From the Access Control Committee

Mar 1, 2024

March will present at least two significant safety opportunities in Deercreek: Spring Break and Easter Sunday. That means there will potentially be more people and pedestrian traffic during spring break and more vehicle traffic on Easter Sunday for gatherings. Please be more watchful during these times and please make sure to get guest names in the gate computer system at least 24 hours before the gatherings.

Vandalism and vehicle burglaries can also increase. If you see something that doesn’t look right, let JSO or the guards know immediately.

People continue to walk in the roads with their backs to the traffic, and at night do so wearing dark clothing. The roads of Deercreek are not straight, and walking in them with backs to the traffic, especially wearing headphones or ear plugs, is asking for an accident. Recently seen: two adults pushing a baby stroller with the baby in it with their backs to the traffic on one of the curves. Please be mindful of how you may appear to others & do your best to ensure that you can be seen when walking or cycling around the community.

Remember it is state law that unlicensed drivers may not operate motorized vehicles, including golf carts or scooters on streets or roads. That law is enforced in Deercreek by the JSO officers and the Ramco guards. The basis of the law is safety.

While there have been no reports of porch pirating of packages in Deercreek, please remember it can happen here, and it doesn’t have to be valuable packages. Here are some things to remember:
• If you are expecting a package delivery see if a neighbor can watch for the delivery and keep it for you until you can pick it up.
• Packages will not be delivered from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
• If you can adjust the delivery hours or day with the vendor, do that.
• Some vendors like Amazon have delivery points with lockers. Use them if possible.

Last, thanks for the patience with the malfunctioning barcode reader at the resident entrance gate. For the most part everyone was patient and understanding. The repair took longer than expected because the unit had to be replaced, and the replacement came from the factory programmed wrong. The best news is it appears to be working correctly now, and again thanks for the patience.

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