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  • The View - August 2015


    By Dena Grossman

    Sharon and Bob Gullickson



    The View award is often given based upon a special area of a homeowner’s property. Tucked away on Suffield Court is Shangri-La! What makes this so special is an arch covered in jasmine, surrounded by a beautiful array of flowers that bloom over the course of the year. Just to mention a few are - plumbago, angels trumpet, Cana Lily, and hydrangeas. Rosemary, banana plants and an avocado plant help create leafy interest. At the holidays, a poinsettia will blossom. A statue, a birdbath and stepping-stones provide a tranquil setting for the Gullicksons.

    As you drive by Chester Lake Rd W., take a peek at this hidden treasure.

  • 2015 Golden Acorn Award Winner - Max Zahn

    If you are new to Deercreek or unaware of the background of the Golden Acorn Award, here’s a little history. The Deercreek Home & Garden Club established the Golden Acorn Award in 2000 to recognize residents of Deercreek who make a positive difference in our community. All members of the DHGC are invited each spring to nominate outstanding individuals who are worthy recipients of this honorary award. A committee of previous Golden Acorn Award winners makes the final selection.

    This year Max Zahn has been chosen. Max is a name many of you are familiar with – if not by name he is otherwise known as the guy who has the “most Christmas decorations on his house in Deercreek” (and most other major holidays). His contributions to our community and Jacksonville as a whole far exceed the joy he brings to our neighborhood with his elaborate holiday decorations though.

    Max moved to Deercreek in 1994 and was one of the first residents on Blakeford Mill Road. Originally from Daytona Beach, he attended FSU (if ever in doubt, check out the abundant Seminole paraphernalia that adorns his house, car, golf cart, clothes etc.) earning a degree in Marketing and Management. He worked for Xerox for 28 years in sales.

    Max has been a Mandarin Rotarian for 35 years. He was a past president with the Rotary Club, is a “Paul Harris Fellow” and also received the Rotarian of the year award. His involvement with the Rotary includes service to our community schools, the Mandarin Food Bank and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army during the holidays.

    He is also involved with the Special Olympics in our area. Max gives a Christmas party for the Special Olympics Swim Team at his house each year – complete with a visit from Santa! Max’s youngest daughter Betsy is an amazing swimmer who raises money each year, swimming with the Special Olympics team from Jacksonville.

    With regards to specific Deercreek events, Max hosts a neighborhood Christmas party for the children in our community annually. This party brings much joy and holiday cheer to our neighborhood. He was President of the Deercreek Board of Governors for three years in the past. He has hosted 'Ladies Night Out' for the Member/Guest Golf Tournament, and also the Resident’s Cup party for the Powerliners & Uptowners (a golf tradition unique to Deercreek!).

    Max is also on the Board for ARC, an important organization that assists special needs adults in our community. ARC is working hard to build a new village for special needs adults locally.

    Lastly, Max is a past board member for the FSU Booster organization (a member since 1974) and is currently employed by the Seminole Boosters, running golf tournaments and special events.

    This list is just a fraction of what he does. Anyone who knows Max is aware that his everyday life includes acts of kindness and giving to others each and every day. There is no one more deserving of this prestigious award. I am proud to call Max my neighbor and friend.


  • ARB PUblished Policy Positions

    The Architectural Review Board has published Policy positions to help homeowners, and their architects, designers, and builders, design proposed improvements to their properties that are in harmony with their surroundings and consistent with the overall quality of our community while allowing for each owner’s individual taste.

    The architectural and aesthetic detail of each home addition, pool, pool enclosure, landscape plan, or any other improvement, is carefully reviewed by the ARB for total effect and design integrity. The goal is to protect the value of Deercreek Country Club properties and desirability of living here, by maintaining tasteful and aesthetically pleasing architectural and landscape designs. The challenge, of course, is that this is somewhat subjective, and one person’s idea of beautiful could be another person’s idea of atrocious.

    The Policy positions were created over a period of years as a result of ARB reviews and consideration of specific projects that failed to achieve these objectives. As you review the Policy positions, try to imagine what a project might look like on your neighbor’s property that does not comply with these policies. Would you like to see a gold standing seam metal roof? Or how about a 10' high wall in front of your neighbor’s home with a wood gate across the driveway? Or a home painted in my favorite team colors?

    The ARB rarely denies approval of homeowners’ projects, but when this happens, it is usually because the plan submitted is poorly designed, fails to comply with the DCCHOA Covenants and Declarations, or does not comply with the ARB’s policy positions. Becoming familiar with these policies and complying with them will help you prepare a design for your proposed project that will, more than likely, be approved at the first review with little debate. Learn about the Policy Positions by going to the ARB website at:

    If you have suggestions to improve the Policy positions or questions regarding ARB, please call Martha at (904) 273-9832 ext. 131

  • Thanks for the PB&J

    Deercreek came out in force last month in support of the Mandarin Food Bank. Peanut butter and jelly donations were dropped off at the gate as well as the home of Carmen Kelly, our Deercreek Women's Alliance representative to the Mandarin Food Bank. Carmen reported over 200 total jars. Summertime is one of the most needful times for food banks and your generosity helped bridge the gap. Thank you Deercreek, you always come through in support of the Women's Alliance.

  • DWA Questions for Charities?

    “The more we share, the more we have.”- Leonard Nimoy

    Do you have questions regarding Deercreek Women’s Alliance charities? The liaisons are:

    Mandarin Food Bank Carmen Kelly 610-9789
    NE Florida Hospice Thrift Store Elizabeth Curtin 519-7937
    Books-A-Go-Go Natalie Jackson 519-5802
    Pace School for Girls Vicki Kahn 519-7722
    Jacksonville Humane Society Pam Overbay 363-6483
    Wolfson Children’s Hospital Mary Stelbrink 363-2360
    Gabriel House of Care Jan Malick 519-5013
    Hubbard House Bag Ladies Donna Bernard 464-0910
    Ronald McDonald House Barbara Smith 716-1734
    RITA Foundation Carol D’Onofrio 519-0924
    New Heights Michelle Abner 363-0903

    Deercreek residents have donated thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to enrich the quality of lives throughout Jacksonville. Your support of each of these programs is greatly appreciated.

  • August 2015

    Killing Patton

    In August we will be reading Killing Patton By Bill O'Reilly.
    We will meet at the home of Sandy Montgomery. The story begins in October 1944, when many believed the Allies had all but won the war in Europe. Killing Patton follows a remarkable cast of characters on the battlefield and off, including Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Churchill, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The truth was Germany was not ready to accept defeat and some of the bloodiest battles of the war lay ahead, battles in which George Patton would play a crucial role. At the time of his death Patton had become known around the world as both an exalted commander with a hard-charging personality and a controversial hero, relieved of his duties by General Eisenhower in part because of his brusque manner. For almost seventy years, there has been suspicion that his death was not an accident. The facts surrounding the death of Patton are disturbing and O’Reilly reveals the true man, and the many powerful people who wanted him dead.
    We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 10:00.
    For more information about the Literary Circle contact Mary Louise Selzer at 363-1618 or MLSelzer@comcast.net

  • Your Deercreek Covenants requires the use of garages within the community

    “Art.6 Sec. (13). Repair and Parking of Vehicles. No commercial or inoperative vehicle shall be parked in the street or in the driveway on any Lot. No vehicles shall be parked in the driveway or on the street overnight but shall be stored in garages with the doors closed.

    Art 5, Sec.4, (g) Garages and Automobile Storage. Automobiles shall be stored in garages when not in use. No garage shall be converted to living space.”

    Recently many residents have lost sight of this covenant and knowingly or unknowingly continue to park their vehicles in their driveway and not in the garage. In many cases the garages are not being utilized as intended but for mere storage or additional living space. Clearly this is a violation of the Deercreek covenants. The HOA recognizes that there can be more drivers and vehicles than garage space will allow. In that instance, vehicles may be left outside after all your garage space is filled with your vehicles. Vehicles registered to each household are in our database and can be compared to the number of garage spaces. Golf carts will be considered one of your vehicles. Overnight guests are permitted to leave cars in the driveway.

    Effective October 1, 2015, May Management will be enforcing this covenant as follows.

    Two Car Garage - two vehicles in the garage
    Three Car Garage – three vehicles in the garage
    Four Car Garage – four vehicles in the garage

    For the next two months please make an effort to clear or organize your garage space to accommodate your vehicles and be in compliance by October 1, 2015. After October 1, May Management will issue covenant violations to those homeowners who fail to park the required number of vehicles in their garages. If a violation is not cleared within two weeks, you will be fined $100 per day up to a maximum of $1000.

    We are asking your cooperation with covenant compliance in order that we maintain the clean look of Deercreek. Please help us maintain your community. For those residents who already comply with the covenants, we appreciate your diligence and continued cooperation in compliance. Questions may be directed to May Management, Property Manager, Cathy Cox, email ccox@mayresort.com

  • Danny Becton - First District 11 Councilman

    What an exciting day it was on June 25th, as Deercreek resident, Danny Becton took his oath of office and was sworn in as Councilman for the newly created Southside District 11. Danny’s interest in running for city council began in 2010 when the Beach and Southside were one district. Early on Danny realized the need for better representation for the Southside community and though his first attempt was unsuccessful, he recognized this need and worked feverishly the following year to have the district split from the Beach through the redistricting process. Once this was done, Danny decided early on that he would welcome the opportunity to lead the new district in 2015. He qualified without opposition on January 16th, 2015 and was elected as our first District 11 representative!

    Danny said, “This is a honor and a privilege to become the first City Council Representative for the New Southside District 11 and a Council member for the City of Jacksonville. This journey has been a long and rewarding road that began over 10 years ago upon my involvement with the Baymeadows Community and the efforts to address the many transportation and growth management issues within this area. I really care about the Jacksonville community and I want to help shape its future. I am passionate about making our streets safer, our local government more accountable while making sure that our tax burden is minimized, but not to sacrifice our basic services and quality of life in the process.” As to having been elected early on in the process of this year, Danny has been able to focus on familiarizing himself with the position of Council member and the enormous task and responsibility that it entails. If anyone knows Danny, he researches a topic and makes a decision after clearly knowing the facts, to come to a recommendation or decision.

    Danny graduated from Valdosta State University with degrees in Business Management and Mgt. Information Systems. He began his career with Winn Dixie, Stores, Inc. moving to the Corporate office at Jacksonville in 1985. He later branched out on his own to start Planogramming Solutions Inc. (PSi) in 1992. Based in Baymeadows, PSi is an international outsourcing solutions company that provides merchandising and profitability guidance to grocery stores of all sizes. This coming year, the company will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Dedicated to life in Jacksonville, Danny has given much of his time to volunteering with various community and civic organizations that effect change in the area. Some of the organizations are the Baymeadows Community Council, local School Advisory Councils (SAC), Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC), Jacksonville Transportation Vision Study’s and most recently appointed by City Council to serve on the City of Jacksonville’s TRUE Commission and JIA Redevelopment Agency Board. In addition to giving his time to the Jacksonville community, Danny has volunteered as a board member for the Deercreek Owner’s Association, serving as Board President for two terms and Treasurer for the last six years. Danny’s guidance have put into place fiscally responsible processes that help in maintaining the HOA’S current stability and future reserve positions that have put our community in the best financial position of its history.

    Danny has a passion for making the City of Jacksonville and the Deercreek communities the best they can be. His enthusiasm and dedication are virtues that keep Danny constantly looking for ways to improve our city and our Deercreek community.
    Danny has been resident in Deercreek for fifteen years with his wife Linda and their daughters, Ashlyn and Lauren. Deercreek is proud to have Danny as the first City Councilmember for District 11 as well as living in and giving back to his own community.

  • July 2015 Board Meeting Highlights

    CLICK HERE to check out Board Meeting Highlights from June 2015

  • July-Third Quarterly Assessment Due

    July-Third Quarterly Assessment Due

    Late payments are subject to a late fee as well as additional interest charges if not received byJuly 31.

    You can pay by check, electronic payment from your bank or ACH
    (direct debit) payments.

    Contact MayMgt :gschoneboom@mayresort.com

    Checks should be made out to
    Deercreek Owners Association, not May Mgt. and include yourassociation/account for correct payment recording.

    Click here for the Payment Coupon

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