From the Access Control Committee

Nov 1, 2023

Ten Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

1. Always be aware of your surroundings. Stay in lighted places and have at least one hand free.

2. Do not leave vehicles unlocked and/or with the keys in them. Leave nothing of value in plain sight in a vehicle.

3. Lock the doors and windows of your residence.

4. If possible, have a security camera and leave no packages at your door. Ask someone to pick them up and hold them for you.

5. If you MUST walk or run on the roads (even though it’s illegal), wear bright clothing, especially after dark, and walk facing the traffic.

6. Enter all guest names for holiday gatherings in the gate entrance system at least 24 hours before the gathering.

7. Do not buy motorized scooters or bicycles for unlicensed riders. Not only are they incredibly dangerous, they are illegal if ridden by those riders.

8. Remember the Fall time change: Sunday, November 5.

9. If you own a golf cart that hasn’t been registered, do that at the guard house or possibly face a $100 fine if observed driving it. Thanks to the 41 responsible owners who have registered their carts.

10. Last but not least, need a really different gift or have you always wanted your own personal stop sign? Several were replaced in Deercreek recently due to being faded by the sun. They’ve been HARDLY used by the drivers of golf carts and other vehicles in the community, so the only thing wrong is they are faded. They are free for the taking and will be leaning against the inside exit wall of the guardhouse, first come, first serve, and as long as the supply lasts.

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