Access Control May 2022

May 1, 2022

This is May, and schools will be out either at the end of this month or shortly thereafter. Now is the time to begin to be watchful for children of all ages on various means of transportation. Safety in Deercreek is a 24/7 focus. 
  • When adding guests or vendors to your permanent list, please be sure to verify the correct dates for admittance, and enter the data at least 24 hours in advance. This is particularly important for events like end-of-school events.  
  • Residents doing renovation projects are reminded that contractor signs are not allowed in yards in Deercreek. Citations will be issued for having them. 
  • Recycling is now occurring on every other Tuesday. Make sure the cans are not out before 6:00 PM on Monday or after 8:00 AM on Wednesday.
  • Some barcode validation project points:
    • Please remove barcodes from vehicles no longer owned from your data in the guardhouse.  
    • In Deercreek 294 homes out of 666 have completely updated their barcodes. Thank you all very much for your help.
    • In Edgewater, 21 homes out of 71 are completed. Thanks to all of you as well.  
  • The project will continue until all barcodes both resident and non-resident, have been validated or deactivated. This help to ensure the people entering Deercreek are the ones who should be entering Deercreek and allow appropriate action in case there is an incident involving a vehicle in the community.  
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