From the Access Control Committee

Dec 31, 2020

Over half a million vehicles passed through the guard gates of Deercreek in 2020. We thank all the residents, visitors and vendors who were kind and courteous to the guards. They try very hard to be professional and are expected to reflect a high degree of professionalism at all times. We appreciate their efforts on behalf of the Deercreek residents.

Although the Holiday season is past, caution continues to be the mantra. Caution on the roads of Deercreek in watching for walkers, joggers and bicyclists (and throw in a little courtesy by both parties) and in locking vehicles and residences at all times. Be sure and contact the guardhouse or JSO if you see anything that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary. Deercreek is a restricted access community, not a secure community.

Please remember no one is allowed to drive or operate a motorized vehicle on the roads of Deercreek unless that person is a licensed driver. This includes scooters, golf carts or any other device with a motor, and even if the person has his or her parent’s permission. Citations may be issued to the residents because this is a major safety issue.

A recent incident occurred that deserves mentioning. A resident was selling his home, and as is common, surveys were a part of that transaction. In doing their work, the surveyors damaged the irrigation system of another resident. In that situation the survey company is responsible for the damage, and the resident who whose system was damaged is responsible for contacting the survey company to get repairs made and paid for, not the selling resident or DCCOA.

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