From the Access Control Committee

Mar 1, 2023

March includes Spring Break for most local schools. It also brings opportunities for increased vandalism in Deercreek according to past experience. Please be very watchful and report any unusual activities to the rover guard (904-566-9163) or JSO.

Please remind all landscape and other vendors to not park on resident’s yards, especially in cul-de-sacs. Also, if they are parking on the main roads, to be sure to stagger parking so that emergency vehicles can get through them.

In another article in this newsletter there is mention of yard waste. Make sure all yard waste is on the curb and not in the street or on a sidewalk where it can create a safety hazard.

All dogs must be on leash if not in a confined area, and please pick up after your pets when you are walking them.

Last, and repetitively, if you must walk or run in the street, which is illegal because there are sidewalks available in Deercreek, please walk facing the traffic and wear bright colored clothes. Safety is still our number one concern.

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