DWA – Thank you!

Jun 23, 2020

June was the first month that the Alpha Omega Thrift Store sent their truck into Deercreek to pick up donations, and it was an amazing success!!!

At 10.45am, Elizabeth Curtin handed the driver and his assistants a list of 26 addresses, the number of residents that had emailed Elizabeth with a request to pick up donations from their home. The truck finally left the community for the third time at just before 4pm, with a truck full of donations.

Elizabeth received a note from Kristin Thomas, the Community Liaison for the Alpha Omega Miracle Home (who benefit from sales at the store), thanking us all for ‘an incredible day of donations and blessings’, Elizabeth’s organization, and the community’s generosity.

Thank you all for your donations, and what we hope will be a long and successful venture between our community and this very worthwhile cause!

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