The Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association strives to provide information and organization for the many residents of Deercreek. Feel free to look around and find out who we are and what we do.

Make sure to take a look at our calendar and come out to meet some of your fellow residents at our community events.

Welcome New Residents 

Darrell & Paula Wranovics

Jeremy and Sandy Salem

We Say Goodbye 

Christopher & Grace Lipari

Thomas and Nancy Fitzpatrick

News and Updates

  • Literary Circle February 2016


    Flight Behavior

    In February the Literary Circle will meet at the home of Phyllis Basford. Dellarobia Turnbow is a restless farm wife who gave up her own plans when she accidentally became pregnant at seventeen. Now, after a decade of domestic disharmony on a failing farm, she seeks momentary escape, through an obsessive flirtation with a younger man.

    She hikes up a mountain road behind her house toward a secret tryst, but instead encounters a shocking sight; silent, forested valley filled with what looks like a lake fire. She can only understand it as a cautionary miracle, but it sparks a raft of other explanations from scientists, religious leaders, and the media. The emergency draws rural farmers into unexpected acquaintance with urbane journalists, opportunists, sightseers, and a striking biologist with his own stake in the outcome.

    As the community lines up to judge the woman and her miracle, Dellarobia confronts her family, her church, her town, and a larger world, in a flight toward truth that could undo all she has ever believed.

    For more information about our book club that meets monthly contact Mary Louise Selzer at mlselzer@comcast.net, Tel: 363-1618

  • Shamrock Scramble 2016

    The Deercreek Women’s Alliance will be hosting its fourth annual golf tournament, as a way to raise money for the charities we support.  Since established in 1999, the DWA has donated to numerous charitable organizations,  RITA  (Breast Cancer Research in Jax) , The Salvation Army, Jacksonville Zoo, Dreams Come True, Jacksonville Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House, PACE Clothes Closet, Daniel, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Gabriel House, Community Hospice, Hubbard House,  We Care, The Bag Ladies, Books-a Go Go, New Heights, and the Mandarin Food Bank.

    We’re hoping that you will be willing to join us as we host our ‘Shamrock Scramble’ at Deercreek Country Club on Sunday, March 20, 2016.  We need hole sponsors, donations or prizes.  We have several levels of sponsorship, either business or personal.

    $100 business/personal - receives a round of golf for 4 at Deercreek Country Club

    $200 business - receives a round of golf for 4 including the cart fees.

    The rounds of golf can be played on non-prime days or weekends. All of these sponsorship levels give you a sign with your name at one of the holes and your name printed in our program.

    Consider buying a block of these for employee prizes or gifts to vendors.  Or perhaps you’d like to be our “Beer Sponsor”. It is St. Patrick’s Day after all! Please let us know what level of sponsorship you’ve chosen by March 8th, so that we can get your signs made and the programs printed. Include the information you want on your sign with your check, made out to Deercreek Women’s Alliance. If you have coupons or cards to advertise, we can include them in our “goody bags”. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be able to help us with our tournament.  Sponsor a hole, donate a prize, or enter our 50/50 "Pot of Gold". Sign up to play with us. All are welcome!

    Please contact Debbie Grosnick with your response at: #9949 Orchard Hills Road Jacksonville, FL 32256 (904) 519-2927 or dngrosnick@gmail.com.

    CLICK HERE to download the full flyer and registration form!


  • ‘Gems of the Sea’ by Pearls International

    Tuesday February 23 @ 10 am

    When was the last time you wore your Good Pearls, the ones you got on your 18th birthday or on your wedding day? If you are saving them to wear with a little black dress at a formal event, you need to come to this month’s Home and Garden Club meeting and see how and where they should be worn. The answer is everywhere and with everything!

    The ‘Pearl Girls” from Pearls International will be showing us how pearls are made, how to wear them and care for them and which colors and shapes are best for each of us. Pearls come in many colors besides white and aren’t always perfectly round.

    Pearls International is a woman-owned small business with a shop in Daytona Beach Shores, but they also do Pearl Parties in homes and their creative jewelry can be ordered online. Even if you don’t wear pearls yourself, they are a perfect, classic gift. After the presentation, you will have time to try on different pieces of jewelry to see which one would go with your little black dress – or your sweater and jeans. I’ve seen the catalog and these are not just the pearls of Jackie O, Coco Chanel or Barbara Bush. There are many gorgeous, innovative new designs for your ears, neck and ankles! You might want to arrive a little early to look over their traveling inventory. Come and be dazzled.

    Looking ahead, we have a Field Trip scheduled on March 8 to tour Williams Nursery on Route 1. Meet at the pool at 9:30. Lunch following. Call Karen Rutland for more information - (904) 219-4135.

  • We Still Need Volunteers!

    Our Deercreek Homeowners’ Association needs a volunteer to Chair the Communications Committee. This committee is responsible for email blasts, the monthly newsletter, the website, electronic signboard, annual resident directory, the HOA mailbox, the ambassador program, and other communication matters.

    Does this sound like something you can handle? Wait! Keep reading! Don’t say NO just yet. Volunteer for 2016 to be a part of the Communications Team that tackles these vital roles in our community. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and make new friends too.

    The best residents are those that volunteer to make Deercreek stronger and better informed each day! Will you join us?

  • Updates from Access Control

    Please enter your guests’ names into the Gate access system before your Super Bowl and Valentine's parties. It will get guests to the party much quicker.

    Some have asked why we monitor the speed on the road outside the guard gate up to Southside Boulevard. The answer is simple: Deercreek owns the road, and we have a legal obligation to manage it the same way we manage the roads inside the guard gate.  So, drivers will see the guards monitoring speeds there from time to time, and the speed limit is 30 miles per hour since it is inside Deercreek. An equal reason is that, safety is still the primary concern for the Access Control Committee. Speeding on the entrance road, either inbound or outbound, could lead to accidents and people getting hurt. No one wants to see that.

  • Little Hats, BIG HEARTS


    February is ‘Heart Health Awareness Month’ for the American Heart Association and one of their projects is called ‘Little Hats, BIG HEARTS’. A red knitted hat is given to every baby born in February at certain hospitals. One of our Deercreek ladies saw the photos on Facebook (See? Sometimes Facebook has useful information that is actually true!) and put out the word in September that anyone who could knit or crochet was needed to make tiny, red hats for newborns. And the Deercreek community again showed that We Care!

    Patty Tomka, Elizabeth Curtin and Julia Watkins did the needlework but Terry Templeton kept sending money for more yarn purchases. Carol D’Onofrio, Adele Kunzweiler and Arlene McDermott left red yarn on their doorsteps! And the piles of little hats got bigger.

    On January 4 the tiny hats were delivered to the Jacksonville office of the American Heart Association and the final count was 101! They made all sizes – from 3 lb. preemies to 13 lb. plus size babies! Their yarn bags went on vacation trips, into waiting rooms and in front of the TV as little hats filled spare minutes.

    The sight of a whole nursery full of bright red hats will surely get everyone’s attention and will get much needed information about Heart Health Awareness to the families. This project started in February 2013 with 300 hats being collected in Chicago. It has grown now to 29 states. Our Jacksonville office is going to look into starting this at Wolfson Children’s Hospital next year because these 3 ladies wanted to help make a difference – and keep their hands busy. If you’d like to be part of this local 'Little Hats, BIG HEARTS' project, contact Patty Tomka or Elizabeth Curtin or Julia Watkins and they will get you clicking away.  Working throughout the year we will have more than 101 ready for February 2017!

  • Dec 2015 Annual Board Meeting

    Lack of Quorum – 2016 Annual Meeting

    The Annual Meeting scheduled for Thursday January 7, 2016 convened at 7:00 PM but unfortunately due to a lack of quorum, the Annual Meeting and election could not be held and was cancelled for another thirty days.

    A quorum of 223 proxies of 668 residents is required to hold the meeting. However, the number of people in attendance and those who sent in their proxy was not up to the required number to hold the meeting. In addition some of the proxies received were not signed or validated by the Homeowners.

    According to Florida statute, these must be validated by signature. Residents whose proxies and ballot were eliminated by lack of validation will be sent a new proxy and ballot.
    Please if you receive a new proxy and ballot from CMC, Deercreek’s new Property Management Company, kindly read the directions carefully and return ASAP. We have less than thirty days to accomplish revalidation and hold an annual meeting in order to elect a new Board of Directors.

    The current Board of Directors will remain in place until the scheduled Annual Meeting (with the required number of proxies received), and Elections can be held. We appreciate your attendance at the meeting last month and apologize for the inconvenience.

    The new date for the Annual Meeting is Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 7 PM at the clubhouse. Sign in begins at 6:30pm

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