The Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

Welcome New Residents 

Abe Dopazo and Leandra Antonio Jose
10042 Chester Lake Rd East

We Say Goodbye 

Pam Overbay

Jim O’Donnell

News and Updates

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    The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

    The Literary Circle will meet at the home of Mary Louise Selzer this month, to discuss The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, lead by Connie Davis.

    We welcome new members, so if you are interested reading and would like to join, give us a call.

    In a quiet village in France, Vianne says good-bye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads to the front. She doesn't believe that the Nazis will invade France, but invade they do. When a German captain requisitions Vianne's home, she and her daughter must live with the enemy or lose everything. Without food, money, nor hope, as danger escalates all around them, Vianne is forced to make one impossible choice after another to keep her family alive.

    Her sister, Isabelle, is a rebellious eighteen-year-old girl, searching for purpose with all the reckless passion of youth. While thousands of Parisians march into the

    unknown terrors of war, she meets Gaetan, a partisan who believes the French can fight the Nazis from within France, and she falls in love as only the young can... completey. But when he betrays her, Isabelle joins the Resistance and never looks back, risking everything she has to save her fellow countrymen-even her own life.

    I have heard this is a three hanky book. If interested in knowing more about our group, contact Mary Louise Selzer at MLSelzer@comcast.net, or 363-1618.

  • Rejoicing with our 2017 graduating students!

    We are proud to celebrate the graduation of nine residents' children from high school this year. We also have three young men graduating from college, some going ahead to Post-graduate studies! We are so happy for these high flying young people and wish them all the best as they move forward with life and academic pursuits.

    Our High School graduates:

    Cole Parker Tollett
    Graduating from - Episcopal School of Jacksonville
    Attending - Rhodes College
    Major - Dual degree in Physics and Engineering.
    Also playing college baseball

    Bradley Parker
    Graduating from - Atlantic Coast High School
    Attending - Florida State College of Jacksonville on a baseball scholarship.
    Degree in view - AA degree with plans to transfer to a State University for pre-Med/Sports Medicine.

    Isabella Marie Horning
    Graduating from - Bishop Kenny High School Class of 2017
    Attending - New Mexico Military Institute followed by the United States Air Force Academy.
    Received a prestigious Air Force Academy Falcon Scholarship.

    Cole Korsog
    Graduating from - Episcopal School of Jacksonville
    Attending - University of Florida.

     Arvind Sommi
    Graduating from - Stanton College Preparatory
    Attending - University of Florida, Gainesville

    Amanda Bornhoffer
    Graduating from - Atlantic Coast High School
    Attending - Florida State College, Jacksonville.
    Degree in view - Elementary Education.

    Kathryn Durfee
    Graduating from - Bishop Kenny High School
    Attending - Ave Maria University
    Kate will play volleyball for Ave Maria University.

    Jack William Brown, III
    Graduating from - Providence High School
    Attending - University of North Florida

    Richard Still
    Graduating from - The Bolles School
    Attending - Georgia Institute of Technology

    Our College Graduates:

    Chance E. Owen
    Graduating from - University of Central Florida
    Degree - B.Sc Finance
    Active in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity
    Employer - Edward Jones Investments

    Neil Sood
    Graduating from - Florida State University
    Major - Exercise Physiology
    Attending - Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences

    George Abraham
    Graduating from - Swarthmore College
    Degree - B.Sc Electrical Engineering and Math
    Attending - Harvard Graduate School

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    Please Save the Date

    June 5-June 19 DWA Peanut Butter, Jelly and Oatmeal Drive for the Mandarin Food Bank 

    The DWA supports this drive during the summer months when children stay home and cannot take advantage of the free and reduced price school lunch program. Please drop off your donation in the bins by the guardhouse or by Carmen Kelly’s front door at 10139 Bishop Lake Road. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks to Everyone Who Helped with the Fashion Show

    Merci Beaucoup to all of our Fashion Show Sponsors, Gift Basket Donors, Behind the Scenes Workers and Guests. We couldn’t have done it without you!


    Art by Nancy Jantz

    Avenues Lighting

    Deerwood Jewelers

    Helzberg Diamonds

    J. Alexander’s

    J.J.’s Bistro de Paris

    Maggiano’s Little Italy

    Pickett Brothers Jewelry

    Seasons 52


    Lamia Campbell        Sandy Harrington

    Lorraine Clancy       Julie Howell

    Connie Davis      Arlene McDermott

    Carol D’Onofrio       Sandy Montgomery

    Cary Flynn       Pam Overbay

    Linda George      Marcia Rose

    Debi Gifford      Paula Soehlig

    Maryann Grauwiler      Catherine Wood

    If you are new to Deercreek or haven’t joined any of the groups in the neighborhood, come and try us out and check the schedule of monthly programs. We often stay for lunch together after the meetings, so you can get to know your neighbors. Call our Membership Chair, Anne Kleuppel at 519-5368 for more information.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    School will soon be out and that will probably result in increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Also in the past, vandalism increases during the summer, and the golf course seems to be a tempting target. Please be vigilant and report any unusual activity to either the guards or JSO.

    As always, keep all vehicles locked, and ensure valuables are out of sight in the vehicles. All doors to homes should also be locked and garage doors lowered.

  • New Rules About Garage Parking

    Parking: Garages are expected to be used for the housing of vehicles in order to minimize the number of vehicles parked on the driveway. 

    Accordingly, the Board has adopted the requirement that Members, or their tenants, must garage park: not less than 1-vehicle if the house has a 2-car garage; not less than 2-vehicles if the house has a 3-car garage; and, not less than 3-vehicles if the house has a 4-car garage. 

    Golf carts shall be considered a vehicle for purposes herein and, oversized vehicles that cannot be parked in the garage shall be exempt from the Rule. 

    Parking of vehicles on a grassed area is prohibited. 

    Daytime street parking is permitted provided such parking does not to block the flow of traffic. 

    Overnight street parking (a car parked on the street after 2:00 AM) is prohibited. Parking violations will be subject to a $25.00 fine per occurrence unless the Member violation is waived by the Covenant Enforcement Committee.

    A Member who violates the garage parking rule will be first provided a 30-day notice to correct the parking violation before a parking citation is issued.

    Oversized vehicles that cannot be parked in a garage will be exempt from the garage parking rule.

  • Board of Directors' Meeting Highlights - April 27, 2017

    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at NEFAR on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at 7:00pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.

    A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Jim Giancola, Kristen Wiley, Paige Frakes, Sadia Sindu, and John Joyce.

    Representing CMC of Jacksonville was property manager, Laura Tharp who took the minutes.

    There were a number of guests in attendance. One of them had questions about which company is digging up green space. Likely for fiber optic lines.

    A guest asked BOD for another month until garage rule is enforced.

    Joyce indicated it will take another 2 - 3 months for the enforcement process to develop.

    Property Managers report:

    No barcodes needing to be suspended.

    Motion to approve open payables.

    Discussion of updates to violation fines, whether owners are responsible for cleaning the curbs as well as driveway. Currently it’s not a finable offense, Laura Tharp will research.

    Updated fines approved unanimously.

    Committee Reports

     Finance: John Joyce
    April report contained errors, recurring problem. Associa must correct errors or be found to be in default of its contract. To protect privacy, the names of residents who face fines or action, will not be disclosed in minutes.

    Rules and regulations go into effect on May 1st. Revised garage rules are not enforceable until the procedure is created.

    Legal: Jim Giancola
    Giancola discussed legal questions presented by Sindhu about garage issue. Discussion followed on how to answer enforcement questions related to the garage rule. A sub-committee will be created to establish enforcement guidelines. Suggestion was made that Communications Committee include in new resident packets, one page of rules regarding, trash, yard debris, garage rule. Discussed possible future cap on the number of rental properties in Deercreek.

    Access Control Committee: Hurricane plan approved with amendment involving the boarding up of the gate; will change to securing the Guard House.

    Architectural Review Board: Wiley discussed guard house plan to increase functionality, could possibly cost $130,000, Pavers $95,000. Joyce indicated this would be a 2018 issue, possible assessment. Giancola indicated no decision should be made until the Board knows the cost of road repaving. Skip Yauger indicated completed design plans could cost $15,000 or less. Wiley motioned to move forward with design and construction plans, the cost is to come out of Access Control budget, not to exceed $10,000 (Bob Kichler on the phone supports). Board approved unanimously.

    Covenant Enforcement: Sindhu discussed discrepancies in Associa letters involving driveways. The subject and body of letters not matching. CEC indicated it wanted to know what training new Associa employee had in identifying property violations. Concern over notices being sent involving cracks in driveways. When did this start? Yauger indicated all concrete cracks at some point. PM will review rules for clarification.

    Common Property: Giancola moved a motion to approve $1,500 to trim palm trees around fountain, etc. Approved.

    Motion for up to $2,000 to remove tree approved.

    Motion for up to $1,500 to pour concrete pads to mount new deer statue approved.

    Motion to approve $10,000 for new well pump approved.

    Digital sign board update, two estimates received. Yauger also held discussions with another company. Motion for budget not to exceed $15,000 approved

    Communications: Gate needs more new resident packets.

    CPAC: No report

    Old business: AT&T clubhouse easement agreement.

    Next BOD meeting is scheduled for May 25th, 2017, 7:00pm at NEFAR

  • Beaver Street Veterans Villas - Grand Opening Ceremony

    On April 19, at 2:00 pm, the Clara White Mission held a grand opening ceremony for the Beaver Street Veterans Villas which are 16 apartments adjacent to the Clara White Mission. Homeless veterans often spend time at the Clara White Mission, getting trained, rehabilitated and prepared to re-enter the work force. The accommodations at the Clara White Mission are communal and sparse at best. Once a veteran finds employment, they can apply to rent an apartment at the Veterans Villas sponsored by the Clara White Mission. The apartments are fully furnished, have a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen and a private bath. The vet must maintain the apartment in good condition, pay rent and continue to be a model citizen.

    On the day of the Grand Opening several vets proudly showed off their apartments and were happy to tell their story. Seeing them and hearing their stories made all the work and effort mean so much more.

    The Deercreek Women’s Alliance generously donated $1000 to assist in furnishing an apartment. Two volunteers, Michelle Abner and Carol D’Onofrio assisted in setting up and decorating the first apartment with the donated funds. That apartment became a model and the standard for other apartments within the Villas.

    The DWA is proud to be part of this project and appreciates the additional donations made by the members of the Alliance. To learn more or donate to the Clara White Mission please visit www.clarawhitemission.com

  • Board of Directors' Meeting Highlights - March 23, 2017

    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at NEFAR on Thursday March 23, 2017  7pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.

    A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Bob Kichler, Sadia Sindhu, John Joyce, Pete Gentry, Jim Giancola, Nick Simonic, Kristin Wiley, Paige Frakes (by phone)

    Representing CMC of Jacksonville was property manager Laura Tharp. Ms. Tharp took the minutes

    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at NEFAR on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at  7:00pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.
    A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Bob Kichler, Sadia Sindhu, John Joyce, Pete Gentry, Jim Giancola, Nick Simonic, Kristin Wiley, Paige Frakes (by phone).
    Representing CMC of Jacksonville was Property Manager, Laura Tharp.
    Ms. Laura Tharp took the minutes.

    During Open Forum, the residents in attendance were advised if they wanted a covenant changed, they would need to get a petition signed by 20% of the Homeowners presented to board, if they want the item actioned. The Board of Directors isn't required to take action, but if they do, volunteers would assist in obtaining 75% of Homeowner's signatures needed to make changes to the covenants.

    Minutes from February 23rd, 2017 meeting was approved.

    - Motion to approve open payables, with four additional invoices, approved, all in favor.
    - Motion to suspend resident barcode for non-payment approved, all in favor.

    Architectural Review Board (ARB)
    - Nick Simonic, Liaison
    - Motion to require $25 fee be paid for "pre-approved projects" approved, all in favor.

    Covenant Enforcement Committee (CEC) - Sadia Sindhu, Liaison
    - Requested that board should examine covenant abandonment. Legal representative advised this has been addressed and will follow-up.
    - Motion to change yard waste, grass clippings, violation time from 6pm to 2pm, approved, all in favor, except Wiley.
    - A BOD member requested that CEC provide the list of covenants that are enforced/unenforced.

    Common Property - Jim Giancola, Liaison
    - Motion to approve additional $1,500 for pressure washing approved, all in favor.
    - Motion, not to exceed, $18,000 for resurface, paint & stucco repairs approved, all in favor.
    - Motion for $3,000 to remove dead shrubbery approved, all in favor.
    - Motion for $749.68 for Innovative Fountain Services to install new load center approved, all in favor.
    - Motion for $250 to Boatwright Land Survey approved, all in favor.

    Communications Committee:
    Paige Kelton-Frakes, Liaison
    - Motion to add Kristen Wiley as Committee Chair approved, all in favor.

    - Motion to preserve the HOA documents approved, all in favor.

    Old Business:
    - Motion to move forward with adopting revised rules & regulations, including garage rule, approved, all in favor except Sindhu and Frakes.
    - Fritz Proposal: Motion to sell "lot Zero" opposed.  All opposed

    The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for April 27th, 2017, 7:00P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.

  • March 6, 2017 - Town Hall Meeting - Feedback

    The Deercreek Town Hall was attended by over 100 homeowners and was a packed house! The agenda was comprehensive and addressed the following topics. Key highlights from the Town Hall are included for reference purposes. We are very excited to share the planned enhancements to our community and will be providing regular progress updates.

    • Technology enhancements - Kristen Wiley
    • Common Property Plan - Jim Giancola
    • Guard House Improvements – Skip Yauger
    • Club Corp Overview of Club Revitalization - Nicola Fulford
    • Rules and Regulations update – John Joyce 

    Technology Enhancements

    Deercreek Access Control Committee is performing a Dwelling Live Gap Analysis to determine if there is additional functionality that would be beneficial to homeowners and guests. We currently subscribe to Visitor Management and Credentialed Access from Dwelling Live and all residents have access to Mobile App. With a few quick taps, anyone from your contact list can be registered as a visitor in the community, and adding guests with the app is faster and more accurate, reducing the number of guard calls back to you while your visitor waits at the gate. The committee is reviewing additional capabilities including ePass, License Plate Recognition, Community Website and Mobile Patrol.

    Common Property Planning

    The Common Property Committee has several large initiatives underway with the major item being the Roadway Project. They have developed the request for proposal to hire a civil engineer and have received bids; the next steps are being reviewed. The estimated cost is $2.25 million to grind and resurface entire neighborhood. As part of the road project, they are reviewing the preserved area maintenance needs, additional curbing requirements and new pavers at the guard house. The road construction project will be carried out over a period of 5 years starting later in 2017.

    The five-year landscape plan is well underway, recent updates includes removal of all landscape around fountain, removal of landscape in center island and the addition of flowers at entrance, clean out of older bushes along entrance road and planting new philodendron and sod at guard house. The main goal for 2017 is to improve the look from Southside Boulevard to the guardhouse.

    Guard House Improvements

    The Deercreek Guardhouse is in significant need of interior and exterior improvements. Our resident Architect firm has developed plans to have the lanes narrowed, pavers installed, laser notification system for tall vehicles, larger windows, new cabinets and finishes and many other improvements. The committee is reviewing price proposals and expects to commence work in late second quarter.

    Club Corp – Club Revitalization 

    Many homeowners are aware of the tremendous improvements currently underway at our club. The new club layout and membership plans were presented and all are looking forward to the unveiling in June.

    Rules and Regulations Update

    Deercreek is turning 30 in 2018 and thus the Board of Directors must vote to approve the preservation of the DCCOA Recorded Governing Declarations and Bylaws in accordance with Florida Statute. The Board is also revising Rules and Regulations (R&R) and Policies and Procedures (P&P). The Declarations and Bylaws remain unchanged and are currently available on the Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association website (www.deercreekcc.com). The revised R&R and P&P documents was posted on that website on or before April 1, 2017 for all residents to review, then the revised documents will be effective May 1, 2017.

    The Board is very appreciative of all members’ feedback at the town hall and looks forward to continued support from our community as we strive to improve the overall Deercreek experience.

  • The Kiwanis Club of Deerceek

    The Kiwanis Club of Deerceek, a service organization whose goal is helping the children of the world, meets each Wednesday at noon in the Deercreek Country Club Clubhouse. Perhaps you have noticed, board member, Pete Gentry, enjoying lunch with a few friends you do not recognize.

    That would be the Kiwanis Club of Deercreek, just one of the many similar clubs throughout 80 countries in the world. The mission of Kiwanis International is to change the world by serving its children and in a broader scope the many people who need encouragement and assistance, both in the United States and abroad.

    A member of Kiwanis International for more than 40 years, Gentry says that the key areas of service for the Deerceek Club are key clubs at Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts and Christ Church Academy. Over 100 high schoolers are involved in developing leadership skills while they learn about service to their community.

    "As a joint community service project, we also meet quarterly for trash pick-up on Southside Blvd between Philips Highway and Belle River Blvd with the help of some of our key clubbers," he said.

    On behalf of the club membership, President Barb Harshman invites Deercreek residents to join the group for lunch any time. For more information, contact Pete at (904-612-4999) or email, pwgentry@gmail.com.

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    'When Breath Becomes Air' by Paul Kalanithi

    We will meet at 10:00am on May 15th at the home of Faye Hyken.

    At the age of 36, on the verge of completing a decade's worth of training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, and the next he was a patient struggling to live. And just like that the future he and his wife had imagined evaporated.

    This memoir chronicles Kalanith's transformation from a naive medical student into a neurosurgeon at Stanford, and finally into a patient and a new father confronting his own mortality. Life-affirming reflections on the challenge of facing death and on the relationship between doctor and patient, from a brilliant writer who became both.

    If you are interested in more information about our book club, please contact Mary Louise Selzer at MLSelzer@comcast.net, or call 904-613-6147.

  • End of Year Luncheon and Installation of Officers

    As the Deercreek Home and Garden Club closes out another successful year, we are looking forward to getting together for a Spring Luncheon to spotlight our programs and elect the officers for next year. It takes a lot of willing hands to make everything happen smoothly and we have a great group: 4 Officers, plus 18 Committees involving 35 pairs of hands. In truth, we handle more paperwork than plants but our fundraising focus is on providing extra things to beautify Deercreek. If you care about our neighborhood, come and join us in keeping it beautiful! Last year we had a Kitchen Gadget exchange. This year we are doing a ‘Book Exchange’ after lunch, so bring one book to trade. Fiction, non-fiction, 100 Ways to Use Leftover Chocolate, 200 Diet Tips, Landscaping in FL, Best Sellers, Beach Reads, Book Club selections etc. One book per person.

    We had such a good time at our Fashion Show in March, ‘Lavende en Provence’, that we wanted to share some of the photos with you. The decorations were lovely, with fresh lavender sachets for each guest and bouquets of silk lavender in metal baskets for door prizes. The fashions from Dillard’s were gorgeous and wearable. But the star of the show was the Raffle Table! Filled with designer handbags, themed baskets, gift cards to great restaurants and an original hand-painted table by our own Nancy Jantz, the place was buzzing as the ladies chose which bowl to put their raffle tickets in. While having a good time, we were also raising funds for next year’s projects. Thank you for coming and helping us do this. It looked like everyone had a good time!

    The Home and Garden Club breaks for the summer and will resume with our August ‘Golden Acorn’ Luncheon to honor someone in the community, who has gone above and beyond.

  • Please, clean up after your pets on the sidewalks!!

    Many sidewalks on Deercreek roads are becoming practically impassable because of dog poop litter! While we have been encouraging walkers and joggers to stay on the sidewalks for safety, some people are making this advice difficult to follow. There are reports coming in that many are reluctant to walk / jog on the sidewalks for fear of stepping into dog poop.

    Deercreek is a neighborhood of very fine and upright people, it is therefore almost inconceivable that there would be individuals here, who would allow their dogs to poop on the sidewalk and not scoop it up right away!

    Friends and neighbors, we can certainly do better than this. If you must walk your dogs, please do the right thing; clean up after them when they do their thing. Let's join hands to keep our sidewalks clean and pleasurable for walks.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    May is the time for graduation celebrations and other festivities. Please, enter your guests' names in the gate security system before any celebration to expedite their getting to your party.

    As the weather gets warmer, watch out for joggers, walkers and bicyclists. Thanks to all of those who walk or run facing the traffic, those who ride their bicycles with the traffic and move in a single file if riding with someone.

    Remember, there is never a down time for staying watchful around the community and the areas near where you live. If you see anything that looks suspicious, please call the guards gatehouse and or JSO immediately. We are a restricted access community, not a secure community.

  • Shamrock Scramble 2017

    Rain and cold weather on March 12 caused the Shamrock Scramble event to be rescheduled; and though it now came two days after St Patrick’s Day, it was a festive occasion on March 19 as golfers appeared on the putting green, getting ready to tee off for the annual Shamrock Scramble. There were 67 players on the greens on this picture perfect day to enjoy golf and Irish camaraderie throughout the event. After golf, the players enjoyed a great Irish themed dinner, prize awards and raffles. Nenette Banzon won $900 in the 50-50 pot of gold and generously donated $500 back to the Alliance.

    Thanks to the Deercreek Women’s Alliance for arranging the event; an even bigger thank you to the participants and sponsors who supported the Shamrock Scramble. The Deercreek Women’s Alliance made over $6000 for their charities in 2018. We appreciate you all!

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