Access Control Committee

Jul 26, 2022

School is Starting

That means school busses driving through Deercreek and students being at various locations. If parking for a student to ride or get off a bus, please be courteous to other drivers in not blocking their driving or access and do not park within 50 feet of a stop sign.

Bar Code Validation

The bar code validation project is winding down, and here are the results:
• In Deercreek, 454 homes’ bar codes are completely validated, and 233 homes still have non-validated bar codes that have been deactivated
• In Edgewater, 48 homes’ barcodes are completely validated, and 23 homes still have non-validated bar codes that have been deactivated
• A total of 2,207 bar codes have been validated with a 3-year expiration period
• A total of 338 (15%) bar codes were found to be illegal: 231 with incorrect license plates, 68 incorrect car information, and 39 barcodes placed illegally from one vehicle to another.

Many thanks to the all those who responded responsibly and got their bar codes validated.

It’s in residents’ best interests to have accurate vehicle information on file in the gate system in case there is an incident involving vehicles. So, please notify the gate anytime license tags are changed or another vehicle is purchased or leased. Remember bar codes cannot be removed and placed on another vehicle. When identified, they will be permanently deactivated. Bring the old barcode to the guard gate, and purchase a new bar code for $15.

Valid Driver’s License

A rule to remember: no matter who they are, or who they are driving for, all guests entering Deercreek must have a valid driver’s license or they will not be allowed to enter. Passports are not acceptable. We’ve had two recent incidents where an Amazon driver and an Uber driver tried to enter Deercreek, neither had a driver’s license, and both were denied. And, by the way, driving without a valid driver’s license is also illegal in the state of Florida.

Pet Registration

Do you have a dog or cat? If so, please register your pet(s) in the guard gate system, and be sure to always have a collar with the owner’s contact information on it as well as chip information if one has been implanted. The guard gate system also has provisions for pictures of pets, so they can be readily identified.

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