Access Control June 2024

May 27, 2024

Some important things to remember for June:

• School is now out or nearly out for the summer. That will bring increased numbers of young people on the roads of Deercreek walking, biking or running. If walking or running, please use sidewalks if possible. If not, as with all others please walk/run facing the traffic, and wear light-colored clothes, especially during the darker hours. Bikers, please ride a single file with the traffic.

• Earbuds are not safe for walkers/runners/bikers on the roads of Deercreek.

• The Deercreek Swim Team will begin practicing and will have occasional swim meets. This will result in increased traffic around the clubhouse.

• As the summer progresses and events are planned, be sure to update the gate system of guests at least 24 hours before the event. That will greatly reduce the time required to get guests to their destinations.

• As written in earlier newsletters, vandalism is apt to be higher in the summer months. Please be watchful for any unusual activities and alert either the guards or JSO. That also means special attention to locking vehicles with no valuables in sight and residences.

• To be sure the guards are aware of driveway/pavers projects, don’t just call, but also please send or drop them a note with the resident’s name, address, and dates that vehicles may be parked on the roads overnight. That will help to ensure no inaccurate citations are given for parking on the roads.

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