Access Control Committee December 2021

Nov 29, 2021

As we said last month, the Holiday Season is here, and once again everyone should be mindful of safety and security issues at all times whether at home or in external areas. In reality, of course, safety and security are 24/7/365 points of focus. We all want this to be a happy and joyous time, so here are some tips that will help make that happen. 

o Keep all residence doors and windows secured from outside entrance when no one is home.
o Be sure to keep all vehicles locked with windows rolled up at all times, even here in Deercreek.
o Make sure no valuables of any type are visible through the vehicle windows.
o If outside your vehicle always be aware of your surroundings, including other vehicles, people near you and lighting, if at night. Anyone, male or female, can be vulnerable to an assault.

With the Holiday Seasons come gatherings of all types. Please be sure to enter guest names in the entry system BEFORE your event. Entering them 24 hours in advance is good idea. Entering the name five minutes before the start of the event can result in a delayed entry for the guest if the system is slow in updating the name.  

A couple of other things that are safety-related:  
o If walking on the road, and you are encouraged not to, please walk facing the traffic and wear brightly colored clothes, especially at night so that you can be seen. Fluorescent colors are best or even white. DO NOT wear black or dark clothing after dark. This is for your own safety. 
o A complete audit of all bar codes will be done in early 2022 to get an accurate record of vehicle type, color, car tags and bar code tag. This information is for use in case of an accident or incident regarding a resident’s vehicle. Eventually, barcodes will be deactivated until residents comply with having their vehicle checked. Residents can beat the rush by stopping by the guardhouse Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM to get the vehicle and bar code processed. It takes approximately five minutes to do that.  

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