The Deercreek Country Club Owners Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

News and Updates

  • Past Due Financial Rule Change

    Effective November 26, 2018At the October 26, 2018 Board of Directors meeting the Board approved a minor change to the Past-Due Financial Accounts rule by eliminating a notice period in the actual bar code suspension letter for the Member to bring the account current before the bar code is suspended.  It is customary for Members, whose accounts are delinquent, to receive a delinquent notice/statement at the 60 and 90 day mark that includes language regarding bar code suspension.  A Bar...  Read More...

  • Road Paving Project Implementation

    November 2018The Ad Hoc Road Paving Committee (RPC) has concluded its work for the selection of contractors and has now begun the Project Management phase. In addition to establishing staging and scheduling time frames, the movement of traffic within our community is being given serious thought and consideration, especially during the Gate House paver installation phase.The RPC has indicated the entire project is to be completed in three phases - the first phase will be the ribbon curbing and cu...  Read More...

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