Access Committee Jan 2022

Jan 1, 2022

While the Holiday Season is passed, Safety in Deercreek never takes a vacation. It’s still 24/7/365.
• No unlicensed drivers on ANY type of motorized vehicle on the roads of Deercreek.
• Keep all residence doors and windows secured from the outside entrance when no one is home.
• Be sure to keep all vehicles locked with windows rolled up at all times, even here in Deercreek.
• Make sure no valuables of any type are visible through the vehicle windows.
• If outside your vehicle always be aware of your surroundings, including other vehicles, people near you and lighting, if at night. Anyone, male or female, can be vulnerable to an assault.
• Walk or run in the Deercreek roads facing the traffic, wearing light-colored clothing, especially at night. Better still, use the sidewalks. A great deal of time and expense have been used to make them smoother and safer.

Please be sure to continue to enter guest names in the entry system BEFORE your event. Entering them 24 hours in advance is a good idea. Entering the name five minutes before the start of the event can result in a delayed entry for the guest if the system is slow in updating the name.

Several dogs have gotten loose recently which is not allowed in Deercreek and can result in the owners being cited. Please be sure all dogs have collars with some type of owner identification, names or phone numbers at a minimum as the guards will try to find the owners. If the owner cannot be identified and located Animal Control will be contacted.

Residents who are going to be away from their homes for a period of time can complete a form at the guardhouse, and the guards will check on the residence periodically to make sure everything is OK.

Expect to see a greater JSO presence in Deercreek in 2022.

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