful, as well as their entrance on Bay Tree Lane.

Thu, September 29, 2016




10393 Cypress Lakes Drive

William and Marsha Jones

The beds at the front of this home are packed with unusual shrubs, trees and plants. Caladiums, crotons, portulacas, pentas, sago and robellini palms, variegated weeping fig, bottlebrush fern, coleus, purple salvia and schillings just to name a few. The arrangement and variety of colors are beautiful. At the entrance door are two double azalea topiaries.

Thanks to William and Marsha for the added beauty of their landscape to our Deercreek community.

Thu, August 25, 2016




The View July 2016

Anne and Robert Klueppel

11214 Chester Lake Road West

A brick house surrounded by natural beds with beautiful flowering plants, shrubs and trees caught my eye. Then a quick stroll to the back of the house opened my eyes even wider. Situated off the wetlands is a beautifully manicured lush lawn. Plants of every variety abound and each section had clusters of unique showy plants as well as a bird feeder, bird bath and statuary. Some of the varieties include Mexican heather, trumpet plant, Penta, vinca, Cana and Easter lilies, sabal palms, croton, coleus, blue daze, azalea, cut leaf philodendron, elephant ear, and hydrangeas. Birds find this mini everglades a wonderful place to visit in this natural habitat.


Thank you to Anne and Robert for the care, time and energy they have put into their yard.



The View June 2016

George and Judy Bennett

7811 Mc Laurin Road North

The Bennett’s have tenderly cared for their plants over the winter months only to produce a beautifully landscaped showcase with a lush green lawn and hardy beds. Included in their yard are robellini, queen and coontie palms surrounded by foxtail ferns, ti, asiatic jasmine and flax lily. There are huge beds with colorful crape myrtles surrounded by purple queen plants. Juniper, podacarpus, oyster plants and brown river rock mulch round out the landscape design. A paver driveway and walk leads you to this manicured home. Thank you to the Bennett’s for their care and detail that shows and adds to the Deercreek community.



The View May 2016

Dean and Christine Constantine

7842 Heather Lake Court East

Dean and Christine Constantine at 7842 Heather Lake Court East have developed a carefully planned landscape setting within the club home section of Deercreek. Queen palm, sago palm andpygmy palms are placed strategically within the yard and are surrounded by beds of society garlic, plumbago, umbrella plant, mondo grass, amaryllis, hydrangea, iris, camellia, calla lily, gardenias, bougainvillea, andhoneysuckle. These pretty specimens add color and sweet scents permeate the air. Statuaries enhance the front door along with their favorite team flag. Go Gators! Thanks to the Constantines for their picture perfect landscape plan.



The View April 2016

Rebecca Phillips and Charles Walker

8266 Persimmon Hill Lane

The home at 8266 Persimmon Hill Lane is filled with color as shown with

crotons, lantana, society garlic, miniature pink azaleas, pansies, and calibrachoa. The beds are individually trimmed with the same pavers as the driveway and make a dramatic statement. A stately live oak tree is in the center of the beautifully paved driveway. Also included in the plant selection are viburnum, mandellas, crepe myrtle, and sago palms.

A lot of thought was put into the flower beds, pavers and landscape presentation.Thank you Rebecca and Charles for this beautiful addition to the Deercreek community.



The View – October 2015

Paul and Julie Mohrman

Tucked away at the end of a small cul de sac, off Deercreek Club Road, a new paver driveway and path provide a beautiful entrance to the home of Paul and Julie Mohrman. Colorful plants enfold the front yard in a variety of color and species, azaleas, lorapetulum, agapanthus, society garlic, plumbago, African Iris and ligustrums. Massive drift roses engulf a corner of the back yard, which sits adjacent to the lake on number ten fairway. What a view from both the front and back of the Mohrman home.


The View – September 2015

Bimal and Vaishali Doolabh

Bimal and Vaishali Doolabhlove color, the exterior color of their home and yard reflects just that. Everywhere you turn, there are shades of pink, red, blue and green. Adding to the color are interesting plants of asparagus fern, weeping youpan, and blue daze. An abstract stone container holds individual cactus plants. On the other side of the house, very showy hydrangeas adorn a free form bed. A live oak tree surrounded by jasmine groundcover make a statement in another circular bed. Thank you to the Doolahbs for sharing their love of color and plants with Deercreek.



The View – August 2015

Sharon and Bob Gullickson

The View award is often given based upon a special area of a homeowner’s property. Tucked away on Suffield Court is Shangri-La! What makes this so special is an arch covered in jasmine, surrounded by a beautiful array of flowers that bloom over the course of the year. Just to mention a few are – plumbago, angels trumpet, Cana Lily, and hydrangeas. Rosemary, banana plants and an avocado plant help create leafy interest. At the holidays, a poinsettia will blossom. A statue, a birdbath and stepping-stones provide a tranquil setting for the Gullicksons.

As you drive by Chester Lake Rd W., take a peek at this hidden treasure.



The View – July 2015

I vote Amherst Hills Court the friendliest cul de sac in Deercreek. When I found this view that belongs to Jack and Anna Moyer, their neighbors were there to help with the picture and plant identification. The perfectly arranged scarlet sage (salvia) and yellow dwarf African marigolds are great summer flowers for our area. Other flowers include pink hydrangeas and geraniums in attractive hanging baskets. Outlining the house are boxwood schillings, azaleas, Indian Hawthorne, viburnum, ligustrum, holly and Prince William juniper. The accenting trees include birch, Georgia pine, Chinese fan palm and a grand Southern magnolia. Garlic society and sago palms add to this picture-perfect garden.



The View-June 2015

By Rita Allen & Connie Davis

In the morning of April 14, 2015, the Deercreek Home and Garden Club hosted a well-attended golf cart tour, which enabled many non-golfers to become acquainted with the landscapes of our neighbors’ back yards in addition to street scenes. As a result of this tour and by popular acclaim, the Deercreek View for June 2015 has been awarded to the home of Vicki and Charlie Khan, 10148 Deercreek Club East. With its wide, open porches, the sweeping back view looks upon much of the 17th hole and fairway. Loropetalum, crepe myrtle trees and agapanthus provide color; stately oaks, hollies and a variety of palms frame the sides. In the front, bottlebrush, pineapple guava, sago palms, shaped ligustrum and holly trees guide visitors along the curved pathway to the front door with its transom and sidelights of beveled glass. The gabled windows and shutters further enhance the sense of welcoming tradition that appeals to so many of us.



The View – April 2015

For April 2015 the Deercreek Home and Garden Club is pleased to award the Deercreek View to the home of Richard and Linda Chafin, 9977 Chester Lake Road.

Even in winter this home captures your attention. Nellie Stevens holly trees, tall graceful palms and sagos line the walkways and welcome you to the front door guarded by two stately urns brimming with ferns. Foundation plantings of viburnum, shillings, Burford holly, azaleas, and loropetalum are repeated throughout on all sides while liriope and asiatic jasmine provide more continuity and symmetry. The side yards with stepping-stones and even a birdbath invite you to a naturalized area, and showcase truly magnificent philodendrons. This landscape is evidence of the premise that structural elements of hardscape, trees and shrubbery alone can create an inviting view any month of the year.



The View – December 2014

Ana Soltero

7950 McLaurin Road North

Near the quiet end of McLaurin Road North, there is a dove gray home on a wide lot backed by the nature preserve. Three tall palms center the front island, with plantings in subtle shades and textures of green at their feet.

The black, textured roof makes a strong statement above, and expansive paving leads from the front in a graceful curve around to garages at the far left.

Sagos frame the front door where in the spring, azaleas bloom in pink and white. At this time of year, the neatly trimmed and well-planned beds need no additional color to be interesting.

Ana Soltero and her three adult children have lived in the home for sixteen years, and Ana feels it is the most convenient place she can imagine. She has enhanced the property in recent years with the pavers and roof replacement, and credits her landscape service for the perfection of the greenery.

This is an elegant home in a beautiful setting.



The View November 2014

Marcia and Jerry Rose

10024 Deercreek Club Road

For its imposing vistas front and back on two-thirds of an acre, the award of the 2014 Deercreek View goes to the home of Marcia and Jerry Rose, 10024 Deercreek Club Road. The first impression is of stately oak trees framing the front yard and shading liriope, holly ferns, caladium, and society garlic. The pavered circular drive and pathway invite visitors to a welcoming front entry with a garden bench and classic black urns filled with the fall colors of crotons, chrysanthemums and asparagus ferns. Just beyond, twin ligustrum trees are bordered with plantings of camilia sasanqua, jasmine, variegated liriope, blue daze evovulus, and loropetalum. To the side and front of the garage are a very healthy robellini palm and crepe myrtle under planted with more society garlic, plumbago, allamanda, and yellow lantana. Massive philodendrons stand guard at the left of the home.

Turn the corner and the “Meditation Garden” comes into view. A meandering path features trees such as lemon, bottle bush, wax myrtle, queen palms, Canary Island date palms, and photinia. The garden is filled with azaleas, ligustrum, African iris, ferns, asian jasmine, and more liriope. There is even a swing for two.

In the back yard by the pool and rear of the house are Mexican petunia, more allamanda and plumbago, pink muhly grass, yellow canna, and gardenia. A separate patio with its own fireplace and a magnificent view of the eighteenth green is set among Magnolia, crepe myrtle and pine trees. Abundant azaleas, caladiums, ferns, liriope, holly, hydrangeas, and grasses add further texture and color to the naturalized setting. All in all, the landscape of this home is peaceful, private, and spectacular.



Landscape Awards October 2014

Philip and Pam Dzikowski

9925 Orchard Hills Road

Philip and Pam Dzikowski have been Deercreek residents since 2008. The setting of their ¾ acre lot is particularly attractive, bordered on the right by the cart path leading to the 4th tee. From the screened pool at the back of the house there is an uninterrupted view of the elevated tee and tall trees in a natural area beyond. A bed of knockout roses centers the front view, with a lacy oak, surrounded by a meticulously trimmed bed of Asiatic jasmine, anchoring the right side of the landscape. Sculpted foundation plantings of azalea, viburnum and loropetalum are punctuated by well controlled ligustrums. Visitors are welcomed to the elegant front door by beds and urns of cheerful blossoms of geraniums, zinnias, dianthus and lantana. Philip and Pam manicure the extensive landscape themselves, using two lawn mowers. Each week the shrubs and trees on one side of the house are trimmed, so they never grow out of control. Deer repellent is required to discourage the herd of as many as seven deer who feel comfortable snoozing in their serene backyard. This is a home that is beautiful in all seasons, and we look forward to returning at Christmas when the sculptured plantings form the base for the lights these creative and ambitious neighbors install.



Landscape Awards September 2014

9907 Vineyard Lake Lane

Jeff and Donna Bernard

The front of the home of Jeff and Donna Bernard features impressively styled ligustrum trees standing among well trimmed foundation plantings of shillings, hollies, viiburnum, and more ligustrums. Near the front door purple lantana and yellow carolina Jessamine offer spots of color while a pygmy palm nestles in one corner. Two watermelon pink crepe myrtles frame the other corner on the right.

On the left side of the home, stately oak trees provide shade for an expansive, perfectly manicured lawn that is sure to be the envy of any gardener struggling to maintain healthy grass in a Florida climate. Except for the addition of a large topiary of eugenia, the choices of the trees and shrubbery on this side mirror the crepe myrtles, hollies, viiburnum, and shaped ligustrums of the front. This continuity of plantings provides a well-balanced, serene, and welcoming landscape to our community.



Landscape Awards August 2014

Dr. Ricardo and Teresita Silva

10135 Bishop Lake Road West

When Ricardo and Teresita Silva moved to Deercreek in 1999, they established good basic foundation plantings which have survived well with careful trimming. Several years ago, they purchased two oak trees through the Tree Program sponsored by Deercreek Home and Garden Club, which now frame their property with lacey shade. Each oak is encircled with a large bed, recently planted with Asiatic jasmine in the foreground, with higher variegated grasses behind.

Dr. and Mrs. Silva have echoed the strong black of their roof with black lamps on the pillars at each side of their front door, above tall black planters. Precisely trimmed topiaries separate the garage doors on the left, with a larger topiary standing to the right of the house front. A lush bed of caladiums in the foundation planting adds a splash of color to the restrained color palette of their landscape.

The healthy, neatly trimmed plants, pleasing symmetry, and serene, shady atmosphere make this landscape a summertime winner.


Landscape Awards July 2014

9973 Chelsea Lake Road

John and Therese Yanochic

With its wraparound porch and white painted rocking chairs, the charming home of John and Therese Yanochic invites you to sit and stay a while. Potted geraniums greet you at the front steps, and ferns, peace lilies, and mandevilla line the porch. Along the foundation, hollies are accented with snap dragons, petunias, dusty miller, and marigolds while crepe myrtles and loropetalum at the sides of the house provide pleasing symmetry. To the right a planting bed with a profusion of color highlights sego palms, and to the left under a magnificent Magnolia tree caladiums, impatiens, liriope, and hydrangea thrive. The style of this home and its landscaping choices offer a nostalgic glimpse into the past we are sure you won’t want to miss.



Landscape Awards June 2014

Jim and Maureen Dickenson 7807 Kessler Ridge Place

This was the hardest month I’ve had picking a Deercreek View because there were so many beautiful spring gardens in our neighborhood. This beautiful home owned by Jim and Maureen Dickenson had the personal touch that gave it an edge. The front of the house is landscaped with deep green hollies along the wall and then boxwood schillings, dusty miller and mums are planted in front of them. The front porch is accented with two pots of bright red geraniums. Two very large oaks, one a live oak and the other a pin oak provide needed shade for our summer heat. The pin oak is lined with ligustrum, crepe myrtle, caladium, crotons, loropetalum, super blue liriope, knock out roses, Aztec grass, marigolds, begonias and coleus. The side entrance of the house has a holly on each side along with New Guinea impatiens, variegated pittosporum, juniper and Japanese yew. The side garden has a red maple tree, azaleas, caladium, coleus and marigolds to finish off this striking view.



Landscape Awards May 2014

Doug & Carol Matthews

10076 Persimmon Hill Ct

Welcome Spring! We certainly did not get the winter beating like the rest of the country but we had a cold north Florida winter. There are plenty of colorful flowers here to welcome the new season. The front garden is lined around a sycamore tree with red and white petunias, geranium, begonia and knockout roses. This is accented with a potted yucca plant. The surprise is a cable box under that rock. The corner garden is for the birds. Along with the statues, there is a birdbath, birdfeeder, a hanging “supertunia” plant, potted impatiens and boxwood schillings. The bunny rabbits at the door are under a large potted fern plant. Other landscaping includes pansies, mums, pittosporum, hollies and mondo grass.

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