From the Access Control Committee

Apr 1, 2023

Please remember to update vehicle information such a new vehicles and new license plates at the gate as well as any changes in the emergency notifications on your residence.

Yard trash is not to be placed in the street or on curbs at any time, and is not to be placed out for collection before 8:00 AM on Tuesday morning for pickup on Wednesday. Landscape vendors are to either collect the yard waste or it must be moved out of sight until Tuesday morning.

Passports are not driver’s licenses and are not indicators of a person’s ability to drive safely. They will not be accepted in lieu of a valid driver’s license, and a driver without a valid driver’s license will not be allowed to drive in Deercreek. Driving without a valid license in Florida is illegal as well as not being allowed in Deercreek due to liability issues.

Please place guests lists on the computer system at least 24 hours before any Easter or any other gathering. That will expedite the entry of guests into the community.

Political signs are not allowed in Deercreek at any time, nor is political or any solicitation.

Please remember to lock all vehicles and residences. In the case of vehicles, make sure no valuables are visible, and if possible do not store valuables, especially guns, in vehicles.

People waking in the roads, and especially with their backs to the traffic, continues to be a safety issue which can be compounded by people listening to music with earbuds so they do not hear approaching vehicles. Please walk on the sidewalks, if at all possible.

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