Did you know? A few facts about the Deercreek Architectural Review Board

Apr 22, 2020

  How much do you know about the Deercreek Architectural Review Board, known simply as the ARB?

Did you know that the ARB is a committee comprised of a group of your neighbors who volunteer their time to help keep our community looking its best?

Did you know that the mission of the ARB is to protect the value of your property and desirability of our community?

Did you know that the ARB endeavors to protect each owner’s investment in Deercreek by striving to limit the erosion of architectural integrity, by restricting the cluttering of the neighborhood aesthetic character, and by promoting good design?

Did you know that you must file an application with the ARB for any changes to the outside of your home, including landscaping, painting, roofing, placement of yard ornaments, play structures, and play equipment among other things?

Did you know that if you do work without ARB approval you could be cited for a violation by the Property Manager?

The following items are considered basic maintenance and do not require ARB approval, although photos must be kept as proof that an item qualified for no approval.

1. Replacing screen on an existing enclosure
2. Repair of a small section of fence
3. Cleaning
4. Patio, porch, and deck resurfacing with same material and color
5. Removing and replacing dead shrubs and flowers
6. Refreshing mulch or change in mulch that meets pre-approved guidelines
7. Address signs that meet pre-approval guidelines.  
8. Repairing a small section of driveway or walkway with the exact same material, i.e. concrete to concrete, in a color as close as possible (preferably exact). If the entire driveway or walkway is replaced, approval is required.
9. Repairing walls shielding AC, pool equipment, generators, trash cans, etc.
10. Repairing/replacing fogged or broken windows and doors with exactly the same window or door
11. Rain Gutters provided that the color matches fascia or rain drip edge.

For major maintenance items such as painting your home, whether a new color or with the existing color, a new roof, driveway replacement, etc., as well as new projects such as a fence, pool, screen enclosure, etc., or anything not listed in the basic maintenance list above, ARB approval is required.

The ARB is in the process of revising our published guidelines; application forms should be posted on the website within the next few months to provide clearer guidance.  

As always, should you have any questions, feel free to contact either , ARB Chair – Michael Azzarello at mazzarello@comcast.net – 904-631-8310, or ARB Vice Chair-Jonas Ohlsson at jonas.r.ohlsson@gmail.com 

Now you are In the Know!

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