Your Deercreek Covenants requires the use of garages within the community

“Art.6 Sec. (13). Repair and Parking of Vehicles. No commercial or inoperative vehicle shall be parked in the street or in the driveway on any Lot. No vehicles shall be parked in the driveway or on the street overnight but shall be stored in garages with the doors closed.

Art 5, Sec.4, (g) Garages and Automobile Storage. Automobiles shall be stored in garages when not in use. No garage shall be converted to living space.”

Recently many residents have lost sight of this covenant and knowingly or unknowingly continue to park their vehicles in their driveway and not in the garage. In many cases the garages are not being utilized as intended but for mere storage or additional living space. Clearly this is a violation of the Deercreek covenants. The HOA recognizes that there can be more drivers and vehicles than garage space will allow. In that instance, vehicles may be left outside after all your garage space is filled with your vehicles. Vehicles registered to each household are in our database and can be compared to the number of garage spaces. Golf carts will be considered one of your vehicles. Overnight guests are permitted to leave cars in the driveway.

Effective October 1, 2015, May Management will be enforcing this covenant as follows.

Two Car Garage - two vehicles in the garage
Three Car Garage – three vehicles in the garage
Four Car Garage – four vehicles in the garage

For the next two months please make an effort to clear or organize your garage space to accommodate your vehicles and be in compliance by October 1, 2015. After October 1, May Management will issue covenant violations to those homeowners who fail to park the required number of vehicles in their garages. If a violation is not cleared within two weeks, you will be fined $100 per day up to a maximum of $1000.

We are asking your cooperation with covenant compliance in order that we maintain the clean look of Deercreek. Please help us maintain your community. For those residents who already comply with the covenants, we appreciate your diligence and continued cooperation in compliance. Questions may be directed to May Management, Property Manager, Cathy Cox, email