From the Access Control Committee

Jul 1, 2024

Some important things to remember for July:


  • Please be sure to enter guest names in the gate system at least 24 hours early for July 4 gatherings. If the gathering is going to be a large affair, say 30 people or more, please let the guards know that as well. These things can help get guests to the gatherings faster.
  • Fireworks which explode or go up in the air are illegal in Duval County. Plus, they are extremely dangerous and problematic to our residents with PTSD and pets. Please be safe and courteous.
  • Residents are reminded that contractor yard signs are not allowed in Deercreek before, during or after the completion of a project, regardless of the project.
  • If there is work being done on a driveway such as replacement or pavers which will require vehicles to park on the street, please let the guardhouse know, in writing if possible.
  • As always, walk/run facing the traffic.
  • If you see anything that is out of the ordinary and might be a problem, please alert the guards or JSO.
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