Access Control Committee

Aug 25, 2022

The roads of Deercreek must be wide and clear enough for emergency vehicles to pass at any time. This time of year, especially, there are many contractors, landscapers and other assorted vehicles parked in the roads across from each other which in some cases of large trucks can reduce the distance from vehicles across from each other to the point that emergency vehicles cannot get through to the emergency. Please remind any vendors, contractors or landscape workers to park their vehicles so that they DO NOT block emergency vehicle movement or residents’ driveways.

School is back in session, so once again all are cautioned to be watchful of students and school buses. If waiting with or for students, do not park within 50 feet of stop signs, blocking driveways, or on residents’ lawns.

If you must walk or run on the Deercreek roads, please do so facing the traffic. Several folks have been observed walking along with their backs to the traffic oblivious to the danger that represents.

JSO will be in Deercreek soon monitoring traffic, patrolling the community and giving citations as warranted. 

Tommy Walter 

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