From the Access Control Committee

Jan 28, 2021


Reminder: There are two times when a vehicle’s doors should be locked: When no one is in it, and when someone is in it. No valuables should be visible. 

People without valid driver’s licenses are not allowed to operate motorized vehicles including golf carts and motorized two-wheel scooters in Deercreek. It is a safety issue, and violators can be fined for doing so.

Garbage cans must be stored in Deercreek so as not to be seen from the roads (Edgewater has slightly different rules). Specific times for garbage cans being out for pickup are in the Deercreek rules on the community website.

Landscapers are required to place cones while parking and working in Deercreek. If they do not place cones, they can be barred from entering the community. The guards tell them, but we need the help of residents as well. With our narrow roads, it is a major safety issue. 

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