Deercreek Covenant Update and Meeting Information

Jul 1, 2023

 The Deercreek covenant documents prepared by the original developer of our community are thirty-five years old and cover the developers’ requirements for the community at that time. These covenants provide the rules that govern the community that all owners and renters must follow. However, as you know, times and circumstances have changed and our covenant document should be updated to respond to today’s climate.

If you wish to read the covenants (it is a long read) and review the Deercreek covenant documents please visit

What are the changes that the Board is proposing?

The top three topics of the document are outlined below:

The covenant is silent regarding the types of rentals and length of term in lease options. This impacts the community by the lack of ability to regulate VRBO or AIR BnB in the community. Without a guideline that prohibits the advertising of short-term VRBO and Air BnB, the community could have multiple short-term rentals, opening to increased traffic, noise, and a more rental-type atmosphere. While we do have limited rental homes in the community, we are also recommending a minimum 12-month term rental agreement.
The HOA Board recently learned that we can deny residency to anyone placed on the state police registry of sexual offenders and predators.
Currently, the voting percentage to make any changes to the covenants is a 75 % majority of the community requirement. That is an extremely high number to achieve and to amend any change to the covenants, a more reasonable 51% is recommended. These changes are in line with similar communities’ that were reviewed.  

How can you help?

Help us get the word out to the community owners to ensure that each household knows the importance of updating the covenants. Updating the covenants will help make Deercreek a more safe and more prestigious community for years to come. 

To achieve a change to the covenants we must have 75% percent of the community voting for the changes. This is a huge task, which means 501 households must vote YES. 

How can you learn more?

We are holding small meetings where we welcome discussion and feedback on these topics.

Tuesday July 18 6pm 
Tuesday July 25 10am 

In addition, we will be holding the following ‘All Community’ meetings in August, where we invite you all to attend to learn more about the above, together with the specific wording that we will receive from our attorney.

Wednesday Aug 2 6pm
Tuesday Aug 8 11am
Wednesday Aug 16 6pm 

All of these meetings will be held in the Ballroom at Deercreek Country Club

The following are committee and Board Members that can answer questions regarding the covenant changes. Feel free to contact any member of the committee to provide more information and respond to your questions.

Gene Curtin
Kathy Kleppinger
Carol D’Onofrio
Bryan Howell
Julia Watkins (point of contact for meetings)
Patti Mast (Point of contact – neighbor outreach)
Janet Daechsel

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