The Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

We Say Goodbye 

Alan and Paula Silberberg

News and Updates

  • Sign Board Responsibility Change

    After four years on the job, as Signboard Lady, Margie Blake is turning over the keyboard to Jyothi Shroff who will assume responsibility of the electronic signboard and all its requests. Last month, Margie was named president of the HOA. So the Communications Committee reassigned her previous signboard duties to Jyothi who also serves on the Committee. Effective March 1, all sign requests should be directed to Jyothi Shroff at dccoasign@gmail.com

    Thanks to Margie for her years of service and congratulations to Jyothi for volunteering to take on this role. Both Margie and Jyothi are veteran residents of this community; we are blessed to have these ladies who have stepped up to the plate in their new roles this year.

  • Deercreek Home and Garden Club Fashion Show

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015 11 am – 2:30 pm

    Belle Fleur. Where does that take your imagination? Do you see the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris? Or the delightful flower shops on every street corner? Or fashionably dressed women strolling down the Champs Elysees?

    The Home and Garden Club Spring Fashion Show is coming soon and we are planning a lovely luncheon with new fashions from Dillard’s and flowers to remind you of springtime in Paris.

    This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we use the proceeds to help beautify the public areas of Deercreek. The tickets are $30 each and you can get as many as you want to invite all your friends, family, co-workers or anyone who needs to brighten their day. Cheryl C. Stokes is our ticket lady (Tel. 464-0814). You can also ask any of the Home and Garden Club members to get tickets for you. They would be happy to help. We will have a Silent Auction room filled with treasures! And we will raffle off a $150 Visa Gift Card plus the table centerpieces. Raffle tickets can be bought even if you can’t attend the luncheon, so that you can help support our efforts – and get a chance to win the BIG prize. Cheryl can tell you more about this.

    We hope to see you there. Our own Deercreek ladies are the models and they love seeing familiar faces in the crowd. This is always a great event and everyone leaves smiling. Come and join us.

    Deercreek Home and Garden Club where no one is a stranger for long.

  • March 2015

    It is that time of year for members of the Deercreek Literary Circle to choose books for Calendar year 2015 – 2016. The March 16 meeting will be hosted by Sue Akel with Rita Allen co-hosting.

  • Diaper Drive in April

    April 6 - 20

    Information for the Diaper Drive: larger size diapers (1-4 years) are needed first. We also need all sizes of the pull up type of diapers. They can be any brand, but must be unopened. If you do not have time to purchase the diapers, just drop off a money donation to Mary Stelbrink at 7917 McLaurin Road North. For more information, contact Mary at 363-2360.

    Thank you from all the little ones who will benefit from your generosity.

  • January 2015 Board Meeting

    January 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

  • Storm water drains

    Storm water drains are part of our Homeowners Association liabilities

    As could be noted in the picture, this drain is covered with pine needles/ debris. Unfortunately this debris gets into the drainage system, clogs the drain, often causing the drain to back up into the street when it rains. There are numerous drains around the community that look like this.

    Unfortunately when the drains are impacted, the Homeowners Association pays the bill for getting this fixed; it is not the city's responsibility. It is very costly for our community to eventually clean out the entire drains from years of debris build-up (from grass clippings, leaves, bottles etc). We have over ten miles of roads and accompanying drainage system. In addition, whatever goes into the drains ends up in the lakes - this includes Lawn maintenance / Yard service workers who blow grass clippings into the lake.

    With that in mind please help us; if there is a drain located on or near your home / property, please check that it is clear at all times. Don't let it build it up like the picture above. Please advise your Lawn maintenance / Yard service professionals not to blow grass clippings or leaves down the drains. This is your community, please take pride in ownership and help maintain the pristine look of the community.

  • The Bag Ladies

    Members of the DWA were in attendance to help the Bag Ladies last month. The Bag Ladies provide bags to children who are taken from their homes, often leaving in the night to be placed in safe care. When they reach their destination each child receives a bag to help ease their stay.
    The DWA also presented a check to the Bag Ladies in support of their program. Interested in hearing more contact Donna Bernard at dmbernard@yahoo.com.


  • Deercreek Yard Sale

    Want to get rid of your excess stuff?
    SAVE THE DATE - April 18
    Deercreek Yard Sale at the Watson / NEFAR Parking Lot
    Want to chair or co-chair this event?
    Want to rent a space?
    Want to volunteer, traffic control, or help at the Deercreek Women’s Alliance space?

    CLICK HERE for more information and how to sign up.

    Contact Carol D’Onofrio @ 519-0924


  • 2015 Annual Meeting Highlights

    Click Here for Meeting Highlights

    2014 DCCOA Operating Budget Annual Meeting - AgedPayables

    2014 DCCOA Operating Budget Annual Meeting - Cash Flow Resv Analysis

    2014 DCCOA Operating Budget Annual Meeting - Expense

    2014 DCCOA Operating Budget Annual Meeting - Income

  • Deercreek Dines

    By Patty Tomka

    February 24 @ 10 am at the Club
     ‘Deercreek Dines’
    Cooking Demonstration by Chef Shawn Meeks

    Since Chef Shawn came to Deercreek in May 2014, members have been saying that the meals are interesting and delicious. We asked him to come to the Home and Garden Club meeting and give us a demonstration of how he works his magic and talk about the dining options here. Chef Shawn Meeks has brought a spark to the Deercreek kitchen and we’re pleased with his ‘Eat Better, Eat Together’ philosophy where he focuses on the latest food trends like Farm to Fork and Gluten Free. He knows his way around a kitchen! He grew up in his family’s Italian Restaurant in upstate NY, washing dishes and helping cook on slow nights. After graduating at the top of his class from Connecticut Culinary Institute he did an internship at Amelia Island Plantation. He moved on to Executive Sous Chef and then to Executive Chef in two yacht clubs before coming to Deercreek. Club Corp has recognized his ability and he was chosen as one of their top 12 Chefs and spent a week in Napa Valley studying at the CIA Greystone Campus – and sampling the wines, I’m guessing.

    He will be making an ‘Apple Tartin’ for us and we’ll be able to sample it right then. So plan to attend this meeting and then stay for lunch to try out the other things on his menu. You can order before the meeting and it will be ready afterwards.

     Home and Garden Club where no one is a stranger for long.


  • Environmental Considerations

    By Martha Jaramillo
    Deercreek is built around a 285-acre wildlife and wetlands preserve. The Architectural Review Board considers the natural beauty of our area when reviewing landscaping, both hard and soft changes. One of the most important aspects of a community is its tree canopy. Trees provide shade, which cools the immediate microclimate, provides habitat for wildlife, and improves property values. The ARB is responsible for maintaining our tree canopy. Perpetual replacement of new hardwoods is necessary in order to compensate for the natural life span of existing trees. ARB policies require every property to have a minimum number of trees. When circumstances require healthy, unhealthy or dead trees to be removed, mitigation by planting replacement trees is generally required.

    Additionally, many of the areas in our community border conservation easements which are set up to ensure a healthy environment for future generations. A conservation easement is a perpetual, undivided interest in property designed to conserve open space, to protect environmentally sensitive lands, and to promote wildlife habitats along with other considerations. Generally, mowing or trimming vegetation, removing dead trees, adding material such as grass clippings or dead plant material into the conservation easements and marshes is not permitted, and is subject to enforcement action by the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

    The ARB is currently considering revisions to update the landscaping requirements for our community. These revisions may incorporate more “Florida-Friendly Landscape” guidelines, clarification of minimum landscape requirements, and may provide clearer guidance for homeowners who are dealing with landscape renovations and tree removals. Suggestions from members of the community are welcome and may be submitted by email to: martha@mayresort.com Once the guidelines are updated and approved by the Board of Directors, they will become effective. The ARB looks forward to working together with residents in an effort to enhance the beauty of our community. If you have questions regarding ARB, please call Martha at (904) 273-9832 ext. 131


  • Shamrock Scramble - March 15th

    We now have out registration form for our Shamrock Scramble on March 15th.    Click here to download the form.

    We also have a sponsor letter ready to solicit hole sponsorships, donations and prizes.    Click here to download the letter.


  • February 2015

    And the Mountains Echoed

    On February 16, the Deercreek Literary Club will meet to discuss, And the Moutains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. Patricia Gross will host February’s meeting.

    Khaled Hosseini, the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of The Kite Runner has written a new novel about how we love and how often the choices we make follow generations.

    Hosseini explores the many ways in which families nurture, wound, betray, honor, and sacrifice for one another and how often we are surprised by those actions when it most matters.


  • Deercreek Ambassadors Team Is Up & Running!

    Six ladies graciously volunteered to be our first set of Ambassadors that will welcome new residents effective January 2015. We believe that a personalized approach to welcoming new residents will go a long way in giving them a sense of belonging as well as growing a fully engaged community of residents.

    The Volunteers are: Elizabeth Curtin, Terri Hartin, Monica Heseman, Brenda Shirkey, Vandana Srinvas, and Paige Yauger. Thank you ladies for stepping up when needed.


  • Access Control: Pedestrian & Bike Safety

    By Tommy Walter
    The safety of the DCC residents and guests is the number one priority of the Access Control Committee. Yet we continue to see vehicles ignoring stop signs (yes, golf carts are motorized vehicles which are supposed to stop at stop signs, too), speeding, people walking in the streets with their backs to traffic wearing dark clothing, and bicyclists riding side-by-side impeding vehicle traffic.

    As the weather gets warmer more and more people will be walking jogging, cycling, etc. For your own safety and the safety of others, please do the following:
    • Walk and run only on sidewalks where possible. The sidewalks have been repaired, but if you see an area that is unsafe, please report it to the guard gate.
    • If you MUST walk or run in the street, please do it facing traffic and wear brightly colored clothes regardless of the time of day or night.
    • If you are bicycling, please ride with the traffic and single file. DCC roads are not wide enough for side-by-side riding.
    • Golf carts can be a major safety hazard in that, the drivers rarely stop at stop signs and can impede traffic. If you own and/or drive a golf cart, please be courteous and safe. Obey the rules other vehicles obey.

    We all want a safe 2015. Doing these simple things will help that be a reality.

  • Real Estate News

    By B. J. Weyer, Watson Realty Corp. REALTORS®
    Real estate activity in Deercreek from January 1-December 31, 2014 totaled 34 homes sold and closed, according to the NEFAR MLS as of 1/7/15.
    The average price of all homes sold in Deercreek in 2014 was $133.21 per square foot. However, foreclosures affected the average price. Five of the homes sold were foreclosures, and the average price of the foreclosures was only $118.47 per square foot. The average price of seller owned homes rises to an average of $135.75 without the foreclosures included.

    Activity over the last three months has remained steady. Currently, there are two homes under contract waiting to close, plus nine homes actively on the market in Deercreek. The list price of the homes on the market ranges from $399,000 - $998,500, with an average price of $629,378.

    Eleven homes sold and closed in Deercreek over the three-month period ending 1/7/2015 with prices ranging from $330,000 to a high of $500,000, with an average square foot price of $133.59 and a high of $168.03. The homes sold during the current three-month period were on the market an average of 45 days, with a high of 186 days.
    Before you know it, the spring home selling season will be here. Home inventory on the market is low in Deercreek, interest rates are still low, and this location is convenient to so much that it should be another good year for sellers and buyers in Deercreek,

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