Access Control Committee

Aug 19, 2021

The school has now started so please be careful and watchful for students walking and riding bikes. Buses also run many routes through Deercreek; be aware and watchful for them as well. Courtesy is also a good thing this time of year while parking at bus stops. Stay at least 50 feet away from stop signs so as not to impede traffic and do not park in residents’ yards.

The DCCOA Board of Directors has adopted new rules regarding dumpsters. The Property Manager must be informed about all dumpsters BEFORE they are placed in Deercreek. They are being placed in yards or in driveways and not on the roads without special permission from the Property Manager and with protection from the rollers and safety coned as they are a safety hazard and damage the roads. Unauthorized dumpsters will be cited at $30 per day.

If for some reason cars must be parked in the street overnight, please let the guardhouse know IN ADVANCE so citations will not be issued.
Please remember, if a vendor or guest is not on a resident’s approved list, the guards will not make a call to the resident. Each call takes over five minutes and further backs up access to Deercreek. The guest or vendor will be turned around out of Deercreek until the gate has been notified of their approved entrance.

Parents of new drivers must place all drivers in the household in the gate system to avoid delays in the new drivers getting through the gate.
Drivers with paper passes MUST use the visitor lane so that the pass can be validated for each entrance. There are no exceptions to that rule.





Just a reminder to stop by the guardhouse and update your information. Bar codes that allow you to enter the owner’s gate must match the license plate tag and car model. Bar codes can not be removed from one car and used on another. We will be updating our records soon, so don’t take a chance on having your bar code deactivated. The best times are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am – 3 pm to stop by the guardhouse.

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