The Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

Welcome New Residents 

Abe Dopazo and Leandra Antonio Jose
10042 Chester Lake Rd East

We Say Goodbye 

Pam Overbay

Jim O’Donnell

News and Updates

  • Outstanding Service to the Community

    Tommy Walter Access Control Chairman, giving Faris Monsour, retiring ACC member after 15 years a plaque for Outstanding Service to the Community.  With Bob Kichler Board Liaison Access Control. 

  • Board of Directors- January Meeting Highlights

    Committee Reports/Updates:

    - Access Control: Motion to approve $1,610 for purchase of 400 additional bar codes passed. Motion to approve $165.28 reimbursement for new chair passed. Motion to approve $600 for emergency replacement of equipment at guardhouse gate passed.

    Covenant Enforcement: Sadia Sindhu asked that Associa provide the CE package 48 hours prior to each monthly meeting.

    - Common Property: Motion to approve, but not exceed, $2,700 to pressure wash curbs from Southside to the guardhouse passed. Motion to approve $1,200 to buy two decorative deer for entrance passed. Motion to add two new residents to the common property committee passed.

    - Communications: Chair position remains vacant.

    Discussion Items:

    • Town Hall agenda will include revitalization projects and parking garage issue. E-mail blast will be issued advising details of meeting.
    • Preservation of the Deercreek Country Club Declaration of Covenants was discussed but no vote was taken. This will be revisited at March meeting.
    • Timing of yard clippings drop-off time on Tuesdays was discussed.
    • Communication process and procedures as related to speeding citations was discussed. Will revisit procedures with the guards.

    Approved open payables:

    • Barcodes for 7 residents will be suspended by March 20, 2017 if accounts aren’t paid in full.
    • Motion was approved to give a 30 day notice to homeowners for unclean driveways.

    The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for March 23, 2017, at 7:00pm. Venue is NEFAR, 7801 Deercreek Club Road.

  • Parking Rules & Regulations

    Garages are expected to be used for the housing of vehicles so as to minimize the number of vehicles parked on the driveway. Long-term parking of vehicles on the roads or on driveways is prohibited. Temporary parking is permitted along roads in such a manner as not to block traffic. Parking on a grassed area is prohibited. Overnight parking on the street is prohibited and will result in a $25 parking ticket.

  • Deercreek Town Hall – Feedback

    The Deercreek Home Owners' Town hall held on March 6, 2017, was well attended. The Board of Directors and other officers were on hand to respond to questions. A lot of residents were able to speak to the matters raised and contribute their own suggestions. More information on the meeting outcome will be provided in the next edition of your Deercreek Living Newsletter. Stay tuned!

  • DwellingLive App

    Use the DwellingLive App

    -Deercreek homeowners can manage guest registration using the DwellingLive App.  Adding guests with the App is faster and more accurate, reducing the number of guard calls while your visitor waits at the gate.  The works in tandem with your DwellingLive website account. Your sign-in information is the same for both the website and the App. 

    Click HERE to Review the Mobile App Quickstart Guide.   

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Here is yet another reminder about the security of property in Deercreek. There was a recent article about never leaving guns in unlocked vehicles; this applies to any valuables as well, especially cash, computers or other electronic devices. Thieves do not break into vehicles that are unlocked. They simply open the doors. The same advice goes for homes and all external doors. They should be locked, especially when no one is at home. Please be aware of happenings in your area and let the guards know if you see suspicious activity. If you see or have experienced a crime, call JSO and then alert the guards.

    Be reminded, cars are not allowed to be left parked on the roads of Deercreek between 2:00 am and 6:00 am. This is to make adequate room for emergency vehicles and to have minimal restriction on our roads for other traffic at night.

  • Deercreek Flag Project

    Show Your Patriotism and Support Child Abuse Prevention!

    The Jacksonville Exchange Club will once again offer Deercreek residents the opportunity to participate in our 2017 Flag Project. Partiicpating residents can choose to have the Exchange Club place a US Flag in their yards on the Memorial Day, Independence Day, and/or Veterans Day holidays. These flags are approximately 3 foot x 4 foot in size, and are mounted on 5 foot poles. Exchange Club members will place the flag in your yard a day or two before each holiday, and will remove the flags a day or two following each holiday.


  • Real Estate News

    April is one of my favorite times of year. I love the weather. I love the activity around Deercreek. Also, it’s Billy’s birthday and I am always up for a celebration. April brings the Men’s Member-Guest Golf Tournament, which is a great time to showcase the neighborhood. April is also when the Deercreek Women’s Alliance is hosting their community garage sale, making it a great time to clean out those closets and garages. This time of year also brings lots of activity related to real estate.

    In Deercreek, 15 homes are for sale (according to the 3/1/17 NEFMLS). Priced from $364,900 to $675,000, they range in size from 2218 to 4711 sq ft. The list price averages $148.16 per sq ft; yet, ranges from a low of $130.01 to a high of $180.30.

    Six homes are currently under contract. They are listed from $359,000-$525,000, and ranging in size from 2023 to 3563 sq ft. Six homes sold and closed in the last 3 months ending 3/1/17. Selling for $335,000 to $545,000, the homes ranged in size from 2237 to 3743 sq ft. On the market an average of 80 days, the homes sold from $140.85 to $155.89 per sq ft, and averaged $146.68 per sq ft, up from $142.27.

    Sales remain steady in Deercreek. A couple of homes have stayed on the market for an extended period of time, yet, if a home is priced right, maintained properly, and staged and marketed with a professional look, the home should sell quickly at the right amount. Just as April brings lots of activity to Deercreek real estate, it also brings lots of activity to Deercreek residents. Time to go and enjoy the weather; enjoy the festivities surrounding the golfers and the DWA; and most of all, celebrate the birthday of someone special!

  • Little Hats, Big Hearts

    In our February 2016 issue of Deercreek Living we had an article about how three of our members had been making little red hats for the American Heart Association’s February ‘Heart Health Awareness Month’. Patty Tomka, Elizabeth Curtin and Julia Watkins had made and donated 101 hats to be sent to hospitals in Atlanta because Jacksonville wasn’t participating yet. Fast forward to February 2017 and the Little Hats, Big Hearts project is off to a flying start. The AHA had partnered with Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital and they needed 600 hats to supply their babies! They sent a reporter to interview the three ladies and took photos of them at work – while chatting and eating chocolate chip cookies. The article was published on the Baptist Health website www.baptistjax.com/heartwise and their photo flashed on the 10 o’clock news! Then the call came…"Would you be willing to be on the Channel 4 Morning Show? We’d like to have you working in the background while we interview our Director of Perinatal Services about the Heart Awareness Month. You may or may not be asked to speak.” After taking a few deep breaths, they agreed to be at the studio by 8:00 am on February 15, knitting needles and crochet hooks busy. It was great fun, from sitting in the Green Room to walking amongst the plywood backdrops and seeing the local news anchors walking past. Patty was mic’ed and got to answer a few questions from the host, Melanie Lawson. And before they knew it, their segment was over and the anchors were on to other news.

    Because of the new interest in Little Hats, Big Hearts, The Deercreek Women’s Alliance has added them as a new charity for the year to help buy yarn for anyone making hats. They are making a presentation to the group at Carriage Club who make and donate baby blankets and chemo caps and want to offer to pay for the yarn used there. Patty’s sister in Arizona is going to start a crochet group of her friends. Two more Deercreek friends, Sandy Montgomery and Sharon Coleman, have signed on to the team and we are all excited to see where this group of BIG HEARTS will end up next year.

    If you want to knit or crochet to put Little Red Hats in our Jacksonville babies next February, contact Patty Tomka, Elizabeth Curtin or Julia Watkins. They are in the Deercreek Directory.

  • Post Thumbnail

    Literary Circle - April

    In April, the Deercreek Literary Circle is reading and discussing Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland. We will meet at the home of Connie Davis on Monday, April 17th at 10:00.

    It's 1893 and at the Chicago World's Fair, Louis Comfort Tiffany makes his debut with luminous exhibition of innovative stained-glass windows that he hopes will earn him a place on the international artistic stage. But behind the scenes in his New York studio is freethinking Clara Driscoll, head of his woman's division, who conceives of and designs nearly all of the iconic leaded-glass lamps for which Tiffany will long be remembered. Never publicly acknowledged, Clara struggles with her desire for artistic recognition and the seemingly insurmountable challenges that she faces as a professional woman. She also yearns for love and companionship, and is devoted in different ways to five men, including Tiffany, who enforces a strict policy: He does not employ married women. Ultimately, Clara must decide what makes her happiest - the professional world of her hands or the personal world of her heart.

    If you are interested in the Deercreek book club contact Mary Louise Selzer at MLSElzer@comcast.net, or 904-613-6147. We welcome new members. We meet the 3rd Monday of every month, after our discussions we enjoy lunch together prepared by the hostess.

  • The Inside Scoop on Kitchen Design and Remodeling

    Tuesday, April 25 at 10 am

    Michelle Foote is a registered Kitchen Designer and knows all the inside information you will need before you tackle redoing your kitchen. Our homes are all ‘of a certain age’ and are needing some nips and tucks and facelifts. Michelle can guide us through the whole bewildering process. First you need to decide which of the new styles and trends suit you best. Then, after choosing the Taj Mahal design she can help you make realistic decisions based on your actual budget and lifestyle. Michelle has moved 37 times, including to a 140 year old house in Chicago, so she has decorated on some very tight budgets! She was a manager at Calico Corners for 18 years before starting her own business. In all those years she has built up a wealth of knowledge and a reliable list of craftsmen and subs.

    She has done several homes in Deercreek and will bring photos of other projects in her portfolio. But she and her partner, Annie Heekin, do not have a website and work by word of mouth from one happy client to another, so you will want to come to the April 25 meeting to see their work and get on their ‘Insider’s List’ before they get too famous. Or, if you are like me, the kitchen has been done but I have bathrooms that need some updating. They do that too!

    After the meeting you can stay and have lunch with other neighbors and talk over all your new kitchen plans.

  • Jacksonville’s Top to Bottom Walking Tour

    Tuesday April 11  -  Meet at 9:15am to carpool

    We are going to see an entirely new perspective of our home town with Ad Lib Tours. We’ll hear the stories of the River City from the Great Fire of 1901 to the FL Hollywood. Jax had 30 movie studios in 1916! We will go to the top of the tallest building and explore the secret underground tunnels beneath downtown. (It is rated EXCELLENT by Trip Advisor!) After a stop to look behind the scenes of the Florida Theater we will meet for lunch together. Cost is $15 and we will meet at the Pool Parking Lot at 9:15 to carpool or you can join us at 10 am at the Jacksonville Landing. RSVP to Sharon Coleman 314-7634 or sharoncoleman268@comcast.net

  • DWA Gives $13,150 to Local Charities

    Meet the 2017-2018 DWA Officers

    • President - Debbie Grosnick, 
    • Vice President - Carney Kirtley
    • Secretary - Jill Cole, 
    • Treasurer - Julia Watkins

    DWA Gives $13,150 to Local Charities

    The DWA would like to thank our wonderful DCC community for all of the support received over the past 18 years! You have believed enough in the DWA to become active members, to attend fund raisers and to graciously donate to the various charity drives. Because of your generosity, we are now able to make contributions to the following ten outstanding local charity organizations and projects: New Heights, Wolfson Children’s Hospital Cavert Legacy Society and Endowment, Books-A-Go-Go, The Bag Ladies, Jacksonville Humane Society, Mandarin Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, PACE Center for Girls, RITA Foundation, Gabriel House of Care, Sulzbacher Center and The Little Hats-Big Hearts. The DWA Board also established an Emergency Fund to provide financial aid when needed.

  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 26, 2017


    The DCCOA Board of Directors quorum was established.


    President Margie Blake called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm at NEFAR Board Room.

    Laura Tharp requested: At&t fiber installation request from Clubhouse be added to the agenda under “new business”.

    John Joyce requested: Rules & Regs, Policies & Procedures be added to agenda under “old business”.

    John Joyce motioned to approve the agenda as follows, seconded by Jim Giancola, all in favor, motion carried.


    John Joyce made a motion to approve the November 17, 2016 minutes, seconded by Pete Gentry, all in favor, motion carried.


    Laura Tharp provided a summary of the management report to the Board.

    • Finance: 
    • John Joyce provided the year-to-date financial report.
    • John Joyce presented Barakat’s payment plan to the board consisting of a $1,400 initial payment in January 2017, which included first quarter assessments, $310 a month beginning in February, until their balance is brought to zero as well as maintaining their quarterly assessments.
    • John Joyce presented Yang’s payment plan to the board consisting of a $2,000 initial payment by February 10, 2017, which includes first quarter assessments, $400 month beginning in March, until their balance is brought to zero as well as maintaining their quarterly assessments.
    • John Joyce made a motion for the Board to approve the presented payment plans for Barakat and Yang, seconded by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.
    • John Joyce provided an update on the Modi account.
    • Legal: 
    • Jim Giancola advised there was no Legal report at this time.
    • Access Control:
    • Bob Kichler provided the Access Control report.
    • ARB:
    • Nick Simonic provided the ARB report.
    • Covenant Enforcement:
    • No report was presented.
    • Common Property: 
    • Jim Giancola provided the Common Property report.
    • Jim Giancola made a motion for the Board to approve Connors Landscaping proposal for $5,875 to remove shrubs and plants surrounding the fountain, seconded by John Joyce, all in favor, motion carried.
    • Jim Giancola made a motion for the Board to approve Connors Landscaping proposal, not to exceed, $2,438 to restore the area near the guardhouse, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried.
    • Jim Giancola made a motion for the Board to approve Connors Landscaping proposal for $1,125 to remove weeds in the center island, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried
    • Jim Giancola made a motion for the Board to approve Charles Aquatics Maintenance Contract (12 months) for $3,550/mo given that Charles Aquatics needs to add DCCOA as an additional insured and include workers comp and confirms that all lakes are covered, seconded by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.
    • Jim Giancola made a motion for the Board to approve a not to exceed $2,000 electrical meter repair expense, seconded by Kristen Wiley, all in favor, motion carried.
    • Jim Giancola made a motion for the Board to approve Waddington Electric proposal for $1,080, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried.
    • Communications:
    • Paige Frakes provided the Communications report.
    • CPAC:
    • Pete Gentry advised there was no CPAC report.


    Town Hall Meeting

    The Board agreed upon having the Town Hall Meeting at NEFAR on March 6th at 7pm.

    2017 Committee Appointments

    Bob Kichler made a motion for the Board to accept all committee appointments with no change to the previous year, with the exception of Communications, seconded by Jim Giancola, all in favor, motion carried.


    Open Payable

    John Joyce made a motion for the Board to approve the open payables through 1/26/16, seconded by Margie Blake, all in favor, motion carried.

    Committee Protocol

    Laura Tharp advised the Board that any vendors I’ll be receiving invoices from, the committees need to be sure to keep me abreast.

    Gate Arm Loop (immediate repair needed)

     Barcode Suspension 

    John Joyce made a motion for the Board to approve the suspension of motion to suspend 7903 Vineyard Lake Rd N’s barcode on 2/18/17 if account is not paid in full, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried.

    Violation Fines 

    John Joyce made a motion to approve $1000 fine for 10113 Bishop Lake Rd W for palm trees remaining unpruned since 6/9/16, seconded by Margie Blake, all in favor, motion carried.

    John Joyce made a motion to approve $1000 fine for 10100 Deercreek Club Rd E for palm trees remaining unpruned since 6/9/16, seconded by Pete Gentry, all in favor, motion carried.

    John Joyce made a motion to approve $1000 fine for 9908 Margate Hills Rd for construction materials surrounding the front of this property since 9/6/16, seconded by Jim Giancola, all in favor, motion carried.

    At&t Fiber Installation Request

    Laura Tharp advised the Board of the discussion with Club Corp regarding their request to install fiber lines to service the Club House. There was discussion surrounding this request and further investigation.


    Being no further business John Joyce made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 pm, seconded by Jim Giancola, all in favor, motion carried.


    The next Board meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2017 at 7:00P.M. at the NEFAR building.


  • Recycle, Refuse & Garbage storage

    Garbage, landscape clippings & yard debris: All garbage, trash and recycle must be kept in clean containers stored in a service court or other enclosure approved by the ARB. Collection of yard waste, trash and recycle will be accomplished by authorized agencies in accordance with their schedules and requirements. All trash and recycle containers should be kept out of view from the road and golf course until 6 PM the day before collection, when it may be placed at the curb. Trash and yard waste must be kept off the roadway. The penalty for violation is $25.00

    Yard and trash citation appeals should be referred to the Covenants Enforcement Committee. Landscape clippings should be bagged where feasible and stacked along with unbagged landscape trimmings by the curb for collection. Where possible, lawn contractors should be asked to remove grass clippings and landscape refuse promptly after their services are performed. Dumping of refuse anywhere within the Deercreek Country Club community, including all lakes and swamps, is strictly prohibited.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Please make sure new license plate and vehicle information are updated at the Guard house as soon as possible after a change. This information is needed in case there is an incident involving your vehicle inside the community.

    Also, for new residents, please be sure to read the community CC&Rs carefully. You receive a copy as you move in, but we find that they are not read, and misunderstandings are created.

    Last, the weather is great for outdoor exercise. Walkers and runners, please walk facing the traffic and bikers, please ride with the traffic. Be mindful of the traffic and if another person, please be single file.

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    Fashion Show and Luncheon

    Lavande en Provence

    Tuesday, March 21  |  11 am – 2:30 pm

    Picture a sunny field in France with acres of bright lavender plants swaying softly in the breeze. Beautiful. Calming. Carefree. Our Fashion Show’s theme this year is ‘Lavande en Provence’ and Dillard’s will be presenting beautiful clothes and make-up. The decorations will be calming and the luncheon will be a carefree afternoon spent with friends. Tickets have gone out to all our members so they can start inviting others to this event. The $35 donation covers the lunch and helps fund the many projects we do to beautify Deercreek.

    This year we are not having a Silent Auction room but will instead raffle off a selection of gorgeous designer handbags and customized gift baskets. Raffle tickets are sold only at the Fashion Show, so remember to bring some extra cash with you. The tickets are: 1/$5, 3/$10, 7/$20 and 20/$50.

    Every year we have a sell-out for the Fashion Show so get your tickets early or round up a group of 10 to reserve a whole table together. Patty Tomka is the Ticket Lady this year so contact her at 363-6086 or pbtomka@hotmail.com for extra tickets and reservations. We have some new faces modeling this year so please come out and cheer them on: Julia Watkins, Debi Gifford, Paula Soehlig, Sharon Coleman, Catherine Wood, Natalie Jackson, Brenda Edwards, Faye Hyken, Phyllis Basford and Linda Robinson. It is always fun to see friends in new hairstyles, fancy makeup and beautiful new clothes and they like to see friendly faces in the crowd!

    Save the Date: Tuesday, April 11 for a Field Trip. “Jacksonville Top to Bottom” with Ad Lib Tours. We’ll have a walking tour to discover the city’s unique stories, with secret underground tunnels and amazing skyline views and a stop inside the Florida Theatre. $15 per person.

    Deercreek Home and Garden Club – Enhancing Home & Community

  • Literary Circle - March

    In March, the Literary Circle chooses books for the coming year. If you have been thinking of joining this group, this would be a good time. At this gathering every member brings the title and a short synopsis of books that they would like to suggest for reading and discussion. We then vote to select the books for the next year.

    We will be hosted by Cary Flynn, following book selecting we will have a light lunch.

    For more information about Deercreek Literary Circle, contact Mary Louise Selzer at 904-613-6147 or MLSelzer@comcast.net. We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 10:00 followed by lunch.

  • Real Estate News

    It’s March and it’s over! Winter? Maybe; my radiation treatments? Definitely!Time to move full steam ahead with new listings and buyers. There are many reasons why long-time residents move out of Deercreek, and why new residents move in. For some, it is the location, for others - the Club or the beautiful community. For still others, the recommendation of family and or friends. Deercreek is home to young and old, and has a lifestyle for all!

    Five homes sold and closed in the last 3 months ending 2/3/17. Priced from $345,000 to $545,000, they were 2354 to 3743 sq ft. On the market an average of 91 days, the homes sold from $113.26 to $155.89 per sq ft, and averaged $142.27 per sq ft. The five homes sold were 7876 Heather Lake E ($345,000); 7725 Watermark Ln ($384,859); 7943 Vineyard Lake Rd ($405,000); 10042 Chester Lake ($485,000); and 9929 Orchard Hills ($545,000).

    17 homes are for sale in Deercreek (according to 2/3/17 NEFMLS). Priced from $340,000 to $649,900, they range in size from 2218 to 4711 sq ft. The list price averages $146.62 per sq ft, yet ranges from $113.93 to $180.30. Five homes are under contract. They are listed from $359,000-$485,000, and ranging in size from 2023 to 3195 sq ft.

    I recently had the privilege of showing Deercreek to a couple relocating within the next year. They heard about Deercreek from a friend and wanted to see what it was all about. I was called to provide a tour of the community. The couple remarked that their friend could have lived anywhere in Jacksonville, yet chose Deercreek and they wondered why. I happen to know why – it’s the location, the Club, the community, and it’s the family and friends within Deercreek!

  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 17, 2016


    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday November 17, 2016 at 7:00PM for a regularly scheduled meeting. A quorum was established with the presence of President Margie Blake, Vice President Bob Kichler, Secretary Peter Gentry, and Directors; Sadia Sindhu, Kristen Wiley, Paige Frakes, Jim Giancola and Nick Simonic.

    Not Present: Treasurer John Joyce – Present for Mr. Joyce representing the Finance Committee; Bryan Howell.

    Representing CMC of Jacksonville were Property Manager Marilyn Clayton and Assistant Property Manager Laura Tharp.

    CALL TO ORDER: President Margie Blake confirmed quorum of the Board was present and called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

    Bob Kichler requested additions to the agenda for Access Control cost increase and budget increase.

    Bob Kichler informed management that John Joyce should not have approved the agenda to be mailed without the Presidents review and approval.

    Nick Simonic motioned to approve the agenda as follows, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried.

    APPROVAL OF ORGANIZATION MINUTES: Margie requested revision of the October 27, 2016 Board of Directors minutes; Requested to change the following. Remove the first paragraph “not appointed” add “rescinded”. Remove “Jim Giancola will continue to chair”. Add “Jim Giancola’s motion to add Nancy Blacker to the CPC, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried.” Make grammar changes through-out the minutes. Under Finance add “John Joyce’s motion to reimburse Tom Walter $149 and Bob Kichler $750.” Access control: change “third-party” to “Allied Universal Protection.” Rewrite CEC paragraph.

    Bob Kichler motioned to approve the October 27, 2016 minutes with revisions, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried.

    Discussion that minutes should not be added to the newsletter unless they have been approved by the Board of Directors. Recommendations: add a link in the newsletter where homeowners can pull up the approved minutes. Mrs. Frakes will look into this.

    Mr. and Mrs. Fritz presented their case regarding purchasing the waste property connected to their home. Discussion: the area is currently being maintained by them including trimming of the trees and cutting of the grass therefore, they would like to purchase the property and allow lake access as needed. Jim Giancola requested further information including a packet of the planned changes be sent to the ARB. The Frit’s to email this information to Management company, ARB and to Board of Directors.

    PROPERTY MANAGER’S REPORT: Paige Frakes mentioned the typographical errors in the Managers Report. Bob Kichler requested not to go into details as to what Management did if it's not something that is to be discussed with the board. Bob Kichler brought up that he received two collection letters/statements when he forgot to make his assessment payment during his out of the state vacation. Bob Kichler requested that the association not be charged twice for the production of these collection letters.

    Bob Kichler brought up that the recommendations of Management for Violation Coordinator or on site Manager requires proposal from Management in order for the board to make a decision. Management will send out proposals during the month of December to the Board Members.

    Bob Kichler brought to the attention that Associa on Call had parked in the reserve area and did damage. Requested: Associa on Call discontinue parking on reserve grass/weeds.

    Finance John Joyce (Liaison) Bryan Howell presented the finance report and answered questions.


    1. The landscape overage was explained and all additional funds are in the reserve accounts. 2. Interior Update Fund on the security guard house still has $20,000 reserved for those repairs. Board requested Management to send the last copy of the rules and regulations received by John Joyce to them.

    3. The board will need to meet to go over each rule before adopting. 4. The cost of replacing well pump is over $25,000. Further information is needed due to questioning of whether the well belongs to the clubhouse or is to be maintained by the DCCOA. 5. The septic tank for the Guardhouse needs to be resolved due to issues found when there was a backup. Not sure if this was caused because of Hurricane Matthew, at this time. 6. Kristen Wiley discussed that the budget committee should have focused on enhancements and that their conceptions of the items were not included in the budget. She felt that an increase in monthly dues is needed in order to enhance the Community 7. Jim Giancola discussed that notification of procedures needs to be sent out with the annual package. 8. Bob Kichler discussed the increase of the security service costs in order to hire more capable employees.

    Legal Jim Giancola (Liaison) Mr. Giancola stated there was no legal report at this time.

    ARB Nick Simonic (Liaison) Nick Simonic presented the ARB report.

    Covenant Enforcement Sadia Sindhu (Liaison) Sadia Sindhu reported that 4 homeowners attended the CEC meeting for appeals. Still pending: The final template of the letter being used for each stage and the letter that communicates to the resident when they have been fine are still needed by CEC.

    Request: The final letter templates are to be sent to the BOD as well to the CEC committee to make their recommendations.

    Management discussed that the letters had been sent to the CEC and that changes where received and adopted. CEC has not received these templates.

    Discussion: 1. Whether or not there can be an increase in the fines to $250 from $100. 2. Bob Kichler mentioned that John Joyce cannot make decisions on his own that everything needs to be brought up to the entire board. Therefore, at this time the fines continue to be $100 per day for each day the homeowner is non- compliance.

    Common Property Jim Giancola (Liaison) Jim Giancola presented his CPC report. Jim Giancola motion to add Julie Howell to the committee, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried.

    Jim Giancola discussed that the new members are really excited to add to the community and he feels it will be very productive.

    Jim Giancola motion to approve All about Trees to cut the pine trees for $950, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried

    Jim Giancola motioned to approve landscaping enhancement of $2000 which will be presented to Danny Connors for a proposal, second by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.


    1. The Garden Club will be engaged to help with annual flower proposals. 2. The boar sightings are still being reported throughout the community.

    Communications Paige K. Frakes (Liaison) Paige Frakes reported: updates on the website would like to see all ARB criteria on the website. Management will send all criteria to Mrs. Frakes to have them placed on the website. There have been 29 new residents move into Deercreek Country Club, the new directory is due out in December. Mrs. Frakes will be trained to handle mass mailing in addition to Carol D’Onofrio. Mrs.Frakes will inform the Communications committee that only the minutes that have been voted on and have been approved by the BOD’s will be placed on the link. Discussion: to have Constant Contract e-blast the minutes instead of the newsletter.

    CPAC Kristen Wiley (Liaison) No update on CPAC.

    Discussion: Mr. and Mrs. Fritz’s request. Jim Giancola motioned that 10055 Heather Lake Court W., upon approval of the ARB, the association will contact the attorney to discuss the possibility of selling the waste property lot with all costs related to be paid by the homeowner, seconded by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.

    President Margie Blake requested a motion to approve the pending accounts payable invoices presented. Vice President Bob Kichler motioned to approve the accounts payable as presented, seconded by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.

    Access Control Bob Kichler (Liaison) Mr. Kichler presented the cost of upgrading the guard quality. There is a proposal to increase the guard salary by one dollar an hour. In the last six months 19 guards have been sent from UPS for training and the guards were not up to the challenge at Deercreek. The increase will be $14,562.77 for 2017 for an Access Control expense line item. Bob Kichler will verify that the guards to receive their increase.

    Bob Kichler motioned to increase the assessment by $10 per month. Discussion regarding the need for the Finance Committee to understand that the community enhancement is necessary to increase the value of the community, second by Kristen Wiley. Vote 4 yes and 4 no, motion did not pass.

    Bob Kichler discussed that he had completed with his committee a draft hurricane procedure manual which will be presented to the board in the next regular Board of Directors meeting.

    Jim Giancola motioned to schedule a meeting with the Finance Committee to grind the finances, seconded by Kristen Wiley, all in favor, motion carried.

    Pete Gentry motioned to approve the budget with the increase for the guard contract, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried.

    Jim Giancola motioned to transfer the 2016 surplus to the reserve for Community Enhancement, seconded by Pete Gentry, all in favor, motion carried.

    Bob Kichler motioned to approve the violation fines with the exception of the tree trimming and dead grass until February 28, 2017, Jim Giancola seconded it, all in favor, motion carried.

    Bob Kichler motioned to deactivate the barcoding for three homeowners on the list presented by Management, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried

    President Margie Blake asked for a motion to adjourn. Nick Simonic motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sadia Sindhu at 9:26 PM, all in favor, motion carried.

    New Business: NEXT BOARD MEETING The next board meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for January 26, 2017 at 7:00P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.


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