Access Control Committee August 2021

Jul 25, 2021

Summer is nearing an end which means school will soon be starting. Be watchful for students and school buses, and if dropping off or picking up a student, please do not park obstructing traffic, within 50 feet of a stop sign, or on another resident’s property.

Questions arise from time to time about the use of a foreign passport as a substitute for a regular driver’s license. They are not acceptable. A foreign passport only indicates the citizenship of the individual, not whether he or she can safely operate a vehicle. Individuals without valid driver’s licenses cannot drive in Deercreek, plus if they are driving at all, they are breaking Florida Law. A valid international driver’s license is acceptable.

Residents from time to time have projects that require dumpsters. Deercreek has a 72-hour rule for PODS which is also applied to dumpsters. If more time is needed for a dumpster, the ARB committee and/or the Property Manager must be contacted to gain approval for the additional time. In many cases, the ARB should be contacted prior to beginning a project anyway. If a dumpster or any heavy objects such as bricks are used, they must not be placed on any of the roads in Deercreek, but rather in the resident’s yard or driveway. There are no exceptions to that rule, and residents will be cited for violations.

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