From the Access Control Committee

Jun 1, 2023

School is out or soon will be. That means everyone should be on the lookout for additional people biking, walking or running as well as the summer often brings incidents of vandalism. It also means locking all vehicles and not having valuables kept in vehicles which should a year-round practice. JSO or the guards should be contacted if incidents are observed.

While school is out the Deercreek Swim Team will be coming in in late May and continuing through most of the summer. There may be some degree of increased traffic at the gate due to afternoon practices and swim meets on some Saturdays.

While not an Access Control responsibility, we hear numerous complaints about folks not picking up after their dogs in other people’s yards. This is not only the courteous and responsible thing to do, but it can be a safety issue as well.

Other complaints we hear are about golf cart drivers not stopping at stop signs and in some cases speeding. Golf carts are motorized vehicles and their drivers are expected to obey Deercreek and state traffic laws as the drivers of a car or truck would.

Safety issues we hear about are people walking with their backs to the traffic any time, wearing dark clothing at night while walking or running and walking or biking two or three abreast blocking vehicle traffic. Again, as written before, if there are sidewalks available, the city law requires them to be used and people not walk in the roads. If unsafe sidewalk conditions are noted, please let the property manager know. Hopefully it will not take a major accident to stop these behaviors. As with many things, these issues can reflect safety mindedness, courtesy, responsibility, and in some cases, common sense.

Huge thanks to all those who do walk and run against the traffic and those who use the sidewalks.

JSO has reported to us that speeding citations given in Deercreek are increasing in number with the majority being given to residents and most are 40 miles per hour or higher. The posted speed limit is 30, and by the way, stop signs mean stop.

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