From the Access Control Committee

Feb 1, 2023

Deercreek has special traffic lanes in the two natural areas that are for golf carts, bikers and pedestrians ONLY. Not only will cars using those lanes be ticketed, but it is a very unsafe situation as oncoming cars may not see others in the lane. Please be safety conscious and courteous as you drive in the community.

Speaking of traffic in Deercreek, over 600,000 vehicles went through the resident and visitor gates in 2022.

The Access Control Committee keeps records of citations given in Deercreek. In the last four months there have been several speeding tickets issued to residents and non-residents alike for speeds over 40 miles per hour and as high as 57 miles per hour. That is a major safety issue, and we will continue to focus on reducing those speeds before there is a serious accident.

JEA will be doing some sewer work in Deercreek in late January and through mid-February. That will mean workers in the roads and one lane traffic. Be watchful.

When leaving town, residents can complete a form at the guardhouse and the outside of their residence will be checked several times a day during the time the residents are gone.


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