Home and Garden Club Highlights 2022-2023

May 22, 2023

The Deercreek Home and Garden Club concluded a great year with a member luncheon on May 23 at the clubhouse. Highlights of the year included several gardening presentations from the UF Duval County Agricultural Extension Office, and of course, a great Women in History Reenactment by Ruth Pangrace.

Part of the mission of the Home and Garden Club is to “contribute to the beauty of the Deercreek community”. To support this goal, our major fundraising event for each year is our Spring Fashion Show luncheon, and this year we partnered with Dillards for a gorgeous fashion parade, and also had a successful raffle of gift baskets provided by our members.

Our fundraising allowed us to contribute funds to our home owners association to help purchase the new holiday decorations adorning our main entrance.

We also partnered with the country club to plan and present the Night of Luminaries, a great night out to celebrate the holidays for the entire Deercreek community.

We look forward to starting our new year in August with a kickoff for members and residents interested in learning about the Home and Garden Club.

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