Golf Course & Golf Carts

Apr 25, 2023

Unfortunately on Saturday April 22, one of the greens (hole 10) was vandalized and over two-thirds of the putting surface was damaged. Due to the hard work of the course maintenance crew, the green was salvaged but the hole had to then be closed for several days to recover.

Please remember that the golf course is a private course, and not part of the community common areas; a playground; place to entertain guests; or a dog park. No-one should be on the course at all unless they are a golf member (or the guest of a golf member) playing golf, or performing agreed maintenance.

The course has a number of rules, including carts in close proximity to the tees and greens, to ensure that the course, and therefore the club, remains at the high standards that the owners have set. The success of the club and standard of the course remains one of the reasons that our community is so desirable.

Please also remember that as per last months newsletter, golf carts are only to be driven by a person 16 years or older who has a valid driving license. In addition, night driving is only permitted with proper lights. Citations will be issued if these rules are not followed.

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