Changes to the Covenant

Jun 8, 2023

The Deercreek covenant documents prepared by the original developer of our community are thirty-five years old and covered the developers’ requirements for the community at that time. These covenants provide the rules that govern the community that all owners and renters must follow. However, as you know times and circumstances have changed and our covenant document should be updated in order to respond to today’s climate.

In mid-year of 2022, The Board of Directors formed a committee to review the existing document and to make recommendations to update the needed changes to the covenant document to protect the community and its owners to become a more user-friendly and current document reflecting today’s times.

What are the Changes?
With that a being said the Home Owners Committee is tasked to prepare an updated document and will be hosting several town hall meetings to explain how the process evolved and what the document recommendation changes are to the community. The committee along with the BOD feels strongly that the following proposed amendments will strengthen and continue to maintain the high standards of the community.

  1. The covenant is silent regarding the types of rentals and length of term in lease options. This impacts the community by not being able to regulate VRBO or AIR BnB in the community. Without a guideline that prohibits the advertising of short-term VRBO and Air BnB the community could have multiple short-term rentals in the community opening to increased traffic, noise, and a more rental-type atmosphere. While we do have limited rental homes in the community, we are also recommending a minimum 12-month term rental agreement.
  2. The HOA Board recently learned that we can deny residency to anyone placed on the state police registry of sexual offenders and predators.
  3. Currently, the voting percentage to make any changes to the covenants is a 75 % majority of the community requirement. That is an extremely high number to achieve and in order to amend any change to the covenants when needed a more reasonable 51% is recommended. These changes are in line with several other similar communities’ that were reviewed.

Want to know more?

In addition, there is a new page on the website dedicated to information pertaining to this entire process- Covenant Update
If you would like to review the Deercreek covenant documents please visit
Click on DCCOA Document page.

Who do I contact?
The following are committee and Board Members that can answer questions regarding the covenant changes. Feel free to contact any member of the committee who can provide more information and respond to your questions. You can ask questions and offer your thoughts and ideas to the process.

Gene Curtin

Kathy Kleppinger

Carol D’Onofrio       

Bryan Howell             

Julia Watkins             (Point of contact – meetings)

Patty Mast                  (Point of contact – neighbor outreach)

Janet Daechsel         

Expected timeline:
Informational Meetings to be held during July and August *
Voting September -October *
*Specific dates will be provided separately.

How can you help?
Help us get the word out to the community owners to ensure that each household knows the importance of updating the covenants and the impact it will make in keeping Deercreek safe and a prestigious community for years to come.

How do we communicate?
We will be updating all owners via the Sign Board – Email Blast – Newsletter.

This covenant change pertains to Deercreek only not Edgewater owners.
One vote per household (lot).

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