Access Control Committee

Dec 28, 2022

Getting past the holidays and into a new year does not lessen the need to be continually safety minded and watchful for suspicious or illegal behavior in Deercreek. From the safety aspect, traffic rules still need to be obeyed by all motorized vehicles, including golf carts, for speeding and stopping at stop signs. Non-licensed drivers are not to be operating motorized vehicles of any type on Deercreek roads. Walkers and runners should still be facing traffic if they insist on walking and running on the roads, which is illegal in Jacksonville if sidewalks are available.

Suspicious behavior in Deercreek should always be reported to the JSO or the guards, depending on the significance of the behavior. For example, holiday decorations are tempting theft or damage targets for people who are disrespectful of others’ property. We’ve also had reports of people handing out political literature door to door as well as a guy selling pine straw door to door. Door-to-door solicitation of any kind in Deercreek by anyone is prohibited, and non-residents doing it can be arrested for trespassing. Unlocked residences are also tempting targets, and so are unlocked vehicles.

The bottom line, Deercreek is a fantastic community to live in, but it is not a secure community, only a restricted access community; therefore, all the residents are responsible for safety and security here and the behavior of our guests as they visit.
Let’s continue to make safety and security priorities in the community for 2023.

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