Access Control Committee October 2020

Sep 30, 2020

October will be a busy month for Safety Awareness in Deercreek with Halloween being the climax. As always, Safety is the number one priority in the community. 

• At all times be watchful for people walking and running in the roads. 
• If you must walk or run in the road, please walk and run FACING the traffic. 
• Golf carts are motorized vehicles like a car. They are to be driven only by licensed drivers in Deercreek.
• Golf carts in Deercreek are governed by the same rules as other motorized vehicles and must stop at stop signs and not exceed the speed limit. They can and will be cited for a moving vehicle violation as any other vehicle. 

Some other points:
All barcodes not used in the last year will be deactivated October 1. 

If a resident is planning a project that will require a dumpster, in addition to any approvals by the ARB for exterior projects, please contact Tommy Walter at 904-860-7173 or Don Gibbens at 904-874-3537 to verify placement and how long the dumpster will be needed. Dumpsters are subject to citations if they remain an extended period of time. 

Some good news. The new clearance barrier at the gate has already potentially stopped a school bus and another truck from hitting the guardhouse. 

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