Deercreek Annual Meeting Highlights

Jan 31, 2020

During the Deercreek Annual Meeting held on January 10, 2020, the committees highlighted their 2019 accomplishments. Read below to see just how amazing each committee is at Deercreek. Thank you to the committee chairs and members for making our community a great place to live. These wonderful members volunteer countless hours. Thanks again for your contributions in 2019!

Access Control Committee:

  • New towing policy for abandon vehicles, Deercreek now has a posted sign and can legally tow abandoned cars.
  • There is a new system in place for speeding and stop sign violations, violators will be mailed a citation.
  • Continue to call and notify the Access Control Committee or security if you have questions or concerns, and this will help continuous improvement.

       2020 Goals:

  • •Two options are being presented to the board to protect the guardhouse from oversized trucks hitting the overhang; the options are a crash bar, or a second gate on the visitor’s side. The building was hit three times last year.
  • •Guardhouse renovation will be completed in early 2020, new paint inside and out, flooring, and electrical.

Architectural Review Board:

  • ARB focus has been on two main areas, optimizing cost, and enhancing the member experience.
  • With our property manager transition, ARB moved into a ‘fixed cost’ model for processing applications. In the past, our application fees varied to account for the property manager processing costs (charging DCCOA by the hour). With our recent property manager transition, we had the opportunity to deploy a fixed cost model for applications, successful deployment of this model would prevent the HOA from going ‘upside down’ on ARB processing costs. As a result, many of our ARB fees went down because the variability in processing costs went away – prices are either $50 or $100 based on the complexity of the project, and costs are a pass-through for the members of DCCOA as ARB is no longer a profit center for DCCOA. We managed to reduce fees for nine project types and had an increase in only one project type.
  • We also had several new ARB members joined in Fall 2019. The incoming ARB members decided to structure the ARB in a form like the CEC in that there is a Chair & Vice Chair governance structure. Recently the ARB selected Pam Kinevan as its new Chair and Gregg Flynn as our Vice-Chair.
  • Our initial results in this new model are promising. The ARB has a good working relationship with FPM (Florida Property Management) building coordinator, Mr. Herb Boyett – who is typically the main point of contact for residents as they file their ARB applications.

       2020 Goals:

  • Feedback from FPM based on resident engagement is that we have a high number of guideline documents for residents to review relative to other communities they manage. Some residents, especially those who are newer to DCCOA, are confused as they review the documentation (information is in different places), so the ARB is exploring a project to consolidate and potentially simplify our different documents so that information will be better indexed and easier to locate for residents.

Common Property:

  • Completed much-needed repairs to our “iconic” fountain at the entrance and to lighting along Deercreek Club Rd.
  • Fixed serious stormwater drainage issues that were the cause of flooding on Deercreek Club Road.
  • Removed hazardous dead trees from Common Property areas.
  • Began the cleaning and repainting of street signs within the community. This work will continue in 2020.
  • Took charge of decorating Deercreek Club Rd. and the gatehouse for Christmas season.
  • Replaced all landscaping around the gatehouse and throughout the small medians.
  • Repaired the well that controls irrigation at the front of the neighborhood.
  • Fixed basketball court lights to facilitate playing at night.

2020 Goals:

  • Sidewalks to be repaired in common area
  • Playground area upgrades
  • Pickleball has become popular with the residents and we will explore any potential options for a permanent court (basketball now being used)
  • RFP (Request for Proposal) the landscaping contract in 2020.

 Communications Committee:  

  • Online Resident Directory
  • Transition of the new security company; on-boarding process for new residents
  • New Management Company transition
  • Welcomed 36 new residents
  • Constant contact open rate 60% mobile, 40% desktop, the Industry average is 20.6%
  • Over 120 emails sent in 2019
  • Communication and help with new gate app for residents
  • Sign Board kept up-to-date
  • Email addresses organized and increased in 2019 for a total of 787 contacts

       2020 Goals:

  • Enhanced communication channels
  • New website (March)
  • Digital newsletter
  • Improvement of the signboard – long term goal
  • Reserve budget for the scheduled time of signboard replacement
  • Research options by September 2020 or before
  • Identify software and warranty, begin creating RFP
  •  Committee Summit January/February with all groups
  • Meet with committees to learn their 2020 objectives and how communications can help.
  • Committees strategic direction for 2020
  • Identify content and process to move to new website

Covenant Enforcement Committee:

  • John Robinson reviewed the CEC process, covenants can be found on the website here.

Finance Committee:

(without rate increases or special assessments)

  • New street light poles from Southside Blvd. to the gate
  • JEA replaced all interior lighting at no charge to new 45-watt LED bulbs
  • Replaced new LED Fountain lighting and equipment.
  • New lighted gate arms and controller units for the entry to Deercreek
  • Phase 1 and 2 of road paving completed as well as pavers at the guardhouse
  • Before the implementation, JEA did a thorough check of the underground piping of the entire community at no cost to Deercreek
  • Re-striping of the basketball court to include use of court for pickleball play as well as obtaining funds for future refurbishment from the city
  • Interior rehab of the guardhouse as well as exterior painting and renovation of the guardhouse

Paving Project:

  • Total of $2M scope of work (without special assessment or rate increase)
  • $567K remaining to complete the road paving
  • Work involved in year 1 and 2 project: ribbon curbing, curb repair, paver installation, paving all of roads north of natural area that includes the entire loop of vineyard lake. Then, once finished, we will re-stripe all of the lines.
  • Project start-up for 2020 began January 16th and will continue until the work is completed.  

Please contact a committee member for questions or additional details. Thank you and have a great day!!

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