Citizens Planning Advisory Committee 2024

Nov 28, 2023

Jacksonville’s more than 200 neighborhoods are divided into six planning districts each with a Citizens Planning Advisory Committee or ‘CPAC’. The primary purpose of the CPAC is to maintain open and effective communication between Jacksonville residents, businesses, neighborhoods, community organizations, educational institutions, and city government.

Deercreek is located within Southeast District 3
CPAC members are appointed by the mayor and voting members are nominated through a variety of community, civic, or government organizations located in their district

Effective government requires meaningful citizen participation. Broad-based public involvement in planning, land use, zoning, transportation, community services, economic development, recreation, schools, police, and public safety is absolutely essential.

CPAC meetings are open to public and any interested person is welcome to attend any CPAC meeting.
Citizens Planning Advisory Committees were first established in October 1993 by Mayor Ed Austin as an ongoing, grassroots public participation program. In September 2001, Mayor John Delaney issued a new executive order to continue that involvement as did Mayor John Peyton in 2007. In 2014, Mayor Alvin Brown issued a new executive order to continue grassroots public involvement in CPACs.

Log on to and click on the CPAC tab for many topics that are of interest to you. District 3, Southeast CPAC meetings are held at the Mandarin Senior Center on Hartley Road. On the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 pm.
Topics of interest are presented by staff speakers and heads of city departments report on their various areas of responsibility.

LUZ committee meetings start at 5:45pm before the regular CPAC meeting. One of the key important areas is review of Land Use and Zoning applications within the district by the CPAC LUZ committee. This review affords neighborhoods to review and provide input regarding future growth, administrative deviations, or rezoning.

Be in the know about your city.

Questions may be directed to Carol D’Onofrio

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