From the Access Control Committee

Feb 20, 2020

March is the time for Spring Break which brings up three areas of safety and attention.

  • Be watchful for children on bikes and walking in the streets.
  • Make sure all vehicle doors are locked, windows up, and valuables removed or out of sight. Residence doors should also be locked at all times. 
  • Be vigilant for any unusual activity especially on the golf course as vandalism incidents have historically increased during spring break.

Two other points, unlicensed drivers are not allowed to ride motorized scooters in Deercreek. Even for licensed drivers, the scooters are major safety hazards on the Deercreek roads as they are not always easy to see and the riders do not always stop at stop signs 

Last, several citations, sometimes 60 or more, are given each month for traffic violations in Deercreek. Not only is running a stop sign and speeding a safety issue, they also indicate blatant disregard for the safety of others. Please drive the posted speed and stop at all stop signs. 

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