Women in History – Georgia O’Keeffe

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
10:00:00 AM
at Deercreek Country Club

When Ruth Pangrace came to Deercreek last February to portray Eleanor Roosevelt, we didn’t know what to expect other than she is Jan Malick’s sister and looks just like her. But she transformed herself into Eleanor Roosevelt before our eyes and held the room spellbound as she told stories and made history come alive to us. Ruth is a former teacher and has been part of the Women in History organization in Ohio for twenty years, portraying ten different notable American women. And she is really good at what she does!

When I heard she was going to be bringing Georgia O’Keeffe to us, all I could recall was that Georgia was famous for painting BIG flowers, cow skulls in the desert and the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. So, I googled her. Wow. Ruth has a lot of interesting choices of things to share with us! Georgia was born in Wisconsin, but she didn’t stay there! She studied art in Chicago and New York City and taught in S Carolina and Texas, moving through different styles: realism, abstraction, modernity shown in the NYC skyscraper series and flowers. BIG flowers. In 1929 she moved to Santa Fe, traveling extensively throughout the world, but always coming back to the NM desert scenes. In 1972, due to macular degeneration, she painted her last ‘unassisted’ painting but could still see in her mind what she wanted to put on paper.

I don’t know what Ruth will choose to show us, but it will be fascinating and will teach us that Georgia O’Keeffe did many, many more things than just having her ’Red Poppy’ put on a stamp in 1996! Put this on your calendar and invite your friends. The meeting is open to all.

And while you are at your calendar, go to March 31 and write 'Home and Garden Club Fashion Show'. It is always wonderful and always a sell-out, so be sure to contact Julia Watkins as soon as we tell you the tickets are available. More information will follow.