The Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

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News and Updates

  • Volunteers Wanted!

    Your community needs you to talk!

    We need you to write! We need you to communicate with your neighbors!

    Our Deercreek Homeowners Association needs a volunteer to Chair the Communications Committee. This committee is responsible for email blasts, the monthly newsletter, the website, annual resident directory updates, the HOA mailbox, the ambassador program, and other communication matters.

    Does this sound like something you can handle? Wait! Keep reading! Don’t say NO just yet. Volunteer for 2016 to be a part of the Communications Team that tackles this vital role in our community. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and make new  friends too.

    The best residents are those that volunteer to make Deercreek stronger and better informed each day! Will you join us?

  • December 2015


    The Christmas Pearl

    The December gathering for the Literary Circle is a festive cookie exchange at 10:00am on Dec 21 at the home Cary Flynn.

    We will discuss The Christmas Pearl by Dorothy Benton Frank. In December the book club enjoys reading  a Christmas story, this year we have a good-hearted fable with Southern wit and charm, full of love and warmth.
    Theodora has lived long enough to see her family grow into an insufferable bunch. Having finally gathered the whole bickering brood together for the holidays in her South Carolina home, the extravagant matriarch pines wistfully for those extravagant, homey Christmases of her childhood. She misses the tables groaning with home-made goodies, the over-the-top decorations, those long, lovely fireside chats with Pearl, her grandmother’s beloved housekeeper. These days where is the love and the joy?

    BUT this is, after all, a magical time. Someone very special has heard Theodora’s plea and is about to arrive at the door with pockets full of magic and enough common sense to transform Christmas into the miracle it’s truly meant to be.

  • Carols by Candlelight Concert

    Sunday, December 13 and Monday, December 14 at 7 pm
    Deermeadows Baptist Church, 9780 Baymeadows Rd

    Nine of your neighbors have been working since September on one of the area’s best Christmas events – and you are invited!  For many of you, attending the Carols by Candlelight Concert has become part of your holiday ritual, regardless of which church you attend.  But did you know that some of your Deercreek neighbors are involved in that concert? Look for Mandi Landau at stage left where she handles percussion, chimes, gong and a keyboard that can insert the sound of any kind of instrument– like a harp or mandolin! John Tomka plays the Baritone Horn, Roy Douglas is at the Drum Set and Suzzi Douglas plays French Horn. In the Choir, look for Tommy Walter in the Bass section while Beverly and Elizabeth Denning, Jan Walter and Patty Tomka are all Altos at stage right. The music brings out the real Christmas spirit in all ages – from the Children’s Choir to the Jingle Bells Medley to Ave Maria.

    Admission is free! The doors open to the public at 6:30 for the 7:00 pm concert. Look for the tall white steeple on Baymeadows Rd – next door to Holy Family Catholic Church. Call 642-2200 with questions.

    This is your chance to sing carols with a 115-voice choir backed up by a 40-piece orchestra!  The music fills the church and the heavens echo. Come and be a part of this amazing feeling!

  • Holiday Open House 2015

    Tuesday, December 8, 3-6pm 

    Vicki Khan will be hosting our Holiday Open House this year and it will be gorgeous! Come and go any time between 3 and 6 pm for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and some sweet treats. No program, no agenda, no door prizes – we just get together to enjoy the season and each other. 10148 Deercreek Club Rd - the newly painted gray house next to the Nature Area.

    Our next event isn’t until January 19, but you need to start organizing now. Game Day has been a big favorite and we’re doing it again as a fun fundraiser. You gather your group of 4 and send in the completed form to Linda George at 7864 Heather Lake Ct East, along with $25 per person to reserve your space. This includes snacks and lunch at the Club. We will play from 10:30 am until lunch and then again until 3:30 pm. Look for the Game Day Form in the Deercreek CC Living newsletter and get it back to her as soon as you know what you plan to play.

    The deadline is January 12. For questions:  363-2011. She also needs members to bring in desserts for all the hungry gamers!

  • From the Access Control Committee

    The Holiday Season is celebrated with parties and family gatherings. Please be sure to enter guests’ names in the gate access system BEFORE your party in order to expedite their entry.

    Some children get gifts of motorized electric cars or scooters during the holidays. Be aware that these are considered motorized vehicles and must be operated on Deercreek streets ONLY by licensed drivers. The key concern is safety, and motorized scooters are especially dangerous, several near misses between vehicles and the scooters have been reported.
    Electric cars should be driven only on sidewalks and not on golf cart paths. They should never be driven on the streets and an adult must accompany the children at all times.

    Some other reminders:

    • The bar code reader works best when vehicles are driven close by it, and most important, SLOWLY. Bar codes can also become coated with pollen and dust, which could render them unreadable. Removing the dust or pollen with a soft cloth can help in this situation.
    • Please note, only one vehicle can pass through the gate for each bar code read.
    • The new turn lanes from Southside Blvd. onto Deercreek Club Road should be open now. Please be courteous and watchful as you take this turn.

  • October 2015 Newsletter

    CLICK HERE to check out Board Meeting Highlights from October 2015

  • ARB Information

    We all share the responsibility to protect our property values, maintain the aesthetics of our neighborhood, and ensure compliance with our community documents. The ARB would like to remind everyone that all exterior changes to your home (including landscape changes) must be submitted for approval prior to work commencing. Please refer to the Policy Positions and the Submittal Requirements published under the ARB section of our website www.deercreekcc.com.


    The last meeting of the year is scheduled for Thursday, December 10, 2015. The deadline (last opportunity) to submit complete applications to MAY Management’s offices at 240 Canal Boulevard, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, will be noon of Thursday December 3rd. Plan ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to submit, that way if anything is missing you will have the time to correct it.

    Should you have any questions, please contact Martha at (904) 273-9832 ext. 430.

  • Who's Who?

    In case you are wondering, “who belongs to whom and what belongs to who?” Here it is!!

    Although everything in Deercreek appears to be under one umbrella that really isn’t the case! Despite the fact that the two main entities work in harmony, the Homeowners Association and the Country Club are two separate organizations as described below.

    All residents/property owners of Deercreek make up the Home Owners Association (HOA). Common areas such as the guard gate, lakes, roads, playground, basketball court and play field fall under the auspices of the Homeowner’s Association. Questions relating to the HOA should be directed to the Property Manager or may be directed to any Board Member listed in the newsletter or on the website — www.deercreekcc.com

    The Country Club has responsibility for the clubhouse, golf course, tennis, and pool properties. Country club privileges for these facilities and amenities are through paid membership. The Country Club welcomes all residents to join the club as either social or golf members. Membership questions may be directed to Kendahl Nix, the Membership Director or to Nicola Fulford, the General Manager. They may be reached at 904-363-1604.

    Though the HOA uses the clubhouse for Board and Committee meetings, it is simply by the cooperation and generosity of the Country Club that we are afforded this free hospitality. Please remember that Board and Committee members and Residents are guests of the club. We do not want to put this privilege in jeopardy through inappropriate behavior.

  • Deercreek Home and Garden Club

    By Patty Tomka

    November 18 - 1:30 PM 

    Field Trip to Sweet Pete's

    Because Thanksgiving is that same week, we won’t be having a regular meeting in November. BUT, we have a fabulous Field Trip planned instead. We’re going downtown to Sweet Pete’s for a Truffle Making class. It starts at 1:30 pm and we will bring home ½ lb. of our own handmade truffles! The cost is $23.54, payable in advance to Karen Rutland. Reservations need to be in by Nov 9, call (904) 219-4135. If you want to go for lunch at the Candy Apple Café before the class let her know. We will set up carpools for both times.

    You’ll want to put the Christmas Open House on your calendar so you won’t miss it. Tuesday, December 8. Vicki Khan is hosting this year. You can come and go between 3 pm and 6 pm, enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres – and each other’s company.

    Have you checked out our online page? We have photo albums from each of the meetings plus information about the schedules and officers. Take a minute and look it over. http://www.deercreekcc.com/garden-club. Nancy Jantz keeps our beautiful hard copy scrapbooks and brings them to the meetings. These are even better than the online photos!

    Deercreek Home and Garden Club, where no one is a stranger for long.

  • DWA Fashion Show at the Club!

    On Nov 12 2015, this is just the place to be!
    DWA Annual Fashion Show at the Club!
    It is always a sellout event.


    We plan a fabulous dinner, along with great fashions by Belk. This is one of the biggest fundraiser events for the DWA.
    Need tickets? Want to reserve a table of ten? Donna Bernard will coordinate all your reservations. Contact Donna at 464-0910.
    Raffles and Raffles galore with retail values of the raffle prizes no less than $50. There is something for everyone that you would love to win. Only Cash or check is accepted to purchase raffle tickets that night.

  • Driving in or out? A pleasure to behold!

    Next time you drive in or out of Deercreek, please look at the beautiful new Grecian Urn in front of the gatehouse. What a lovely new addition to our entrance. Special thanks to Charlotte Johnson for suggesting and supporting the purchase of this lovely urn through the Home and Garden Club; and to Lorraine Clancy who worked along with Charlotte in planting attractive plants and flowers to enhance the median in front of our gatehouse. Thanks for your support to Deercreek Home and Garden Club ­— without your participation we would not be able to do these beautiful projects.

    In case you were wondering, the previous urn has been repurposed. It now sits at a different location on Deercreek Club Road. We love where we live and we want it to continue to be a beautiful and well-maintained community. We are always grateful for any suggestions that you may have to beautify or improve our community.

  • Spotlight on Charity: New Heights


    New Heights of Northeast Florida provides therapy services, respite care, adult developmental training, assisted living and assisted employment services to children, infants and adults with various types of developmental disabilities in Northeast Florida. The organization’s mission is, “To enrich the lives of persons with disabilities and their families and empower their independence and lifelong growth through quality services.” In addition to cash donations, the DWA occasionally assists with drives in the neighborhood to help stock the classrooms. Visit the website to learn about more opportunities to support this wonderful organization. The Deercreek Women’s Alliance will proudly support this worthy cause with a $750 donation. Point of Contact for this organization is Michelle Abner at 363-0903. www.newheightsnefl.org


    By B.J. Weyer, Watson Realty Corp. REALTORS®

    Cooler weather, weekend football, Thanksgiving and family gatherings – November has something for everyone! So does Deercreek with its variety of homes, in size, style and price. Although real estate activity has slowed a bit and prices have decreased slightly, overall it remains steady and competitive with other neighborhoods.

    For the 12 homes sold over the three-month period ending October 9, prices range from $315,000 to $875,000, with an average of $464,217 (NEFAR MLS 10/9/15). The average price per square foot (sf) is $136.95, down from $138.96. Homes sold ranged from 2050 sf to 6190 sf . The 12 homes were on the market on average 86 days, down from 93 days.

    There are currently 2 homes under contract: 7828 Rittenhouse Ln, a 3245 sf, 4 Bedroom/4 Bath home listed at $524,900; and, 7810 Rittenhouse Ln, a 3562 sf, 5 Bedroom/4 Bath home listed at $469,900.
    The 12 homes for sale are priced from $319,900 - $669,900. The List Price per Square Ft varies from $129.63 to $168.99, with the average at $147.56, down from $148.81. These homes range in size from 2155 to 4771 sf and have been on the market an average of 78 days.

    Many residents look for comparisons to other communities, so I checked out homes sold in Deerwood and Jacksonville Golf & Country Club over the last three months. 11 homes sold in Deerwood, priced from $250,000 - $809,509. In JGCC, 14 homes sold ranging in price from $267,500 - $548,000. Deercreek’s sales compare favorably to these two communities.

    Cooler weather and the holidays may mean less activity, but it may also provide buyers who need to make a purchase and are more serious about making an offer. Who wouldn’t want to be in a new home for the holidays? 

  • November 2015

    All the Light We Cannot See

    In November the Literary Circle will be reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. This book was listed by NY Times, as one of the Ten Best Books in 2014. It was also a National Book Award finalist.

    This is the story of a little girl, (Marie-Laure) who lives with her Father in Paris near the Museum of Natural History where he works as the master of it’s thousands of locks. When she is six, she goes blind and her father builds a miniature of their neighborhood so she can memorize it by touch and navigate her way home. When she is twelve, the Nazis occupy Paris and father and daughter flee, with them they carry the museum’s most valuable dangerous jewel.
    In a mining town in Germany, the orphan Werner grows up with his younger sister, enchanted by a crude radio they find. Werner becomes an expert at building and fixing these new instruments, a talent that wins him a place at the academy for Hitler youth. He then is given a special assignment to track the resistance. Werner travels through the heart of the war where his story and Marie-Laure’s converge.

    We will be meeting at the home of Sharon Gulickson on Nov. 16th at 10:00am

    In December, we will have our annual cookie exchange at the home of Cary Flynn while discussing The Christmas Pearl by Dorothy Benton Frank.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    By Tommy Walter

    As the weather cools off there will be an increase in residents walking, riding bikes and jogging. If you are driving, please be especially watchful for them, as many are more focused on their exercise than safety. If walking or jogging, please use the sidewalks. While you are out there, if you come across any unsafe areas on the sidewalks or shrubs that needs to be trimmed back, please let May Management know. DCCHOA is committed to keeping the sidewalks safe and easy to use.

    For those who insist on the unsafe practice of running or walking in the car lanes of our streets (instead of the sidewalks), please wear bright or reflective clothing at all times and ensure you walk facing the oncoming traffic. The same rule (of wearing bright/reflective clothing) applies to bicyclists as well. If on a bike, ride in the same direction as the traffic and please ride single file so as not to disrupt vehicle traffic. It is not unusual to see bikers riding three abreast with a line of cars stuck behind them.

    Following Halloween in October, we usually see an increase in traffic for football parties and of course, Holiday parties and dinners. As always, we ask that you enter your guest’s name in the gate system prior to the day of the gathering. As a last resort you can bring a hard copy of your guest list to the gate before your gathering. Doing either of these will ensure quicker access for your guests than if the guard had to first call you to verify.

  • New Property Manager

     Effective January 1, 2016, the Deercreek Homeowners Association welcomes Community Management Concepts of Jacksonville (CMC) as the Property Manager for Deercreek. In the next few days you will receive a package from CMC that will provide information and request your response for account data and other information. Please respond in a timely manner.

    We thank our outgoing property managers, May Management, for their services over the past twenty years. May Management have served our community since the transition from Taylor Woodrow (the developer) until this year. We appreciate your many years of courteous and professional service.

  • September 2015 Newsletter

    CLICK HERE to check out Board Meeting Highlights from September 2015

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