The Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

Welcome New Residents 

Wade & Suzanne Taylor
10306 Cypress Lakes Drive

Karen Young & John Azzo
7821 Heather Lake Court East

We Say Goodbye 

Pat MacNichols

Peter and Meaghan Brune Davis

News and Updates

  • Campaign Signs

    With the upcoming political elections, we want to remind all residents that political signs of ANY kind are not allowed to be displayed (i.e. in yards or windows) or in any other format or location. Our security force will remove all yard signs and our Property Manager, Marilyn Clayton will send notification letters asking that any window sign be immediately removed. If the sign is not removed, then a violation of the CCR's will be issued.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Board Of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - July 2016

    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday July 30, 2016 at 7:00PM for a regularly scheduled meeting. A quorum was established with the pres-ence of Margie Blake, Robert Kichler, John Joyce, Peter Gentry, Jim Giancola, Sadia Sindhu and Kristen Wiley. Nick Simonic and Paige K. Frakes were not present. Representing CMC of Jacksonville was Property Manager Marilyn Clayton and Assistant, Kishwa Milliner. Guests in Attendance: Homeowner Linda Rodman and Bob Hunt and also CEC members Stannye Ba-ringer, John Robinson, and Frank Tuenge.

    GUEST ADDRESS: Homeowner, Bob Hunt reported that a white peacock is roaming the property and being a nuisance. He requested clarification if the peacock has an owner. He was informed that the peacock does not have an owner on the property and that the community is not responsible for regulating the white peacock. He does have the right to do what is necessary to correct the nuisance. It was suggested that the peacock be trapped and placed on a safe site off of the property.

    PROPERTY MANAGER’S REPORT: Marilyn Clayton provided a summary of the Property Managers' Report. Stonebridge will be paid after everyone signs off on the letter to get the check. Associa has hired Melody Nauta to be the ARB representative for Deercreek for 20 hours per week. The street stop signs are still being painted. It was confirmed that a credit card was no longer needed for purchases made by Associa. It has been confirmed that Constant Contact was added to Strongroom. Constant Contact will be set up as “Prepaid Auto” in April of next year.


    Finance John Joyce (Treasurer)

    All departments are within their budget parameters. The only negative is irrigation repair and maintenance being over budget at $5,000. Aged Account Receivables is $18,000 against $23,000 from last month. There is $1,103,103.66 available in reserves. Owners that receive $1,000 fines, will be given 90 days to pay the fine. If not paid at 60 days, Owners will receive notice their barcodes will be suspended in 30 days if their Account has not been paid in full within 60 days following receipt of original fine assessment Notice.

    Access Control
    Bob Kichler (Liaison)

    Guards patrol the property and make note of lights that need maintenance and contact JEA for repair. Access control wants to remind the Board and Associa that no political signs are allowed in yards. An e-blast will be sent out as a reminder.The Board has previously author-ized the guards to remove signs off of yards.

    A motion to purchase a rechargeable cell phone to be used by the guard house for emergen-cies (when the Comcast phone lines are down) was made, seconded and approved.

    A motion to install a white sign with red letters to place on the resident bar code scanner to remind drivers to slow down was seconded and approved.

    Common Property
    Jim Giancola (Liaison)

    It was reported that there are continual problems with Future Horizon. It was recommended that at the next Common Property Committee meeting they place Future Horizon on notice. Marilyn has received two quotes from Aquatica and Charles Lakes.

    A motion to remove four trees at $1,600 was made, seconded and approved.


    1. Road Project –Paving – There will be 3 bids required from engineers for the paving project. Skip is expected to provide one. Marilyn received one and will get an additional.

    2. Guardhouse Design – This will be postponed until the next meeting.

    3. Fountain Repairs – Bids received by Innovative and Aquatica will be reviewed at the Common Property meeting. Marilyn will verify what was paid to Innova-tive to check the LED lights.


    Accounts Payable Pending for Board Approval – The reimbursement of ($123.16) for the purchase of the prepaid phone for the guardhouse was add-ed to the preapproved list. A motion to approve the payment was made and seconded.

    The next board meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for August 25, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.

  • Good News on solid waste pick-ups

    The City of Jacksonville (COJ) recently announced added hours to call in, should you have trash or recycle that is not picked up on the scheduled Friday.

    If your trash or recycle has not been picked up by 5 pm on Friday, you may now call 630-CITY from 5 to 7 pm, the hours of operation have been extended. Either trash or recycle will then be picked up by 10 am on Saturday.

    If you call on Saturday between 8am - 12 Noon, either trash or recycle will be picked up by close of business on Saturday. Recycle pick up remains on an every other week schedule.

  • DCCOA Agenda for July 28, 2016

    Click to download the DCCOA Agenda for July 28, 2016

  • The View July 2016

    Anne and Robert Klueppel
    11214 Chester Lake Road West 

    A brick house surrounded by natural beds with beautiful flowering plants, shrubs and trees caught my eye. Then a quick stroll to the back of the house opened my eyes even wider. Situated off the wetlands is a beautifully manicured lush lawn. Plants of every variety abound and each section had clusters of unique showy plants as well as a bird feeder, bird bath and statuary. Some of the varieties include Mexican heather, trumpet plant, Penta, vinca, Cana and Easter lilies, sabal palms, croton, coleus, blue daze, azalea, cut leaf philodendron, elephant ear, and hydrangeas. Birds find this mini everglades a wonderful place to visit in this natural habitat.

    Thank you to Anne and Robert for the care, time and energy they have put into their yard.

  • Literary Circle - August 15

    For the month of August, we will be reading A Thousand Naked Strangers. The discussion will take place at the home of Pam Overby at 10:00 on August 15th.

    The author of this book, Kevin Hazzad, is a former paramedic. The book is a visceral,
    poignant, and funny account of a decade spent on Atlanta’s mean streets saving lives and connecting with drama and the occasional beauty that lies inside catastrophe.

    In the aftermath of 9/11, Kevin felt something was missing from his life. His days were too safe, too routine. He wanted to test himself, see how he might respond to pressure and danger. He signed up for emergency medical training and became at age 26, a newly minted EMT running calls in the worst sections of Atlanta.

    He was thoroughly intimidated at first, and frequently terrified as he experienced on a nightly basis the adrenaline rush of walking into chaos. Combining incredible scenes that remind us of life’s fragile beauty with laugh-out-loud moments that keep us smiling through the worst. This is an absorbing read about one man’s journey of self-discovery.

    For more information about the Literary Circle, please contact Mary Louise Selzer at 
    MLSelzer@comcast.net or call 363-1618. We meet the 3rd Monday of each month.

  • DWA Sponsored BINGO Night for Charity

    Wednesday, September 28

    If you enjoy playing BINGO or you would like to have a fun night out, you’ll want to come to the DWA sponsored BINGO Night for Charity on Wednesday, September 28, at the DCC clubhouse.   Check in is at 6:30 PM and the BINGO games start at 7:00 PM. There will also be raffles for gifts, a 50/50 raffle and cash prizes!  Happy Hour drinks and a specialty cocktail will be available at the 19th Hole.  Dining will be available before and during play. So, make your reservation today by calling 904-363-1604 X 228.  You won’t want to miss the excitement of the evening and the joy of helping local charities!

  • Golden Acorn Award Luncheon

    Tuesday, August 23    11:30 am

    We begin another new year by honoring one of our neighbors with the Golden Acorn Award for exceptional work done in, and for, our neighborhood and the community of Jacksonville. Danny Becton is this year’s winner and besides our recognition, applause and a beautiful plaque painted by Nancy Jantz, he will have an Honor Tree planted in Deercreek. Did you know that we have 83 designated Honor Trees along our streets?

    Gerry Ceravolo was the Home and Garden Club president in 1999 when we began the Tree Project through a group purchase program open to all of Deercreek. This added more than 200 trees and has made our neighborhood look more established and inviting. Besides adding trees to our own yards, The Honor Tree program was established so we could donate a tree in memory of or to honor someone important to us. We have compiled a book with photos of each Honor Tree, with its location, the donors and the people being honored. What a visible outpouring of love and respect! 

    The Golden Acorn Award was established in 2000, with Nancy and Chuck Jantz becoming the first recipients. Their Live Oak Honor Tree was placed on Deercreek Club Rd by the pool. Every year after that, we named a tree for the Golden Acorn winner, with Danny Becton being our 83rd honoree. So besides thanking our Golden Acorn winners for their contributions to the community we also thank them for the shade their trees provide as we pass through our neighborhood.

    Please RSVP for the luncheon to Sharon Coleman to let her know you are attending - 314-7634 or sharoncoleman268@comcast.net. Our new schedule of programs for the year will be made available and you can meet the 35 amazing women who are working to make this Club open and inviting for everyone.

  • Recruiting Volunteers/Traits of Good Board Members

    Submitted by Associa /CMC 

    Do you have what it takes to be a good board member? Chances are you do.

    If you have a mix of some of the following traits and skills, consider running for a seat on the board. We’d love to have you.

    Respect: If you can give others respect and expect it in return, you can help keep board discussions civil, productive and on point. We’re looking for people who can lead by consensus, not by command.

    Good listening: People want to be heard. Can you listen to board members and residents with sincere interest? You may have a few ideas of your own, but everyone benefits by sharing and discussing.

    Thick skin: Sometimes, residents—even other board members—can be mean and insulting. Are you good at turning a conversation around and finding out what’s really bothering people?

    Egos aside: If you can give others credit, the board will operate better as a team.

    Agenda aside: Members who come to the board looking to help only themselves are a problem. A board is more productive when members don’t have a personal punch list. Are you able to look after the community, not just your own interests? Are you willing to compromise? 

    Skill: An association is a business. So having board members with accounting, organizational behavior and team-building backgrounds can help. Someone with a financial background, for example, might make for a good treasurer.

    The ideal board comprises a mix of management styles, professional skills and temperaments. If you know people with some of these traits or relevant skills, ask them if they’d be interested in joining the board. Some people don’t think about running for a seat unless asked.

    You don’t have to know everything when you join, but you should be familiar with the governing documents and the responsibilities of the job. Fellow board members and managers can help you with the transition and train you on board responsibilities, current work, projects and hot issues. 

    Leaders can come from different places and backgrounds. There’s no one mode that fits all. Share your knowledge and passion with the community.

    In October a request for volunteers with specific details and information will be provided; so give it some thought and consider running for the Board. Committee members are also always needed. For further information contact any serving Board Member. See page 2 for contact information.

  • Golden Acorn Award 2016 winner Danny Becton

    Congratulations Councilman and Neighbor, Danny Becton!

    People have asked, “Why do you volunteer? Why did you run? Are you crazy?”  Danny Becton’s answers were simple. “I care, I want the best for our Deercreek community, the Southside and the City of Jacksonville. I want the best now and for the future of my family and friends. And no I am not crazy!” Spending time in Councilman Becton’s office at City Hall as well at his Baymeadows office gives one some insight into how much energy he has for the day ahead. He’s learned to juggle a lot of balls in the air and knows how to balance his day among vendor appointments, council meetings, e-mails and constituents’ inquiries, not to mention his family life. His work and volunteer efforts abound! 

    Danny is the President and founder of Planogramming Solutions, Inc., an international outsourcing Retail Space Management Solutions Company founded in 1991 here in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to starting his company, he moved to Jacksonville in 1985 working for Winn-Dixie Corporate after graduating from Valdosta State University, with   degrees in Business Management & Management Information Systems. First living in Mandarin, Danny and Linda later settled in Deercreek in 1999; this past June, they celebrated their 17th year in our community. 

    He has served the City and the Southside community for many years through various community groups and appointments, beginning with the founding of Better Baymeadows Inc., a Public/Private Partnership with the FDOT. He has also served on School Advisory Committees (SAC) in the schools that his daughters attended at Mandarin Oaks Elementary, Twin Lakes Middle, Mandarin High and Atlantic Coast High Schools. Danny was nominated to the Citizens Planning Advisory Committee “CPAC” for District 3 and approved by the Mayor as the primary representative for our community. Since 2007 until 2015 Danny served District 3, chairing the Growth Management and Transportation committee. In 2012, Danny was appointed by the Jacksonville City Council to the TRUE Commission (Taxation, Revenue & Utilization of Expenditures), and in 2013 to the JIA Area Re-Development Agency Board. From 2008 Danny served on the Board of the Deercreek Homeowners Association as a two term President and six-term Treasurer up till 2015.

    Whatever project Danny tackles, he digs in, which includes research and a thorough evaluation in order to present a recommendation. Several years ago, Deercreek’s biggest project was road repaving throughout the community. Having poor road conditions, insufficient cash reserves and an economy in one of our country’s worse recessions, Danny took on this challenge which the community had been struggling with for years.  After analyzing the HOA’s problems and the need for new roads, Danny was responsible for researching an interim paving process that would extend the life of our current road infrastructure as an alternate solution until the ultimate solution could be implemented. This interim plan would be implemented without a special assessment and most importantly would build future reserves to provide for the normal repaving of our community beginning in 2017, again, without a special assessment. Danny led this five year project for the community, mapping out the roads, preparation of proposals and lastly always making the Board feel unanimously comfortable with their decisions. As a legacy, Danny was the fiscal disciplinarian on our Board who did not like wasting money, he fine-tuned many policies and procedures leaving us financially capable for years to come.

    In 2011, Danny was instrumental in leading the effort to “re-district” the Southside which led to the creation of our new District 11 and he’s now the first elected City Councilman for that area. What is so important about redistricting, you might ask?  

    Our community was part of the Beaches district, having a beaches representative, whose emphasis was on the Beaches. Danny observed the old district was not beneficial to the Southside community and realized the need to get our district separated from the beaches. This means the Southside would be represented independently, which is best since major growth is expected in the Southside area in the years to come. As the new District became a reality in 2015 with him serving as it’s first City Council member, we have a home run for the Southside! Danny’s first year committee appointments included serving on the Finance and Land Use & Zoning Committees, the Value Adjustment Board, Chairing the Tower Review Committee, and the Council liaison to the City’s 'Self-Insured' Health Insurance Committee. 

    For 2016-2017, Danny was selected for a leadership role on the Council with his recent appointment as Chair of the Land Use & Zoning Committee (LUZ); he will also serve on the Rules Committee. In addition to these standing committee assignments, Danny’s appointments include the City’s Group Health Insurance Committee, and the Northeast Florida Regional Council for the coming year.
    Danny and his wife Linda have been married for 23 years and have two daughters, - Ashlyn who is now a TV Multimedia Journalist Bureau Reporter in Thomasville, GA for WALB NBC/ABC and Lauren who attends Stanton in the IB program as an upcoming sophomore.
    We thank Danny for his years of work in our community as well as his countless years of involvement with the civic side of Jacksonville. We have seen many fruits of his labor and no doubt will continue to share the benefits for years to come. The Home and Garden club is proud to select Danny Becton as the Golden Acorn Award winner for 2016.

  • Board Of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - June 2016

    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday June 30, 2016 at 7:00PM for a regularly scheduled meeting. A quorum was established with Margie Blake, Robert Kichler, John Joyce, Peter Gentry, Jim Giancola, Sadia Sindhu and Paige K. Frakes. Kristen Wiley and Nick Simonic were not present. Representing CMC Management was President Jennifer Presson. Assistant, Kishwa Milliner. 

    Property Managers’ Report: Jennifer Presson provided a summary of the Property Managers’ Report. She confirmed that violation letters are being sent out with pictures included. Also that an iPad was received from corporate for use in documenting violations.

    Some properties were recommended to go to the Covenant Enforcement Hearing. A motion to approve was made, seconded and approved.

    Finance - John Joyce (Treasurer) 
    There is $430,000 of income against a budget of $431,000. We are $5,000 behind with the fine citations and covenant. John also reported that the Guard Service was paid for 6 months of service $140,000. Accrued expense are $433 verses $431 in actual accrued expenses. Aged Account Receivables was $48,000 in May and is now down to $23,000 in June. Accrued deficit for the year is $4,000. Budget packages will be distributed at the end of August. John requests Marilyn’s assistance with preparing those packages to both the board and the committees. 

    Legal - Jim Giancola                  
    Reservation Letter - The law firm stresses that they need a reservation letter on file stating that they can represent Deercreek. 

    Access Control - Bob Kichler (Liaison)
    A motion to approve the purchase of 400 barcode decals for inventory in the least expensive manner. ($1808.00 is the sourcing price to match). 
    A motion was moved for Southeast Business Systems to install two remotes and hardware for the gates to open electronically $292.95. Motions to approve were seconded and approved.

    Covenant Enforcement - Sadia Sindhu (Liaison)  
    Sadia reported that there were no appeals from covenant enforcement. 

    Common Property - Jim Giancola (Liaison) 
    -Civil Engineer will be providing three different proposals for managing the process of putting in roads. 
    - An Arborist is still needed to assess trimming trees at the entrance portion of the common property. 
    - Skip called the head of his Civil Engineering group in Tallahassee to inquire about RFP’s assistance for Civil Engineering services and they provided three from the DOT. He will request that they write a simple condensed RFP for Deercreek for review at the next board meeting. Then this can be distributed to those Civil Engineers so they can provide proposals.
    - A motion was moved to initiate a contract with a tree company for maintaining the trees as needed, rather than calling multiple contractors to submit several bids each time a tree needs attention.
    Old Business:  
    Guardhouse Design - 
    Skip Yauger presented some guardhouse design options: 
    Option 1-$, Option 2 (11ft) $$, and Option 3 (14ft) $$$.  Each increasing number with more advancing design options and roof extensions. Ball park quotes for each option will be available July 11th by (Braxton), the division manager of a local contracting firm. When an option is chosen, more in-depth design details and specifics will be provided for further pricing. Skip informed that a brand new guard house would cost more than updating the current one.

    The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for July 28, 2016, from 7:00 P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.

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