Access Controll

Apr 24, 2021

The month of May sees lots of outdoor activities. Please be watchful of walkers, runners, and bikers as well as golf carts, and likewise, walkers, runners, bikers, and golf carts should be watchful of vehicles.

A couple of extra points for May:
– There have been several reports of younger kids riding motorized two-wheel scooters on the Deercreek roads. These are a major safety hazard, especially to the scooter riders as they are hard to see from an automobile. Any type of motorized vehicle is not allowed to be operated in Deercreek by a person without a driver’s license. The resident responsible for the rider or driver will receive a citation for such activities.

– ALL VEHICLES WITH PASSES MUST GO THROUGH THE VISITOR GATE regardless of who is driving the vehicle or who is in the vehicle.

– Be watchful for any suspicious activity and report it immediately to Security at 904-566-9163 or JSO.

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