Access Control February 2022

Jan 31, 2022

It’s February and we look to the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day. Please be sure to enter any guests’ names in the gate system at least 24 hours before their expected arrivals. That will help avoid any last-minute delays at the gate.

And thinking of the gate access system, when guest and vendor names are entered, the names become permanent unless an end date is specified. Please review your guest list to be sure all the names on it without end dates are whom you want as permanent guests in Deercreek.

Last, on the Spring cleaning list for the gate system, are vehicles you no longer own, but maybe still listed in the gate system. If you no longer own vehicles that were in the system, please contact the Captain at the gate so that those vehicles and their bar codes can be removed from the system.

By the way, if a new vehicle is purchased, and the remnant of the bar code on the previous vehicle is returned to the gate when applying for a new bar code, the cost will be reduced to $10. Reuse of barcodes in Deercreek is not permitted.

Later in the spring, a bar code/license plate review for all vehicles will be done. All vehicles, bar codes, and license plates will be visually checked to correct inaccuracies in the gate system. Those whose vehicles are not checked will have their bar codes inactivated until the vehicles are checked. This review is being done because over time residents have bought new vehicles and/or received new license plates or bar codes and that information has not been updated in the system. If there is an incident with a vehicle and the gate does not have accurate information about that vehicle, there could be delays in resolving the situation.

Residents can be proactive and beat the rush later by bringing vehicles to the gate for review Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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