Covenant Enforcement Committee has a new name

Jul 2, 2023

The new name of Covenant Enforcement is Fine Appeals Committee. During 2023, we will continue to reference both names to assist everyone in making the transition. The reason for the change is to better define the function of the committee as requested by the standing committee.

What is the purpose of the committee? The purpose is to provide residents a means to appeal any fine they receive. These fines may be Covenant violations issued by the property manager or citations issued by the Security guard team.

Who serves on the committee? The members of the committee are fellow residents of the community who are unrelated to any of the parties issuing the fines.

How is this resolved? The committee members review your appeal, as presented in person or by mail. They make a final determination of whether the fine stands or should be waived. They inform the property management company of their decision and the management company informs you via mail or email.

How do I state my appeal? This can be done by mail or email to the property manager and/or you can attend the Fine Appeals Committee meeting on the third Monday of every month at 6:00 PM at the Country Club location.

Where are the meetings held? The meetings are at the main clubhouse. Please arrive on the front porch of the club. Bring the fine you received, along with any other communication you have sent or received regarding this situation, and any pictures that may assist with the committee review. You will be called one at a time (in order of when you arrived) to present your appeal to the committee. After presenting your appeal, the committee will render their decision and present that to the property manager who will notify you of the decision. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final unless there is additional information that was not previously presented that would affect the outcome.

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