Call for 2022 Board Candidates

Sep 21, 2021


The Board has three members whose terms expire at the end of this year. We are looking for candidates who want to help keep Deercreek, one of the premier communities in Northeast Florida. Please show your community spirit by volunteering to run for the Board!

The Board is responsible for running the Deercreek Country Club Owners Association. This means establishing the budget, working closely with the various committees, the property management company, and attending monthly Board meetings. Board members are also expected to serve as a liaison to one of the various standing committees, which generally meet once a month. As you can see, while volunteering your valuable time, the effort is not burdensome. Your generous gift of time is gratifying and comes from knowing that you are doing something significant to help maintain and improve our community. Contact any board member for questions.

So how do you get involved? Send your bio (Word document – maximum 350 words) and headshot (jpeg file) by October 20, 2021.

Please do your part to help maintain our beautiful community by sending your bio/pic via email to

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