Deercreek Flag Project

Apr 27, 2023

The Jacksonville Exchange Club will once again offer Deercreek residents the opportunity to participate in our 2023 Flag Project. Participating residents can choose to have the Exchange Club place a US Flag in their yards on the Memorial Day, Independence Day, and/or Veterans Day holidays. These flags are 3 foot x 4 foot in size, and are mounted on 5 foot poles. Exchange Club members will place the flag in your yard a day or two before each holiday, and will remove the flag a day or two following each holiday.

The National Exchange Club is one of America’s oldest service organizations. The local Jacksonville Exchange Club was founded in 1923, and engages in community service projects that foster Americanism and serve the youth of our community. All monies raised by our Flag Project are used to support the NE Florida Exchange Club Family Center, a local 501(c)(3) organization working to prevent child abuse. For more info, visit .

To participate in the Flag Project, simply complete and return the order form below. Indicate which holidays you would like to have a flag placed in your yard ($25 each), or sign up for our PATRIOT SPECIAL and have a flag in your yard for all three holidays ($70 total). Direct any questions about the Flag Project to Doug Klippel at 904-502-5322.

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