The Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

Welcome New Residents 

Stephen & Sterling Milkey

Patricia Sterling Milkey

Guy Wallenbeck

Jon & Jamie Karpman

Trig (Trygve) & Kathy Kleppinger

Tom & Barbara Rothenbuehler

Gjeto (Jim) & Maria Gojcaj

We Say Goodbye 

Franz & Gayle Fremont

John & Shannon Pearce

Mark & Angela Deemer

Dr. Jeff & Terri Shearer

News and Updates

  • 2018 Budget – Quarterly Assessment Increase

    NOTICE TO MEMBERS - 2018 Budget Planning and Assessment Information

    2018 Budget – Quarterly Assessment Increase

    Special Assessment – Guard House Reconstruction

    On Thursday, November 16th at 7 PM, the DCCOA Board of Directors will hold its November 2017 Meeting at the Deercreek Clubhouse. On the Board’s Meeting Agenda for review and passage that evening will be the Association’s 2018 Operating Budget. The current Operating Assessment of $330.00 per quarter was approved by the Board in 2015 and the Board has worked diligently to manage the Association’s costs and expenses over the past 3 years. However, service contract costs continue to increase, and with the Deercreek Community now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Board is also having to address increasing costs in the management of Common Area tree trimming and removal, sidewalk repair and maintenance, and several of the community’s lakes are presently in need of storm water management improvement features in an effort to minimize the flooding of streets during heavy rain events. Accordingly, in addition to approving the 2018 Operating Budget, the Board will also be considering and voting upon a Finance Committee motion recommending an increase in the Operating Assessment from $330.00 per quarter to $360.00 per quarter effective January 1, 2018.

    The Board has also been reviewing prospective Guard House improvement programs throughout 2017. The Architectural Committee and the Access Control Committee have spent countless hours studying various building construction strategies and design scenarios with the intended desire of enhancing the appearance and presentation of one of our more important community features that is now 30-years old and in much need of repair. After completing several concept drawings and a preliminary budget analysis for each plan, the Board has tentatively selected a Guard House design that remains in keeping with the standards of the Deercreek Community and one which will provide several decades of efficient use. The preliminary budget for reconstruction of the Guard House is $145,000 and will require a Special Assessment to fund. Accordingly, the Board will be considering and voting upon a motion recommending a one-time Special Assessment of $175.00 per Deercreek Member with the balance of the funding needed to complete reconstruction of the Guard House to be paid from the Capital Reserve Account from monies ($20,000) that were originally approved for renovation of the Guard House in 2017 but will now be applied toward reconstruction of the facility. If this Special Assessment is approved by the Board, the Special Assessment will be due and payable on February 1, 2018 and delinquent on May 1, 2018 in the event the Special Assessment remains unpaid as of that date.

    As a Member of the Deercreek Community, your attendance at the Board’s November 16, 2017 Meeting is encouraged and welcomed.

  • Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - September 2017

    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday, September 28th, 2017 at 7pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.

    A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Bob Kichler, Sadia Sindhu, Pete Gentry, Kristen Wiley, John Joyce, Paige Frakes and Jim Giancola.

    Representing CMC of Jacksonville, Jim Giancola & Jennifer Presson.

    17 residents were in attendance.

    Bill Smith, resident on Bay Tree, is an Engineer and spoke of Hurricane Irma being a unique rain event. Spoke of 2013 agreement with board to have culvert cleaned, have had no problems until this past June. When issues arose, Associa had no knowledge of this agreement. Smith would like new management company's contract to include specifics about the cleaning of the culvert between 24A-24B every two years, and email notifications sent to residents of Bay Tree about such cleaning.

    Jim Giancola responded to residents in attendance about the continuing flooding issues on Bay Tree. Storm water pipes are working, even though a little clogged, there is a larger problem with design when it comes to large storms. Water from adjacent property was flowing onto Deercreek property during Hurricane Irma.

    Steve Milkey spoke of the need for common property committee to have a survey of Deercreek, to delineate the lines between common property and club property.

    Pervin Shah spoke of issues with security guards instructing roofers to stop working for noise. Board indicated that if project is approved and is happening during approved hours, it is not protocol for a guard to ask that work be stopped. Bob Kichler will follow up with Access Control to address this item.

    Property Manager's Report:
    Jim Giancola indicated the Charles Aquatics contract is cancelled. A proposed contract is being sent to finance from Aquatic Systems which has several hundred dollars a month increase and $7,174 up-front cost for shock treatment. Joyce suggested the board approve contract in Lieu of finance review. Board approved unanimously.

    Guard House Project:
    Kristen Wiley presented detailed architectural plan for improving the guardhouse. Estimate is not to exceed $145,000.00 and timeline of less than 12 weeks. Motion for board approval of construction plan approved, John Joyce abstained. Estimated one-time assessment per household to cover this project is less than $200. Joyce indicated homeowners will have option to either to pay in lump sum or include in 2018 quarterly assessment. Joyce further stated a $10 per quarter increase in assessment is needed in 2018 to cover additional operational expenses and would be a permanent increase.

    Finance Report :
    Joyce indicated income is slightly ahead of expenses. Reserves 1,358,507.50, on par ahead of next year’s roads project.

    Charles Aquatics referred to council.

    Access Control:
    Guard House Hurricane plan put in place after Hurricane Matthew worked well. It was recommended moving forward that each committee have a business and disaster recovery plan in place.

    There are several reports of guard abuse by residents.

    JSO officer 3-month project has been largely positive, 2 months in. Committee will recommend whether this should continue. Committee is considering new security proposals.

    Architectural Review Board (ARB):
    Skip Yauger noted there are an unusually low number of projects coming in and what is submitted is often missing important information. Discussions occurred about whether residents aren't seeking approval. Would like to streamline deposit returns.

    Communications committee was asked to send e-mail to residents indicating Erin Hires as the new contact at Marsh Landing for all ARB related issues.

    Covenant Enforcement: 
    Sadia Sidhu reported that two residents came in person for an appeal.

    Common Property:
    Motion to add Steve Milkey to common property membership approved. Motion to approve $11,500 landscaping improvements on Ashford Crossing was moved and approved.

    Signage company indicated delivery date to its warehouse for new monitor is September 30th. Board agrees to give Larry Griggs an October 10 deadline, then the issue will be referred to council.

    Pete Gentry reported that the meetings are very informative and open to the public.

    New Business:
    Connors landscaping will enter into negotiations with Common Property for a new contract. Motion approved.

    Open payables approved, this will be moved to Marsh Landing Properties.

    Jim Giancola's resignation from Deercreek Board was approved. This position will remain vacant until 2018 elections.


    The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for October 26, 2017, 7:00P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.

  • Barcode Fees

    Resident Barcodes: 
    The DCCOA has instituted the following resident barcode fees:
    Issuance of a new barcode: $20.00
    Issuance of a replacement barcode: $10.00
    Issuance of a handheld barcode: $40.00 (Use restricted, penalty for misuse)
    Replacement of a handheld barcode: $20.00 (Renewable every six months)

    Loaned handheld barcodes:
    Any handheld barcodes that are loaned to unauthorized persons will be canceled for seven days and the original holder will be charged $100 to reinstate the barcode.

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    Field Trip to San Sebastian Winery

    Did you know we have a winery in St. Augustine? And that they give free tours and tastings? Well, come along on our Field Trip and learn about the art of winemaking. If you are wondering where the vineyards are, I found this: “Our 75-acre vineyard, known as Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards, is located in Clermont, Fla. Additionally we own 450 acres in Florida's panhandle in Prosperity and contract with several growers throughout the Southeast with approximately 200 acres under contract. We grow native varieties of the red Noble and bronze Carlos and Welder Muscadines." Our group will tour the 18,000 square foot wine production facility, see the 5,000 gallon stainless steel tanks where the wine is fermented and then visit the rustic Barrel Room, where the Port is aged.

    Then comes the best part – The Tasting Room. Do you know the five S’s of wine tasting? I don’t either! But you will by the time you are done!

    There is a wine shop where you can buy your favorite wines, glassware, gourmet food items, gift baskets and accessories. I’m thinking this would cross off many items on your Christmas List!

    Sharon Coleman has arranged to rent a bus for the day. The cost is $25 each and you will need to pay to hold your reservation, since the bus only holds 31. These ladies will meet at the Pool Parking Lot at 10 am. Call 253-3048 or sharoncoleman268@comcast.com

    If you miss the cut-off or want to drive over by yourself, you can catch up with them by 11:00 am at 157 King Street, St Augustine. Bring your ID because you will be carded!

    There will be no regular meeting at the Club this month, just the Field Trip.

    Save the Date: Tuesday, December 5 Our Christmas Open House will be at Phyllis Basford’s house this year. 7930 Bishop Lake Rd N. Come and go from 3pm to 6 pm.

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    Literary Circle - The Spy by Paulo Coehlo

    In November, the Deercreek Book Club is reading an interesting book called, The Spy by Paulo Coelho. This is a novel about Mata Hari and is based on real events.

    When Mata Hari arrived in Paris she was penniless. Within months, she was the most celebrated woman in the city.

    As a dancer, she shocked and delighted audiences, as a courtesan, she bewitched the era's richest and most powerful men. But as paranoia consumed a country at war, Mata Hari's lifestyle brought her under suspicion. In 1917, she was arrested in her hotel room on the Champs-Elysees and accused of espionage. Told in her voice through her final letter, The Spy is the

    unforgettable story of a woman who dared to defy convention and paid the ultimate price.

    We will be discussing this book the 3rd week in November. The exact date and location are yet to be determined. If you are interested in attending

    please contact Mary Louise Selzer, at MLSelzer@comcast.net or 363-1618.

  • The DWA Ciao Bella Fashion Show

    On Thursday, November 16, the DWA will proudly present its 16th annual fashion show. Stunning fall and holiday season fashions from Dillard’s will be strutted on the runway by Deercreek residents. The hair styling for the models will be provided by Heads Up Salon’s Sarah Keene. Dior of Dillard’s cosmetologists will put on the finishing touches.

    This enchanted evening will begin with a social hour starting at 5:30. In honor of the fashion show, the bar will have a special ”Ciao Bella” cocktail available. Dinner will be served at 6:30. Dinner will be a tasty three-course meal followed by a parade of beautiful fashions. To add to the excitement of the evening, the DWA will be raffling off several fabulous prizes with a value of $50 or more. It’s not too late to purchase your ticket for $35, which covers the dinner and a contribution to the DWA to help support various local charities. To purchase tickets, call Donna Bernard at 464-0910 or send a check to her at 9907 Vineyard Lake Lane.

    Thanks to Our Generous Deercreek Community 

    The DWA Board wants to applaud our DCC community for the amazing support of our charity drives. The Books-A-Go GO Drive in August was outstanding, thanks to donations of 406 new and gently used books for children from low income families. These books are given to Title 1 school teachers at the Duval County Teacher Supply Depot. The books are then given to their students to take home so that they can have books of their own. Thank you, DCC, for your generous donations that will make an impact on the lives of those children.

    The September Jacksonville Humane Society Drive came just in time to help the JHS with the care of rescue animals after Irma’s visit. The DWA (and the puppies and kitties) just can’t thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts for your generous donations to The Jacksonville Humane Society! We collected over 400 pounds of dog and cat food, many blankets and towels, treats and other miscellaneous supplies for the shelter. They were overwhelmed with joy when Jill Cole brought these items to them.

    There were a lot of grins & giggles the week before Halloween as the children staying at Ronald McDonald House sifted through the mound of costumes donated by our DWA to help transform them into ghosts, goblins, superheroes & princesses for the day! Thanks to all who contributed to this effort! It is truly a blessing to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies who do so much for our community.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Thanksgiving and other holidays are quickly approaching. As usual, pre-registering your guests will expedite their entrance into Deercreek for parties, dinners, etc. This time of year also sees an increase in car burglaries here and in parking lots, especially if there are visible presents / gift items inside the cars. So, be wise. Keep all vehicles locked always and valuables in those vehicles must stay concealed from view at all times. Keep residence doors closed and locked always. Notify the guardhouse or JSO of any observed suspicious behavior.

    Why JSO Patrols Deercreek
    By Jeanne Harlan

    Deercreek security patrols our neighborhood and has the authority to issue citations for various violations. The sole purpose of this is safety considerations, not to generate revenue. Unfortunately, our security personnel are limited in their ability to enforce safety measures with non-residents. To enhance our focus on safety for the community, the utilization of JSO is deemed to be a necessity.

    Benefits from using city police to patrol our community:
    1. Vendors and visitors can only be warned and cannot be ticketed for speeding or failure to stop at stop signs, by our internal neighborhood security. This has proven not to be an effective deterrent.
    2. We are a restricted access community, but there are ways for unwanted people to enter our community. With police patrolling at different times, word gets out and intruders are less likely to attempt.
    3. Members of our community should not be concerned about JSO ticketing, provided they abide by the posted speed limit.
    4. Our community walkers and bike riders have repeatedly not heeded warnings to walk on sidewalk which is the law. Therefore, an occasional reminder from city police may prevent accidents waiting to happen.

  • The Communications Committee needs VOLUNTEERS!!

    Your Deercreek Homeowners’ Association needs volunteers as follows:

    1. Editor: to assist with coordinating incoming articles, proofreading and editing monthly. This person will become a member of the Communications Committee which is responsible for all email blasts, the monthly newsletter, the website, electronic signboard, annual resident directory, the HOA mailbox, the Ambassador program, and other communication matters.

    Sounds like something you'd love to be a part of? Consider volunteering for a few months to test it out before committing for the long haul. We invite you to join the Communications team that tackles these vital roles in our community. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and make new friends. Will you join us? Send an email to dccliving@gmail.com or call Kristen Wiley at 904.271.0666

    2. Deercreek Ambassadors:

    We need volunteers for the 'Deercreek Ambassadors Team’. This team has the fun task of visiting and welcoming new residents into the community. What a way to meet people and make friends! The Ambassadors provide new residents with vital information such as what fun groups and social activities are available in our community [like the Home and Garden Club, Women's Alliance, Literary Circle, Maj Jong, Bunco, Bridge, Ladies Golf, Ladies Tennis Associations etc], who to contact for certain issues and some basic resident rules & regulations to make their transition smooth.

    A personalized approach to welcoming new residents goes a long way in giving them a sense of belonging; it also helps us grow a fully engaged community of residents.

    We are looking for Volunteers to build this team and help develop Deercreek into an even more vibrant and friendly community. Would you like to join us? Please send an e-mail to deercreekccoa@gmail.com or call Kristen Wiley at 904.271.0666. Can't wait to hear from you!

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    Concrete Planters

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