DWA Holiday Gift Drive

Nov 18, 2020

The holidays are upon us and, once again, the DWA is going to collect items for needy families to help brighten their holidays. The drive started Wednesday, November 18 and will run until December 11.

This year, Sulzbacher Village is filling stockings for their teens and has provided a “wish list” of what they would like (please see below). Also, we will be collecting $25 Walmart, Winn Dixie & Target gift cards for needy families at Mandarin Food Bank and Families of Slain Children.

If you would like to participate, you can drop off your UNWRAPPED items and gift cards in the bins at any of the following homes:

Lane Lowry (10032 Deercreek Club Rd E) 
Debbie Grosnick (9949 Orchard Hills Rd)
Jill Cole (8233 Persimmon Hill Ln) 

There will be an envelope in the bins for the gift cards and we will be sure to empty the bins regularly.
As always, thanks for your generosity now and throughout the year!
Gifts for Sulzbacher

1) Paint by Numbers with paint and brush 
2) Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker
3) Headphones (the kind that go over ears)
4) Sketchpad with color pencils 
5) Bluetooth Speaker
6) Remote Control car or helicopter 
7) Coloring Book with color pencils 
8) Apple gift cards 
9) McDonalds or Wendy’s Gift cards 
10) Sealed candy/chocolate

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