From the Access Control Committee

Aug 1, 2023

SCHOOL IS STARTING OR HAS STARTED. Busses will be running and students will be walking and riding to various locations. Those dropping off students to catch busses are reminded of the following:

• Do not park closer than 50 feet to a STOP sign.
• Do not block residents’ driveways or sidewalks.
• Do not park on resident’s grass or yard.
• Be courteous, especially early in the year as everyone is becoming acclimated to being back in school.

Labor Day parties will be occurring soon. Please plan ahead and make sure all your guests are entered in the gate computer system at least 24 hours in advance.

Another reminder. If you must walk or run in the roads of Deercreek, which is illegal by law, please run facing the traffic. It’s a matter of when, not if, an accident is going to occur between someone on the road and a vehicle. By the way, EARBUDS playing your favorite music are not your friends, especially if you’re walking with the traffic. Be smart and safe.

Last, as always, be watchful for your vehicle and home security with vehicles locked and no valuables in sight and home locked and secured as well. We live in a beauty community, but it is not secure, only restricted as to access.

If you see something that isn’t as it should be, call JSO and/or the Deercreek Rover: 904-566-9163.

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