From the Access Control Committee

Apr 1, 2024

Several things to remember as the warmer weather begins:


  • Vendors cannot go door to door soliciting additional work in Deercreek with cards and flyers, etc. even though the vendors are currently working in Deercreek. Failure to comply with the non-solicitation rule can result in a vendor not being allowed to work in Deercreek at all.
  • All vendor projects with trucks and/or trailers must have safety cones placed as long as the item is on a Deercreek road. All materials placed in Deercreek roads must also be coned for safety purposes.
  • When walking at night, wear colors, and always walk facing the traffic night or day, especially if wearing ear buds.
  • Review the gate visitor list and remove names no longer needed. The fewer the names the faster the guards can identify guests for admittance.
  • As residences sell and new owners move in, all the bar codes associated with the previous owners are deactivated unless the previous owners maintain their club membership.
  • Anyone driving in Deercreek in the visitor lane must have a valid driver’s license. No exceptions. This rule protects the DCCOA in case of an incident with bodily or property damage.
  • Aggressive behavior or verbal abuse of the guards by either residents or visitors or residents. Penalties can include deactivation of barcodes, a monetary fine or barring entrance into the community for visitors.
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