Access Control Committee October 2021

Sep 21, 2021

Vehicle Lines at the Guardhouse

From time-to-time complaints are received about long lines of vehicles at the guardhouse in either the visitor or resident lanes.

Here are some facts about that situation:
• Deercreek has only one gate and two entrance lanes which admit almost 500,000 vehicles a year to the community.
• Long lines can be created in either lane on any day or any time, are unpredictable, and are common in gated communities, especially those with only one entrance gate.
• The delays can be caused by any number of situations.

For example:

o Drivers not knowing where they are going
o Residents not clearing the visitors to enter Deercreek
o Drivers having no driver’s license
o Language barriers
o People with paper passes using the resident lane
o Large trucks in the resident lane

Deercreek has a commitment to allow access only to persons who meet the entrance criteria: an active driver’s license and clearance from a resident or the club. HOA liability as well as potential safety issues are involved in the access.

Each weekday morning from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM there are two guards present during the rush hour at the gate to expedite vehicles through the gates and still meet the restricted access requirement. But at times lines still form, and as we live in a very impatient society, people get upset. If we were to open the gates, then we would compromise the restricted access commitment and not be able to control who comes into the community.

So how can residents help with this problem?

  1. If caught in a line at the gate, be patient. You may wait a few minutes, but the access to Deercreek is still being controlled as desired.
  2. If you are having guests, work done by a visitor or anyone else coming to your resident, please enter their name(s) in the gate system, or call and leave a message for the gate.
  3. If you’re having an event at your residence, please create a guest list and give it to the gate.
  4. If you call the gate and leave a message, please speak slowly and distinctly.

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