A new Home & Garden Club year

Jun 22, 2020

Welcome to a new Home & Garden Club year!!

Unfortunately the last year was abruptly cut short, and we missed out on our annual Fashion Show, which many had spent much time & effort on, as well as an eagerly anticipated outing and our end of year lunch. However, August sees the start of a new year of the Home and Garden Club, so we look forward and hope that 2020-2021 is very different to the year we have just been through!

Our membership drive will be starting in July, and all previous year’s members will be receiving a letter from our President, Shelly Bingham, encouraging us all to join for yet another year of fun, whilst raising funds to benefit our community. If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining our group, then please pass on our information to them – the more, the merrier! We are all excited about the coming year’s program, with a variety of new events, including a few in the evening to enable those who cannot attend during the day to become part of our wonderful group.

We also wanted to introduce you to the Board members, which many of you will notice includes a few new names. We welcome them, and look forward to working together for another successful year:


President: Shelly Bingham
Vice-President: Kathy Kleppinger
Secretary: Jill Cole
Treasurer: Julia Watkins


Standing Committees:

1. Appreciation Lunch Chair: Debi Gifford & Marcia Rose
2. Communications Chair: Cynthia Bollini
3. Golden Acorn Award Chair: Barbara Denman
4. Landscaping Chair: Lorraine Clancy
5. Historian Chair: Nancy Jantz & Pam Overbay
6. Hospitality Chair: Kathy Kleppinger & Christine Middlebrook
7. Deercreek Views Chair: Suzanne Marks & Carney Kirtley
8. Membership Chair: Julie Howell
9. Nominating Chair: Kathy Kleppinger
10. Program Chair: Brenda Edwards
11. Sunshine Chair: Joyce Hunt
12.Fashion Show Chair: Cary Flynn
13. Door Prizes: Linda Robinson
14. Special Projects: Lorraine Clancy & Sandy Montgomery


Home & Garden Club

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