Halloween and Saftey

Oct 1, 2021

Halloween and Safety

Each year complaints are received about non-licensed drivers driving golf carts to trick or treat. Their safety and the safety of those walking to trick or treat are of utmost concern. If you are the parent and have a golf cart, please do not let your non-licensed drivers drive it not only at Halloween or any other time, especially at night. And anyone who is driving should be especially watchful for children and adults on the Deercreek Roads Halloween night.

Here are some other tips. Remember the gate arms are cycled to allow only one vehicle at a time through. Tailgating can damage personal vehicles as well as the gate arm, and the drivers are responsible for any repairs to the gate arms. There are videos that can show the accident.

We’ve had several loose dogs recently. It would help the guardhouse find the appropriate homes for the dogs, or any pets, if they have collars with contact information, and even better, it is most helpful if residents register their dogs and any other pets which might get loose, at the guardhouse. Please include a picture as well.

Please remember, people without valid drivers’ licenses are not allowed to drive in Deercreek, and those with paper passes or loaner cars MUST go through the visitor lane.

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