2021 Deercreek Survey Committee Responses

May 18, 2021

Thank you to all the residents who responded to the survey in late March. As our first step, recently, the Communications Committee provided a recap of responses for your information. The various committees have been tasked with reviewing those comments and focusing on initiatives that are steps to improvements. Many of the comments listed were repetitive as indicated below.

Although we indicated in the survey the clear lines of responsibility between the Homeowner’s Association and the Country Club there were many comments related to the Country Club. To reiterate, the HOA is responsible for common areas (roads, landscaping, lakes, playground area), access control (guardhouse, security, safety) within the community, and the Country Club is responsible for the clubhouse, pool, tennis center, and the golf course. The Country Club has received a copy of the survey.

Where we can interface with the Club and the HOA, we have started the dialogue to address those comments and create a more symbiotic relationship between the Club and the HOA. This will be an ongoing effort and we will keep you apprised of any changes.

As everyone knows the overall condition of the community impacts property values so the community must be updated and be in a well-maintained status. Residents are encouraged to join committees, be proactive and become more familiar with the community and be part of future solutions in maintaining a desirable community.


The Access Control Committee noted several comments about speeders, folks running stop signs, and people walking/running on the roads.

Each month the newsletter points out at least one of those areas and the safety risk it brings to the community. Additional issues are also highlighted in the newsletter about vehicle security and residence security.

• The Access Control Committee is in the process of reviewing new technology in addition to the roving guards to identify and fine speeders in Deercreek.

• Consideration is being given to registering private golf carts as the Club does because of complaints regarding running stop signs and being driven by unlicensed drivers.



The Common Property Committee noted many comments and has tried to recap below.

• Playground: While there is certainly more work to be done in the playground area some items have been replaced such as picnic tables, swing bench, bench seating adjacent to the basketball court. The old benches will be removed. For the fall, rubber mulch will be added and the fence around the playground will be repaired. This is funded through our reserve account and we have received two small grants from the city that help to offset some expenses. Consideration and funding will also be made in 2022 for playground equipment.

• Pickleball: We currently have pickleball lines painted on the basketball court. The entire basketball court was refurbished recently which included permanent pickleball lines as well as basketball lines. While this is not the optimum that we would like, the HOA is limited as the surrounding area is club property and the cost of a pickleball court is approximately $25,000. Consideration could be given to future funding and perhaps leasing the property from the club. This is under review as to its feasibility.

• Landscaping / Flowers: The community is thirty years old and with that comes aging in maintenance. Realizing that, more attention will be made to landscape replacements enhancing the look of all common areas. Annual plants at the front of the community are replaced 4 times a year. This takes a large portion of the landscape budget. As directed by Common Property shrubbery replacements will commence this year.

• Dog Park: A dog run/park is being looked at however an unknown as similar to a pickleball court requires space which the HOA does not have, however as indicated perhaps a shared effort with the club. This is being reviewed as a possible future initiative. Dog Waste stations are being added in the natural areas only, (one on Vineyard and two on Deercreek Club Rd). Maintenance for these will be provided by the HOA.

• Lakes: Our lakes are 30 years old receive runoff from the golf course and homeowner fertilizer and yard debris. Many of our lakes are very small and shallow which leads to even more algae growth and difficulty maintaining, especially during the hot summer months. We will be putting a lake status update in the newsletter every other month.



  • Pressure Washing will take place in late June, this will include guardhouse areas and the playground area.
  • Phase III of road paving will take place by the fall of this year.
  • Trash and Yard Waste service will continue to be monitored and information provided to the city regarding the poor service level that Deercreek receives.

Thank you to all the current committee volunteers who give their time and talent to maintain the standards of the community and thank you to all residents for your commitment to maintaining your properties to preserve Deercreek as one of the best communities in Jacksonville.

Feel free to reach out to any Board Member for questions.

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