August 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

Sep 17, 2020

Key topics included:

  • A three year contract for common property landscaping services has been awarded to Connors Landscaping. Connors was the low bidder among five potential vendors and has deep knowledge of the community. This is a three year, fixed price agreement at an annual cost slightly below the current agreement. Nancy Blacker, Common Property Chair and Board liaison Steve Milkey led the effort. The current agreement expires December 31. Work is in progress to finalize the new agreement well before that date.
  • Deercreek is experiencing problems with algae in some lakes. Part of this is due to an unusually hot period, part due to regulations on the amount of algicide and part due to the lake management vendor’s performance. Common Property is seeking bids from alternate vendors and has directed the Property Manager to keep pressure on the current vendor.
  • Repainting of all but one of the street signs is complete. Traffic signs are being assessed; some need attention and will be refinished.
  • Overall income and expenses are tracking in line with the 2020 budget. Finance VP Carol D’Onofrio reports the 2021 budget is being developed and will be examined at the Board level in October and November.
  • Current financial plans are that the final phase of the road repaving project will be scheduled for approximately mid-2021. There will be substantial notice prior to work beginning.
  • John Tomka chairs an Ad Hoc committee has been working on options for community Internet access and video services. The agreement Deercreek has with Comcast expires at the end of August, 2021. AT&T continues to decline the opportunity though another company, Hotwire, has supplied information along with Comcast.
  • Several improvements have been made to the playground: new swing set, benches and picnic tables. Sandy Salem is managing the effort and expects basketball/pickleball court refurbishing and re-striping to begin soon.
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