Common Property February 2022

Feb 1, 2022

Lakes & More! 

Welcome, 2022! The year has begun with beautiful weather and our lakes on the whole are flourishing. Last year, Solitude Lake Management was awarded Deercreek’s lake maintenance contract and will continue to administer their detailed treatment plan as designed. In addition, we embarked on research surrounding processes like aeration and dredging to help manage some of our more volatile lakes. More planning and decisions on those efforts are already underway.
To reiterate, the Common Property committee manages more than just lakes. In fact, we are responsible for the maintenance of all common areas in Deercreek that are neither privately owned nor owned by the Deercreek Country Club. This includes trees, greenery, front entrance, signage, community medians, and yes lakes. We manage one of the largest budgets of all HOA committees and our 2022 budget submission includes plans for gatehouse upgrades, new landscaping for all community medians, new mailboxes throughout the neighborhood, and more.
We accomplished a great deal in 2021 despite being plagued by contractor’s resource and materials constraints and we will continue to plan and decide each of our initiatives toward the best interest of Deercreek and its residents.
Common Property is anxious to welcome new members. We are also awaiting the announcement of our new HOA liaison as Steve Milkey’s term concluded in 2021.
We meet on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Ladies’ card room. Feel free to join the team!
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