Access Control Committee July 2022

Jun 30, 2022



The offenders are not always cars or trucks, by the way, because some golf carts are among the worst offenders of Deercreek traffic restrictions, especially stop signs, and some speed as well.

The barcode validation process is ongoing. As of June 14, 382 homes in Deercreek and 43 homes in Edgewater have had all the barcodes associated with those homes validated. Many thanks to those residents. There are 283 homes in Deercreek and 23 homes in Edgewater that need to complete the process, and barcodes have been deactivated in those homes as published. All community non-validated barcodes will be deactivated on JUNE 30. There are no more Saturday sessions, but the barcodes can be validated anytime at the guardhouse. So far, 1,926 barcodes have been validated.

There was a recent local news report about people stealing from vehicles in gated communities, in this case, the Julington Creek area. Consistent vigilance is needed at all times to ensure vehicles are locked and with no valuables visible. Residences should also be locked at all times. Like most gated communities, Deercreek is a restricted access community, not a secure community.

As stated last month in the newsletter, If residents are going to be away from home for several days, be aware that Ramco guards will provide house checks of residences. Just stop by the guardhouse and complete a form.

July 4th is approaching. Two comments about that: first, if social gatherings are planned, please enter guest names in the gate access system at least 24 hours in advance to expedite guest entry. Second, fireworks that explode or shoot are not allowed in Duval County and Jacksonville by law. Plus, from a neighborhood aspect, we have residents who experience PSTD episodes, pets are affected, and there is the danger of injury and fire. There are several fireworks shows available including one across Southside at the Avenues Mall.

One of the best success stories in a long time has been the Deercreek Swim Team. There has been great participation, and all involved should be thanked for their efforts. On the afternoon of July 7, there will be a swim meet held here that will bring in a large number of vehicles and participants around the pool area. There will be more information about that as the date gets closer.

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