Access Control Committee November 2020

Oct 31, 2020

We are most likely entering the strangest holiday season any of us has ever experienced. However, that does not change the basic safety rules we follow every year:

  • Make sure all valuables are removed from vehicles and the vehicles are locked anytime not being used, especially at night.
  • If valuables must be left in vehicles, be sure they are not visible.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Have vehicle keys in your hands and try to park in a well-lighted area. And by the way, this rule applies to men as well as women.
  • Be watchful for pedestrians or other moving vehicles.
  • In Deercreek, report any unusual activity to the guardhouse or JSO immediately. This includes vandalism as well as suspicious individuals in the community.

    During the holidays, there may be longer lines at the gate than normal. If that happens, just be aware that more than 500,000 vehicles will be cleared through the Deercreek gates in 2020. Almost half of those will be visitors and vendors.

    If there will be gatherings at Deercreek residences during the holidays, please be sure to enter guest names before the event. This will greatly facilitate getting to the gatherings quicker.

    Deercreek residents should remove all contractor, yard service and other vendor signs when the service or work has been completed, as well as signs regarding picking up after dogs. Citations may be issued for signs left out for extended times.

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