Common Property

Aug 29, 2023

What is Common Property?

For those residents who may not be familiar with the Common Property Committee we are responsible for overseeing the maintenance, inspection, enhancement, and operations of properties that come under the jurisdiction of your HOA. This includes, but is not limited to such areas as grounds and landscaping, tree maintenance and trimming, fountain maintenance, irrigation, common areas, sidewalk maintenance, lake management, signs, holiday decorations, lighting from Southside to the Gatehouse, and even the storm drains and mailboxes. The Committee is responsible for creating schedules for periodic maintenance such as power washing, tree trimming, and replacement of seasonal flowers. It manages a budget, reviews and makes recommendations on contracts and works closely with Floridian Property Management.

This has been a busy season.

Failed street lights along the entrance needed to be repaired. Mailboxes were replaced on Bishop Lake Rd. W., the air conditioning unit at the Gatehouse was repaired, a badly clogged storm drain by the playground was cleaned, a fallen tree by the Gatehouse was removed and a manhole near hole #3 was repaired, to name a few. Over 20 miles of curbs in our community have been surveyed, documented, and photographed for the purpose of repairing serious cracks. As you no doubt have noticed many of our ponds have been suffering as a result of the unusually hot weather and the lack of rain. This is a perfect combination for the growth of algae in our ponds. The Committee has been in constant contact with our lake vendor while reporting ponds that need attention. The vendor has been treating ponds on a weekly basis. Once a pond is treated it usually takes 12-14 days to see results. In addition, by EPA rules, ponds cannot be treated more than once in a 14-day period. Both the HOA and the Committee are being proactive in regard to our ponds. We are currently under negotiations to conduct a pilot project to aerate one of our ponds and to stock carp in the majority of our ponds. Once the temperatures drop and we receive some rain we should see a rapid improvement in the condition of the ponds.

What’s next?

The Committee is currently getting bids on tree trimming, landscaping, pressure washing, planting of flowers, removal of dead shrubs, replacement of 8 stop signs, painting, and negotiating contracts.

What can you do?

The Committee welcomes comments and recommendations from all residents. Therefore, we encourage you to make suggestions or to contact us if you see some area of Common Property that needs attention. If so, you are welcome to contact either Gregg Flynn, Chair, at 904-304-9088 or Keith Green, Liaison to the Board at 904-349-4468. Thank you for your help.

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