From the Access Control Committee

Oct 1, 2023

October is an active month with several football gatherings and ending with Halloween. Parents are asked to use good judgement as their children go trick or treating on Halloween. The JSO officers and Ramco guards are going to watching for underaged golf cart drivers and unregistered golf carts. Motorists are asked to be especially watchful of groups of children as well as individuals as they move about the community.

Walkers and runners are still present walking with their backs to the traffic and wearing ear buds or headphones. That’s a very unsafe situation, especially if the walkers and runners are wearing dark clothes and it’s after dark.

Observed recently: a couple pushing a stroller walking in the road with their backs to the traffic.

As the holidays approach, it is time to renew our practice of safe parking and observing our surroundings. In addition, as it should be year-round, no visible valuables in a vehicle and the vehicle locked at all times. Residences should be locked at all times, too.

It’s not too soon to begin thinking about gifts for the holidays, especially for young people. Parents are urged to again use good judgement regarding the purchase of motorized vehicles, especially scooters and bicycles. They are extraordinarily dangerous because they are hard to see on roads. Plus, it is illegal to operate them in Florida if the driver does not have a valid drivers license.

There is still yard waste in the Fall. Here are the City of Jacksonville rules for yard waste pick-up from COJ website:
. Five (5) cubic yards – roughly 30, 32 gallon garbage bags.
. No single container or item can weigh more than 40 pounds.
. Limbs and logs must be no more than six (6) inches in diameter.
. Bags must be sealed closed.
. Automated service carts must not be used for yard waste.

TIP – Yard waste can be reused!!! Leave short grass clippings on your yard to return vital nutrients and maintain healthy soil. Use yard waste to create compost. Pine needles and leaves can be used as mulch.
TIP – Tree trucks, stumps, limbs or other tree trimmings generated by a tree surgeon (or similar commercial entity)working on your property must be properly removed and disposed of by the company performing the work.

The roving guards DO NOT have the authority to approve the placement of any waste of any kind. That approval must come from the Chair of the Access Control Committee or a Board member.

The guard gate numbers remain unchanged:
• Deercreek Gate/Voice Authorization: 904-363-2147
• Deercreek Gate Voice Recorder: 904-519-1390
• Deercreek Rover 904-566-9163

When calling one of the automated numbers, from another number, once the resident’s number is verified, there is no need for a PIN.


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